The Obamacare trifecta

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A very detailed and accurate description of the disaster that is Obamacare. Key sentence:

Over the next couple of years, I will lose my doctor, I will lose my plan and my healthcare costs will increase.

Read it all, and remember that this disaster is coming to all of us in the coming years. Note also that just because the Obama administration is delaying the release of next year’s ballooning health insurance premiums until just after the election does not require us to be stupid and to make believe these increases aren’t going to happen. They are, because the design of Obamacare rations treatment, imposes unneeded costs on everyone, and stifles the free market (which is the best tool for keeping costs down).

And then there’s this: “Grim milestone: Semi-retired president plays 200th round of golf in office.”


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  • Kevin R.

    Obamacare also destroys the right of association and the right of contract that are vital to the natural right to self govern your own life. It works at the expense of living in a civil society.

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