The Orion test capsule arrived in Alabama for tests, covered in fan signatures.

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You think Americans aren’t interested in space travel? Get this: The Orion test capsule arrived in Alabama for tests, covered in fan signatures.

Orion and NASA’s space launch system might not get us there, but that doesn’t matter in this case. The public is expressing its desire for space travel quite clearly. All they need is someone to provide it to them at a reasonable cost.



  • Craig Beasley

    I can tell you right now, SpaceX has the buzz, but we continue forward while they attempt to strut. With all the guff we get for being “old-school”, I think we’ll surprise you.

  • Craig Beasley

    One more thing, from the article. Things like this drive me nuts:

    “Built to hold at from four to six astronauts, Orion will ferry Americans to the moon, asteroids and eventually to Mars. When you visit Orion this week, think about spending six months inside a craft this size on the way to the red planet. That’s why the most important test to become an astronaut is the psychological test.”

    Orion was never meant to be the hab module to Mars. Mr. Roop didn’t read the NASA documents defining the mission plan, apparently…

  • Kelly Starks

    No one ever does. Course PR illustrations like L/M showing a pair of Orion’s nose to nose carrying astronauts to a NEO doesn’t help. (when I wrote some of the specs for life support parts it had weeks not months of life support – but perhaps they get shallow breathing astronauts?)

  • wade

    propaganda to support their squandering hoax

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