The Proton rocket is now grounded pending an investigation into today’s launch failure.

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The Proton rocket is now grounded pending an investigation into today’s launch failure.

This is no surprise. What is more significant is that the crash today will likely delay all launches out of Baikonur for at least three months.

[C]ontamination will likely suspend activities at Baikonur Cosmodrome for two or three months, Ria Novosti reported, citing an unnamed source within the Russian space industry. The launch of a robotic Progress cargo ship to the International Space Station from Baikonur, currently scheduled for July 27, will probably be delayed as a result, according to this source. The next manned launch from Baikonur is Soyuz 36, which is slated to blast off on Sept. 25 to take three new crewmembers to the International Space Station.


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  • Tim

    This, unfortunately, is one of many valid reasons to continue to push for American Co’s to get our (and others) astronauts into space.
    Vehicles such as Dragon Rider – Spacex :) and boeings CTS-100 capsule and blue origins lynx.
    Although I’m partial to Spacex, competition is a job creator and $ maker for our country and the Proud Americans building and even funding, not to mention the joy of seeing a successful outcome. I cannot see why the government would not desire this. $$?!… @ $70-80 million a ride on Soyuz for US astronauts, we are wasting $$!! Hell, a vehicle built buy the US would cost polly less than $200 million!! And if we charge a lil fee for foreign ‘nauts to hotch a ride, that’ll increase profit. Say we can take 7 up to ISS and 2 are native and 5 are foreign and we charge, say,$30 million for ea foreigner , that’ll be $150 million! And if it cost$200 mill to build, hmmm. It covers a Lott of the expense for manufacturing. Raise the tix price to $50 mill and u get a net of +$50 million!!!!

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