The recent youtube video showing an eagle swooping down to grab a toddler was faked.

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The uncertainty of imagery: The recent youtube viral video showing an eagle swooping down to grab a toddler was faked.

Based on this example alone, it is becoming increasingly possible to fake a news story. You better have multiple sources on any strange event or else take it with a grain of salt.



  • Patrick Ritchie

    You don’t have to be much more than mildly skeptical to discover the more extreme fakes. A simple Google search will usually reveal the forgery.

    Snopes is a good source for identifying these:

    And I’m sure there are many more that I’m not familiar with.

    IMHO the more insidious image manipulation bend the truth instead of breaking it:

    The super model that is just too perfect
    Facial expressions changed

    These kinds of changes are par for the course on many billboards, magazines & newspapers. Although less spectacular than the eagle posted above they are pervasive and distort our perceptions.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    I’ve been feeling for some time now that we are entering an age when it will become increasingly difficult to determine what’s real & what’s fake. Someone could be completely set up & framed for a crime using video or photos. At this time, it’s still possible to ferret out the truth, but I wonder for how much longer??

  • Patrick Ritchie

    I would be surprised if forged images and videos lead to a significant number of convictions. It is very, very hard to create a forgery that would hold up to the thorough analysis it would receive in court.

    It’s the causal, non-thorough analysis that worries me most.

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