The second CME has arrived.

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NOAA reported today that the arrival of the second coronal mass ejection took place exactly as predicted.

Not surprisingly, no one has died from the geomagnetic storms that this event generated.


One comment

  • Max

    The threat is not over yet… There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth from the “We have to do something NOW to save the world”crowd.
    You see, those gases from the sun will collect over the South Pole and freeze there as polar stratospheric clouds. The return of the sun, which will happen very soon now, will begin the oxidizing process which will result in what is commonly called the “ozone hole”.
    This happens every year, at the same time, and it’s severity is dependent upon how active the Sun is.
    How long The ozone thinning lasts, 4 to 6 weeks, is dependent upon the temperature.
    All ozone levels return to normal during the four month long day, baking the South Pole endlessly untell the temperatures reach almost above freezing.
    No one is dead yet, but they’re screaming that were killing Mother Earth With pollution and CFC’s

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