The Space Show website upgrade is 70% funded

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With 8 days left in its campaign to raise $10 grand so that the Space Show can upgrade its website and make its archives searchable, the campaign is 70% funded.

As a regularly guest on David Livingston’s excellent show, I ask all my readers to consider donating to this campaign. For the past decade and a half The Space Show has probably provided the best and most complete coverage of the aerospace industry. The success of this campaign will allow the show to continue while also making the wealth of information buried in its archives more easily available to everyone.


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  • wodun

    It is one of the best resources to become educated and up to date on the space industry. Not many venues allow for in depth coverage that this show provides. If you are tired of the skimpy overviews and shallow coverage that comes with the national media and YouTube science shows, this is the program for you.

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