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Today’s blacklisted American: Blacklisting is not enough, leftists now aim to get conservatives killed by police

The coming genocide
The left proves it really does want to round up its enemies and kill them

They’re coming for you next: Twice in the past two days Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) has been swatted, with the police coming to her house armed and ready to fire because they had received a false report saying that a shooting had occurred there and that the situation was dangerous.

Two police officers rushed to Greene’s home in Rome, Ga., in response to a call they received at 2:53 a.m. The call, according to the Rome Police Department, was about “a male possibly shooting his family members and then himself.”

MSN reported that “the suspect, who called through an internet chat that appeared to be a suicide crisis line, falsely told police responders that a man ‘came out as trans-gender and claimed they shot the family’ at Greene’s address, the report said.” The caller gave his name as Wayne Greene and told police on the call: “If anyone tried to stop me from shooting myself, I will shoot them.” He also warned cops that “they would be waiting for us.”

At the house, there was, of course, no Wayne Greene. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene once again met the police officers at the front door, as she did in the early hours of Wednesday morning. They told her about the call and, according to the Rome Police Department, “confirmed this was a second false report.” The report added that the call can’t be traced, “due to the person(s) using a VPN.”

Called swatting, such false reports are expressly designed to harass the victim, and even get them killed should the police over-react and fire at the house out of fear of the non-existent gunman.

That this happened twice in two nights strongly suggests the caller truly wants this murder to happen. The caller even admitted to as much in a later recorded call to the police, in which the caller also admitted the motive was for political reasons. Greene’s political positions were unacceptable, and thus she must be removed:

“After we cleared the call and went back in service, Rome-Floyd 911 received a call from the suspect, claiming responsibility for the incident and explaining his/her motives. It was a computer generated voice. They explained they were upset about Ms. Greene’s stance on ‘trans-gender youth’s rights,’ and stated they were trying to ‘swat’ her.

What is worse however is that it appears the police are making little or no effort to find this person. Their claim above that the call can’t be traced because the caller used a VPN is bogus. As noted here, the police simply have to issue a warrant, which in this case is entirely justified, and the VPN company will have to provide the information. That the police are not doing this strongly suggests they are cool with Greene getting swatted. It is of course fortunate that so far no one in the Rome police force has reacted poorly, and no one has been hurt. Yet.

Greene’s swatting however is not an exception that proves the rule. It is the rule. For the past few years swatting attempts of conservatives, or even left-leaning commentators willing to dissent from the knee-jerk leftist agenda, has increasingly become commonplace. For example:

Tim Pool was what we label ‘confused’ as one point (holding views all over the place) but has gradually moved Right as he was attacked AND as he saw unfair treatment of others (mainly President Trump) as being just that. The left have rewarded him by swatting him at least 8 times in 2022 alone as of April.

And in July, 2022, the home of former Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, Kandiss Taylor, was swatted as well. From her post describing the event on Twitter:

“My children were woken up from their bed” [said Taylor] “Trauma doesn’t even begin to explain what happened at my house. … In my sheriff’s defense they thought they were protecting me. They got a call, a female voice to text, saying they had shot their husband five times and were going to shoot themselves. So they came with all their weapons, rifles pointed at my house, ready to shoot if they needed to kill me if I opened the door. … I don’t care what political party you are, this is evil. This is wrong. This is not OK. And I will find out who swatted my house. And I will do everything in my power to bring them to justice.”

Most swatting incidents in recent years have been done by teenager hackers who do it mostly as a prank, not realizing that it can lead to someone’s death if the police or victim respond badly. These recent events against conservatives suggest that the left is now making it a tactic in their effort to silence any opposition.

Joe Biden himself justified such evil tactics on Thursday when he called the modern Trump-influenced Republican Party and all its supporters “semi-fascists,” thus giving his most radical supporters justification for committing all kinds of violence.

But don’t worry. The Democrats and the left care about you. They would never harm you. You are safe. No need to care if some evil Republican gets shot for no reason. They probably deserve it for getting in the way of the Democratic Party’s righteous agenda.

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  • Cotour

    Its all related:

    JUST LOCK THE DOORS AND THEN SUE THE CITY (Please copy and share)

    A little more insane ridiculousness from your “Progressive”, “Fundamentally Change America”, Leftist (D) redistributors of wealth legislators in NY State and NY City and the country.

    Are you paying attention yet rational American Democrats? This is what has been done in Seattle, Portland, San Fracisco, Chicago and now New York. All due to the “Progressive” / BLM efforts and the money of Mr. George Soros (D) and the like.

    Remember when I pointed several years ago now on BTB what was going on in Seattle? Remember the video Seattle Is Dying? And here it is now fully delivered to NYC, how nice. This is a form of reparations where a brainwashed portion of the black population feels is appropriate and good.

    Just lock the doors, give the keys back to the landlord, and wish him well because the inmates have taken control of the asylum.

    How is this political warfare insanity to be solved? At the ballot box and with Lawyers, Courts and Money.

    You’re a Democrat? You vote Democrat? Not this year.

  • Cotour

    I think we are beginning to see exactly who the “Domestic terrorists” are now, and they have been purposefully empowered by the likes of BLM in order to destabilize the country.

    They are brainwashed and they are mentally ill racially motivated and self-justified criminals, and they are free to do as they please without fear of consequences.

  • Jeff Wright

    New censorship
    “The model suggests that to cut down on the spread of false information, the network can set limits on how widely certain messages are shared, and do so in a way that is not overly restrictive to users.”


    I don’t like economists anyway.

  • Col Beausabre

    “Joe Biden himself justified such evil tactics on Thursday when he called the modern Trump-influenced Republican Party and all its supporters “semi-fascists,” ” To revert to the First Grade (which is all Brandon can understand) “Takes one to know one”

  • Edward Lomeli

    Kandiss Taylor had the same thing happen to her. I believe she was a candidate running for Governor of Georgia.

  • David

    Pray that any and everyone who does such despicable acts goes to prison for many years.

    No excuse, no mercy.

  • GaryMike

    Progressives have learned their techniques from criminal gangs.

    I’ve been a resident of my neighborhood for 30 years. Many of my neighbors are ex-pats from New York city. Folks who appreciate the Broken Windows approach to law enforcement.

    I’ve been a neighborhood watch kind of guy most of those 30 years. Ours is a mixed commercial/residential area. Lots of drug and prostitution activity. Not so much anymore due to Covid and Fentanyl. Pre-covid, dead bodies were common. Covid lock-downs and fear ruined the prostitution industry here. It actually made our neighborhood quieter & safer.

    I don’t remember when, maybe 10 years ago. I was outside annoying the ladies of the night (wasn’t sure if I could use the much shorter euphemism for that demographic), letting them know it was my neighborhood, not theirs’.

    Sirens, flashing reds and blues, cops with guns drawn. I was surrounded. All I had on me was a cordless phone and a spotlight. We all went home that night still breathing. So, yeah. I’ve experienced swatting.

    Dem’s and L.o.t.N. behave very much alike.

  • sonnenhund

    I use a VPN provider outside of the US that keeps no logs and is outside the jurisdiction of any US government entity.

    I’m not sure that you can say that it’s bogus that the police aren’t doing enough, because if the swatter is even vaguely technologically savvy, there’s not much anyone other than the NSA can do…

    …and I’m pretty sure the NSA has no interest in helping.

  • wayne

    I’m thinking more along the lines of offshore rendition.

    Tim Pool Swatted
    January 2022

  • wayne

    I’ll drop this in here…

    The Interview:
    Lucas Gerhard – Free Speech and Fighting the State
    Rekieta Law (8-26-22)

    “Twenty-one-year-old Lucas Gerhard, a former Eagle Scout, attended Lake Superior State University (LSSU), where he was working toward a degree in criminal justice with the goal of a career in law enforcement, was arrested almost two years ago in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, for sending an obvious joke to friends via a private Snapchat. Since then, he spent 83 days in jail, before being transferred to house arrest, where he is unable to go to school, leave the house, or use the internet. “

  • Mark

    I’m curious what you think the point of a VPN is, if a warrant is all it takes for the company to provide all their customer data?

  • Cotour

    Its all related:

    WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT: TRUE DESPERATION (D) (Please copy and share)

    * The DOJ and the FBI raid former president, Donald Trump’s Mara Largo home.

    “Attorney and former Constitutional Law Clerk for Justice Gorsuch, Mike Davis, lays out three reasons why the DOJ’s actions in raiding President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago were unprecedented, not necessary, and not lawful.”

    * President Biden to eliminate $10,000.00 of student loan debt at a cost of $380 to $500 Billion + dollars, in a naked pandering attempt to buy young voter’s support.

    Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House correctly explains why the president cannot under the Constitution forgive student debt:

    What is it about? The Democrat party machines desperate move to somehow save the party’s political power from being evaporated after the massive losses that they will with some certainty incur as the midterm elections approach. These clearly desperate moves that are both Un Constitutional on their face are but an attempt to provide the Liberal Leftist “Progressive” media with their biased propaganda fodder so they can interpret it and serve it up to the public.

    Just one more Steele Dossier / “Russian Collusion” / Mueller investigation, all a protracted political distraction by design. Who does the status quo un and anti-American political operative (D) fear the most? Just one man.

    Both actions by this now clearly corrupt and very desperate administration (D) are Un Constitutional and ultimately will both be challenged and found to be so in the highest courts. And what is the point? Political Strategy and NOT truth.

    It is just an attempt to control the media feed into the electorates living rooms, iPhone’s and devices. Keep the short-term confabulated focus on Trump and not on Biden and his “Progressive” Leftist insanity. Plain and simple, no matter what and at all costs.

    Remember when Harry Reid stated on the Senate floor that Mitt Romney never paid any taxes? And he knew it was a lie designed to control the news feed into the minds of the American voter before an election, and it was effective. All a contrived lie for strategic political purposes, PERIOD. Same thing. Strategy Over Morality.

  • Pyrthroes

    “Each one thinks the crocodile will eat him last” (Churchill). But eat it will, and meantime– would not a small, wee bit of common-sense occur to rampaging SWATists come a-gruntin’ and a-fussin’, hiking depraved femmer skirts with murderous intent?

    At this rate, it won’t be long before independent citizens forge local self-defense “militia” blocs, responsive to a cyber-cast emergency “Turn out!” Down you’ll go, ‘Enry Higgins!– grubby li’l libtard twits might guess who’s gonna sit that jury, and it won’t be local constabulary facing charges.

  • Cotour

    Follow up:

    Its all purely IMO about casting a negative narrative about Trump leading up to the midterms, period.

    Trump = All Republican candidates.

    Anything that increases Biden’s numbers and the associated Democrats running increasing their numbers.

    Throw it all out the window after November 8th.

    Because that is what the Supreme Court will do, a total Harry Reid play IMO.

  • Edward

    Mark asked: “I’m curious what you think the point of a VPN is, if a warrant is all it takes for the company to provide all their customer data?

    The point of a VPN is as advertised: to prevent the bad guys from doing bad things to you, the user. The point of VPN is not to allow the bad guys to get away with being bad. A major problem with the warrant system is that the FBI is now one of the bad guys, and they are allowed to get away with abusing the warrant system under color of authority.

  • wayne

    Deep Space 9: Se7 Ep25
    “I have an even better reason”

  • Cotour


    My new personal pronoun?

    *Special Master*

    What is yours?

  • wayne


    Dr. Who: Terror of the Autons
    ->first appearance of The Master

  • James Street

    Second in command Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn on our war against the godless commies in our country:

    “You see, my friends and fellow citizens; we have a war to wage. The enemy is a tough, moving, difficult-to-distinguish individual who comes in the form of a dangerous ideology, a threat to our very way of life. A famous military theorist, Carl von Clausewitz, stated, “Every age has its own kind of war, its own limiting conditions, and its own peculiar preconceptions.” Our conditions include a war of narratives, or, to be more precise, a war of distractions.”

    “We are being attacked on so many fronts that we cannot see from which direction the attacks are coming. The institutions that we should trust, such as the media, our education system, our justice system (including some in the judiciary), our political leaders and, yes, even our church leaders have let us down, allowing those on the slippery slope to weaken the important messages of freedom and liberty and the battle plans those American citizens need so desperately to hear.”

    “So put on your helmet, take up your shield, stand strong. Chin up, back straight and do what you know is right. It may be the harder choice, one fraught with risk and the loss of family members and friends, but you’ll sense right away that it is the necessary and right choice to make.”

  • Cotour


    THERE ARE NO CONSPIRACIES ……..AND (Please copy and share)

    There are no conspiracies, and there are no coincidences.

    If you are a person who vehemently insists that the media and in this case the Democrat party has never and would never, and could never conspire to influence politics or anything else. You live in a delusional reality populated by unicorns and in a country where Joe Biden is not an agent of every enemy of America.

    Bill Maher: *Meathead* conveniently is unaware of anything outside of his unicorn reality where Joe Biden is not an agent of every enemy of America. Even though it is right in front of his own dopey eyeballs. What an ass.

    The Leftists, most all of media / social media and the Democrat party have joined forces in a very overt manner, they do not even attempt to hide it anymore. And that is where journalism and freedom in America dies. And it becomes a very dangerous arm of a permanent authoritarian government, and that government fully embraces Socialism and an authoritarian Marxist model. It is un and anti-American.

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits that he was let’s say “strongly influenced” (My interpretation) by the FBI regarding the Hunter Biden computer from hell: Who in his position would dare go against the “Suggestions” of the FBI in today’s world? They were walking hand in hand.

    Are you a Socialist? Do you embrace Marxism? You desire authoritarian rule and a government that mandates what you and your family must do? I did not think so, sounds just like Communist China.

    You’re a Democrat? You vote Democrat? Not this time, it is no longer about Trump, it’s about the fundamentals that are essential for America to exist. Are you paying attention yet?

  • David


    Offshore rendition? I can think of a few of our federal prisons where I’d probably choose rendition over being sent off to one of them if I was one of those people hiding behind a phone making threats. People like that get, shall we say, passed around.

    Or so I’ve heard…

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