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Today’s blacklisted American: Seattle’s public schools to hold “listening tours” that exclude whites

Jim Crow celebrated in Seattle!
Seattle, home of the new Jim Crow!

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” The public school system of the city of Seattle (SPS) has now scheduled a number of “listening sessions” for parents that, while designed to discuss ways to make the schools more welcoming, specifically exclude whites from the sessions, and divide the sessions by race and ethnicity.

SPS and the Seattle Council of Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is hosting seven listening sessions with superintendent Dr. Brent Jones. The remote tour starts on April 19. One of the sessions is for Black families and a second for Native American families. They also recently added meetings specifically for East African and Black Immigrant Families, plus Multigenerational African American Black Families. The district and PTSA believe these race-exclusionary meetings promote equity. But they may represent illegal discrimination.

While there are sessions open to the general public, most of the sessions are segregated and discriminatory. And God forbid Seattle run a listening session just for whites! Why, that would be racism!

In a sense, this story out of Seattle is not news. I have repeatedly reported stories of Seattle government and corporate officials discriminating illegally against whites while unfairly providing their favorite minorities special privileges. Some examples:

  • Seattle health officials have banned white staffers from training sessions.
  • A local television reporter was fired for reporting accurately a Proud Boys demonstration.
  • A white cancer researcher was fired for a harmless Halloween costume she had worn thirteen years previously.
  • Another Seattle school board held segregated meetings to pick its new superintendent, designed to give minorities more power in making the decision.
  • The city government is running segregated critical race theory classes which proclaim whites as evil and demand that blacks and American Indians be given special privileges.

Seattle is politically controlled entirely by the Democratic Party, so we should not be surprised it is turning that once fair city into a modern version of the racist Confederacy, with everyone segregated by race and ethnicity and the law used to discriminate against some, simply because of their skin color.

However, you have to wonder if black families are really demanding segregated “listening sessions” with the school superintendent. Have they completely forgotten the harm done by such illegal segregation? Do they really want to be a party to such bigotry? If so, they are digging their own grave, as this policy will engender so much hate and anger and resentment in the general population that it will inevitably lead to race war. And minorities are exactly that: minorities. If they encourage a bigoted society the only ones to suffer in the long run will be them. Sooner or later the majority population will cry “Enough!” And when they do there will be no guarantee that the majority will act with decency after being oppressed.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • GaryMike

    An Oregon Native, way back in the 60’s we referred to the U.S.A as 49 states and communist Washington.

  • Jeff Wright

    Less whites might mean less woke-let the voice of conservatism start there…let’s hang back and hope for hidden video…

  • wayne

    that’s not a bad idea, and/but….

    It would be a (total, uneducated) guess on my part to say, the facilitators (Political Officers) of these reverse klan-meeting’s, are probably non individuals of color, birthing-persons, who may or may not have colored hair, tattoos, 2 ‘X’ chromosomes, and confusion over their sexual identities.

  • Milt

    Houston, we have a problem.

    Looking at the post-2022 midterm landscape and beyond, even if there is a sharp turn back to more conservative values in Congress, deep blue states like Washington, Oregon (at least in its urban areas), and California will still, for all intents and purposes, have seceded from the values and culture of the rest of the United States. And, as hard as it may be to accept, most of the population on the Left Coast appears to WANT precisely the kind of Cuban-stile one party, authoritarian government that we keep seeing in practice, with defunded police departments, mandatory masking and vaccine mandates, and the concomitant loss of individual rights and freedoms.

    Again, these states were not invaded in the normal sense by a foreign power that has imposed these conditions on an unwilling populace; rather, the people there have cheerfully VOTED to inflict these conditions on themselves. They have said, in effect, “Yes, we *admire* the kind of totalitarian government that they have in Communist China — social credit scores, home lockdowns, power outages and all — and we *want* this for ourselves and for our children.” (Florida, in direct opposition to this trend, has opted to embrace all of the more traditional values of this country.)

    At some point in our national life, we in the rest of the United States — should it hold together — are going to have to figure out how to live with these break-away states in something like a confederation of two very different cultures and societies*, something that has been brewing for many decades. (As an early hint of this, see Joel Garreau’s prescient book, The Nine Nations of North America.)

    *Much like what obtains in the union of French and English speaking provinces of Canada. Unhappily, the current “solution” to this cultural divide under Justin Trudeau seems to be to adopt the polices of Josip Broz Tito in Yugoslavia, forbidding any dissent and stripping away the fundamental rights of its citizens. Indeed, the challenge of holding a democratic, multicultural society together, as Victor Davis Hanson has written, is exactly the problem before us. We can either rediscover what — if anything — unites us together as
    citizens, or we can, like the former state of Czechoslovakia, peacefully separate and go our separate ways.

    This is a problem that is not going to “go away,” and even under the best of circumstances, we are going to have to figure out how to live in — and govern — a truly multicultural country / culture / society with people who do not share our most fundamental values or even, in many cases, what constitutes their objective reality.

  • Andi

    If they won’t go by themselves, maybe the rest of the country can secede from California, Oregon, and Washington?

  • GaryMike

    The Dems/commies/socialists are hive-minded drones.

    They gather like rats in urban areas.

    Oregon is my home state Since the 60’s, we’ve watched the rich-like Californicators move in to take over the centers of political power: the ‘big’ cities.

    The rest of the state would would just as soon exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to shoot the bastards.

    The difference is that the red counties don’t believe that wholesale slaughter is an acceptable solution. The red counties don’t kill their babies. They have a tough time talking themselves into actually killing the people that want to kill their babies.

    Oregon is a great state. Oregon politicians of the blue stripe have earned (deleted opinions were once here in this space) total contempt.

    Cali and Washington have been lost for decades. We can still save Oregon because most Oregonians want that, too.

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