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Today’s blacklisted American: Teacher threatened with loss of license for expressing an opinion

Marissa Darlingh: Her free speech not allowed in Wisconsin
Marissa Darlingh at the April 23rd rally: Her free speech forbidden by Wisconsin

They’re coming for you next: A Wisconsin teacher, Marissa Darlingh, has been threatened with loss of her teaching license by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) for speaking publicly — on her own time and as a private citizen — at a feminist rally on April 23, 2022 against the modern queer movement to introduce perverse sex instruction into elementary schools.

During that rally, Ms. Darlingh publicly expressed that she “oppose[s] gender ideology” in elementary schools and that young children should not be “exposed to the harms of gender identity ideology” or given “unfettered access to hormones—wrong-sex hormones—and surgery.” She argued passionately that she “exist[s] in this world to serve children” and “to protect children,” and does not support social or medical transition of young children. In the passion of the moment, Ms. Darlingh at one point said “[expleteive] transgenderism,” referring to the “gender identity ideology” that she believes harms children.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) issued Ms. Darlingh a letter on April 29, informing her that the agency opened an investigation to determine whether to revoke her educator license for “immoral conduct” at the April rally. The letter cites Darlingh’s use of profane language as well as her statements “oppos[ing] gender identity ideology from entering [her] school building” and her statements that she “do[es] not believe children should have access to hormones or surgery” as examples of her “immoral conduct.”

You can view the DPI letter here [pdf]. In threatening to take away Darlingh’s right to teach, it also gave her the option to end the public investigation if she would simply “surrender her license.” To do so DPI kindly included an agreement for her to sign.

In other words, “You sure have a nice looking resume. It sure would be a shame if something happened to ruin it.”

Darlingh not only did not surrender her license, she enlisted legal help from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL), which immediately sent a letter to DPI [pdf] telling it to back off or face a lawsuit for violating Darlingh’s first amendment rights. The letter also took the offensive, closing with this demand:

Indeed, your letter is such a blatant and troubling violation of First Amendment rights that it immediately makes one wonder how often DPI is wielding the “immoral conduct” statute to stifle speech it opposes. Therefore, please also consider this letter an open records request for any DPI records, including emails, letters, and other communications from DPI employees, from January 1, 2019, to the present, referencing “immoral conduct” or Wis. Stat. § 115.31(1)(c) in the context of a third party’s license.

WILL is correct. The goal here by DPI is to intimidate teachers from publicly protesting its policy of indoctrinating little children with queer sexual concepts. While it is trying to destroy Darlingh’s career for speaking publicly against its policies outside of her job and as a private citizen, it apparently has done nothing against teacher Jamie Okusko, who was recorded making blatant anti-Republican statements in her classroom, to her students, while on the job. Her local district said it had opened an investigation, but more than a year later I can find no record anywhere of any action taken against Okusko.

Even if DPI backs off and Darlingh retains her license to teach, the real problem remains. As noted in this article, Wisconsin schools are already infused with leftist, Marxist, racist, and queer indocutrination. A better more productive response would be for Darlingh to open up her own small single-room school, offering parents an option to the corrupt public schools. She would likely make almost as much money, while being her own boss.

And she would be providing a service that parents would appreciate, while introducing some needed competition to the debased public school system.

A side note: I have decided to from now on refer to the effort by leftists and the sexual perverse to introduce their sexual preferences in the school room as “queer indoctrination” or “queer politics.” Since this is a term they themselves have proudly embraced to celebrate their preferences and their ideology, I am glad to use it, especially because they have also done nothing to change its meaning. Being queer still means being sexually perverted, except when the queer use it they are expressing pride in that perversion. I therefore think it is perfect to describe what these vile people are trying to do to little children.

It is also far better than calling them “groomers,” which though also true is just not as blunt or descriptive.

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  • David Lohnes

    Taking back the language is important. I have quit using transgender and use gender confused instead.

  • David Lohnes: As a rule, I use NONE of the politically imposed language demanded by the left. Missions are manned. Richard “Rachel” Levine is a man. There is no such thing as a “trans” woman or man. Native Americans includes anyone born in America. The people living here when the Europeans arrived were American Indians.

    And most important, when referring to a single person I say he or she, not “they.”

    And so forth. If you bow once to this idiocy, you’ve lost the entire war.

  • Andi

    Minor edit in penultimate sentence of penultimate paragraph: “sexually perverted”

  • Andi: Thank you as always. Fixed.

  • James Street

    Did you hear the one about the black conservative who was training to become a priest in the Church of England but then barred by them because he didn’t agree with them that institutional racism is the official view of the Church of England?

    Black Commentator Barred From Becoming a Priest Because He Doesn’t Think the Church of England Is Racist

  • So, now the Institutional Left claims the moral high ground? As the Left has absolutely no use for morality, and has actively campaigned against the very concept, I’m a little surprised they know of it. “Hey! we don’t use the ‘M’-word around here.’ Loud, derisive, laughter should be the response.

    As Walt Kelly observed in ‘Pogo’:

    ‘Without humans, we wouldn’t have as many laughs.’

    ‘We wouldn’t need as many.’

    Another example of the spells and incantations that make up Progressive ‘argument’. ‘Words mean nothing to us, except as tools of control. Our adversaries value morality. Let us use that against them.’

  • Realist

    Gonzalo Lira: 2022.05.28 Things Are Disintegrating (The Red Tide Is Coming)

  • wayne

    “Rachel Levine, Assistant Heath Secretary, Gets It”
    Tim Dillon (Jan, 2021)

  • wayne

    “The Child Molester”
    Highway Safety Foundation (1964)
    [embedded player or free download]
    “The short serves as a dramatized warning, ending with graphic case studies.”

  • Cotour

    “Another example of the spells and incantations that make up Progressive ‘argument’. ‘Words mean nothing to us, except as tools of control. Our adversaries value morality. Let us use that against them.’”

    People constantly default tend to apply *THEIR* morality perspective to everything they see before them. I see it every day, one perspective, their Pedestrian perspective. Why? Because that is the reality perspective within which they live and that defines the Pedestrian Realm.

    Those however who become politically empowered and those idealistic operatives who seek political control and power over others who inhabit the Political Realm will use this subjective morality default by those in the Public Realm to their advantage. And that has been more subtly executed in the past, but not today.

    In today’s very politically desperate and extreme atmosphere the gloves have come off the extreme Left / Marxists and they have not so much been forced to use words and terms as their weapons of confusion and chaos, they believe they no longer have to pretend because they have arrived, and *THEY* now are in control of that political power and what was two conversations. Now its just their words and definitions that are acceptable. No more pretense necessary.

    And this condition identified in the political discourse, these two conversations perfectly describe: Strategy Over Morality, The Two Conversations. And this at its foundation bedrock motivational level is what in fact drives and has driven politics and the acquisition and retention of political power throughout history. *IT* is the nature of man.

    Conclusion from S.O.M.: “The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.” jgl 2011

    * What is the Constitution? The Constitution is the counterbalance, or probably more correctly stated the attempt to counter balance, the nature of man as it relates to power in governance.

    * What is the first thing that the Constitution structures? The first thing the Constitution structures is Political warfare and the parameters within which that political warfare is to generally be fought.

    * What does the Constitution force over time to happen? It simply forces all political players to reveal themselves to the public.

    * Why is that so important and key to the Founders and the Constitutions scheme? Because it is in the people that by design all political power ultimately rests and is controlled.

    * Why do you think politics is soooo dirty, fraudulent filled with lies and deception and corrupt? Because its for all the marbles.

    And these rules contained within S.O.M., The Two Conversations is something that everyone in America on this Memorial Day needs to understand, this clarifies and makes sense of most everything you see before when you learn to see things through its lens.

    Happy Memorial Day.

  • wayne

    You would really enjoy this–>

    Murray N. Rothbard
    “The American Economy and the End Laissez-Faire: 1870 to World War II: Lecture 9,
    “The Progressive Era?” (1986)
    ->Audio only

  • wayne

    Medal of Honor Recipient
    Desmond Doss

  • Cotour

    Something for you Wayne: 13 min.

    This satire is actually more accurate, honest and truthful than most ANYTHING you can find in the Main Stream Media and or coming out of the government.

  • Alex Andrite

    I like Pogo.
    He met The Enemy.

  • Realist

    “At the Edge of the Abyss. The battle for Mariupol through the eyes of a witness. (War in Ukraine)”

    (trailer 2 min)

  • Jeff Wright

    To accuse this teacher of “immoral conduct” when that is what she is trying to stop—beyond gall.

  • wayne

    Animated No Agenda –
    “Ukraine is the New BLM”
    Episode 1430, March 2022

  • Realist

    Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 28.05.2022 (25 min)

    Very detailed analysis.

  • Realist

    Italian General Leonardo Tricarico: “The EU must abandon the crazy idea of ​​winning the war in Ukraine. We must force Ukraine to surrender and not provoke Russia into more serious actions”

    Comment by Intel Slava:

    “Interestingly, the Ukrainian propaganda, led by the entire “Center for Counteracting Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council” has already stated that Russia “probably bribed the Italian general”, and indeed all Western experts who claim that Ukraine has no chance in this conflict.”

  • Cotour


    FOR MEMORIAL DAY, SHORT AND SWEET (Share this with anyone who thinks for themselves)

    Catherine Austin Fitts commenting on the World Economic Forum’s plans for your and your children’s lives.

    The truth in 1 minute and 48 seconds:

    And your new Owners? Klaus “In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy” Schwab (Nazi), “Progressive” George “I own your local justice system, no bail no jail” Soros (D) and Bill “There will be Covid and then Monkey Pox” Gates (D), you know the usual crew. And they are very serious.

    If you allow them to do what they are planning “you will be stripped of your wealth and stripped of your children”.

    Are you paying attention yet America? Democrats? RINO’s? “Progressives”? There is only one way in their opinion, THEIR WAY!

    (That is not a doctored picture of Klaus Schwab below, he is serious as a heart attack)–~D

  • Realist

    Alexander Mercouris:

    “Russia ‘Storming Severodonetsk’, EU Leaders Call Putin as West Runs Out of Options”

  • wayne


    Give a listen to this: Curry & Dvorak mercilessly dissect Soros’s current scheme.
    (In the Alternate Universe, Soros & Company would already have been rendered offshore, a long time ago…)

    No Agenda Podcast 1455
    Adam Curry / John Dvorak (May 29, 2022)
    ->unpacking George Soros at Davos<-

  • Cotour

    Wayan: A Nazi is a Nazi is a Nazi.

    No matter how much money they have or how well intended they tell everyone they are.

    In the end its all the same, someone who believes they are much smarter than everyone else assuming ad installed themselves in a position and telling everyone how they must live, or even if they should live.

    We have all seen this movie before and it tends to end in the same way, chaos, confusion and lots of people dying. And what is of course the one thing that stands in their way? America and the American Constitution.

    And that being so that is the first thing that they must render moot and irrelevant.

    AND I (as you and many others) SAY NO!

    But they have such good intentions, they will ensure “Equality”, they will ensure “Social Justice”, they will ensure that everyone will be taken care of. In the Schwab / Soros / gates World Economic Forums World you will own nothing, and you will be happy, or else!

    And as a proof of concept, you can see just how well the “No bail, no jail” “Progressive” Soros installed flavor of justice in America is working out. Brilliant, George. So far ahead of everyone else. You really are a superior human being.

    (He, Hillary and the others should spend their last days under lock and key at the minimum. And at the maximum?)

  • Cotour


  • Realist

    The Dreizin Report – Ukraine War & Aftermath : “Promo – How about those HIMARS?”

    “In this installment of the Dreizin Report, we explain why it is so unlikely that NATO country MLRS systems would be deployed in substantial number to the Ukraine. But first, some “housekeeping” regarding the T-62’s and M777’s from recent videos.”

  • Star Bird

    Because Freedom of Speech in the minds of narrow minded Liberal Knucnkleheads is only for Liberals no one else is allowed to express their Oppinions

  • Realist

    Tom Woods: ” Ep. 2132 The Stupidity of War: American Foreign Policy and the Case for Complacency” (37 min)

    John Mueller of The Ohio State University joins us to discuss why our default posture shouldn’t be Munich 1938, in a discussion of his book, The Stupidity of War.

  • Realist

    Cotour and Wayne:

    President Trump meets with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

    Here, in this video, Trump gives Zelenskyj 2019 the urgent advice to come to an agreement with Putin. Look at Selensky’s face. If Trump’s re-election had not been prevented by fraud, the current Ukraine war could have been prevented by the good personal relationship between Trump and Putin and Trump’s pressure on Ukraine.

  • Cotour


    Is Bernie Sanders telling everyone that he intends to move to Norway?

    Bernie Sander interviews the Norwegian ambassador to the U.S. : 2:56

    Because that is what it sounds like, and I think he wants you to move with him.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Bernie is a wealthy socialist. He may already own property there.

  • Realist


    The Dreizin Report – Ukraine War & Aftermath: “2022-05-31 – Countdown to “Who lost Ukraine?””

    Uncle Sam just told the Ukraine, “No soup (HIMARS) for you”, the arms giveaway escalation is starting to wind down, and the countdown to “Who lost Ukraine?” has commenced.

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