Trump announces immigration deal with Mexico, suspending tariffs

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President Trump today announced that an immigration deal has been worked out with Mexico, and that he is indefinitely suspending the tariffs he was going to impose on imports from that country.

A “U.S.-Mexico Joint Declaration” released by the State Department late June 7 outlined the details of the deal, saying the U.S. “will immediately expand the implementation” of a program that returns immigrants who cross the southern border to Mexico while their claims are adjudicated. Mexico will “offer jobs, healthcare and education” to those people, “according to its principles,” the agreement stated.

Mexico has also agreed, it said, to take “unprecedented steps to increase enforcement to curb irregular migration,” including the deployment of the Mexican National Guard throughout the country, starting June 10, especially on its southern border with Guatemala. And Mexico is taking “decisive action to dismantle human smuggling and trafficking organizations as well as their illicit financial and transportation networks,” the State Department said.

The agreement calls for more negotiations over the next ninety days.

We shall see. These kind of government deals never seem to accomplish what they promise, so I therefore remain skeptical Mexico will do much to stem the tide of illegals flowing through their country to the U.S.


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  • Max

    This is a great gimmick for reelection campaign. Forcing them without a choice to help him I too am skeptical because of past practice of pretending to fix a problem that no one intends to fix. They’re just finding better ways to hide it. After all, you cannot allocate money unless there is a problem. That’s why nothing ever gets resolved. It’s congresses job to spend money even when the problem, like global warming, does not exist.
    I heard a report that immigrants ( Invaders ) are being allowed by the airlines to get on international flights without paperwork, then asking for asylum in whatever city they land. Most are being issued fake visas. (It’s cheaper for George Soros? To buy a plane tickets instead of the long bus ride with fuel/food/sleeping /bathrooms and a police escort)
    I was looking for a link to a church in Arizona responsible as a nonprofit for funneling money from George, when I came across this article that is old but relevant.

    Remember when I used to often talk about foreign nationals are not required to pay US taxes because they are not citizens? That the money they pay “illegally” on fake identifications and Social Security numbers is separated out by the semi private corporation called the “federal reserve” to be placed in a slush fund called “donations”. (yes, the same one that was created by Congress “if you want to donate a dollar to a political party” which made it legal for unclaimed/undocumented money’s to be placed in this account, minus the handling fee, for the use of both parties and black projects like the fourth branch of government)
    Read the article! IRS is encouraging illegals to “Break the Law”, and may have been providing numbers. It even explains how the illegals can claim income tax credit for three years past tax refund unchallenged, even though they’ve never filed before!
    Un believable, this doesn’t happen by accident. They are gaming the system on purpose and our government allows it. Encourages it. Recommends it. Supports and defends it.
    If I take the estimated amount of illegal aliens in the country and times that amount by what the average blue-collar worker makes and divided by half, because many are on welfare and don’t pay taxes or work, I still come up with $300 billion from this illegal scheme that never enters the general fund.
    (I learned this information from a retired board member of the federal reserve)
    It’s the presidents duty of office to negotiate with foreign countries on the behalf of their citizens with the help of the embassies.
    This money is in his purview and can, with an executive order, confiscate illegal tax funds paid by foreign citizens and the matching funds of there employers, to build the wall and pay reparations to the failing hospitals and welfare system. Making the Mexicans pay for it as he promised, with billions of dollars at his fingertips.
    This will also hurt his enemies the worst, unveiling them for who they are and how they’re working against US to keep the gravy train going.

    Wane, now that Utah has passed and joined the “article 5 convention”, the governor is replacing the conservative team with a liberal/rhino one.
    An update on the progress, as told by a former committee member, is to eliminate all caucuses political committees and conventions across the nation. The people will vote directly for the most popular candidate by majority. In essence, this will change our republics into democracies so that fairness and justice can be given to those who deserve it!
    Dark times ahead.

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