Trump give Barr authority to declassify documents related to campaign spying by Obama

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President Trump yesterday gave Attorney General William Barr the authority to declassify any documents related to the campaign spying by the Obama administration that occurred during the 2016 presidential election.

Trump also ordered all intelligence agencies to cooperate completely with Barr’s investigation, an order that common sense says should be unnecessary, as Barr is their boss and they should therefore always cooperate with him. However, we live in interesting times, when federal employees now think they have the right to tell elected officials what to do, and to even act to overthrow those elected officials if they don’t like them.

Not surprisingly, the Democrats who repeatedly scream for transparency and the public release of all documents are protesting Trumps orders.


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  • Diane Wilson

    I believe that the intelligence agencies work for the Department of Defense, not DoJ. So no, Barr is neither their boss, nor the classification authority for their documents. So giving Barr declassification authority over CIA docs related to Crossfire Hurricane IS a big deal.

  • Kirk

    The relevant offices and agencies here are the FBI (particularly their counterintelligence division) under Justice, the NSA under defense, the CIA which reports through the DNI but which is independent and who’s director is a cabinet member, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence who’s head (the DNI) is also a cabinet member. So purely from an organizational standpoint, some sort of order from the president is required unless their cooperation falls under an earlier, more general directive.

  • wayne

    We have a unitary executive in the Presidency. Trump has all legal authority under our Constitution to command and control everything in the Executive branch.

    tangentially– in the Alternate Universe, some of these alleged people in DOJ, CIA, and FBI, will all be rendered offshore and dealt with, with extreme malice aforethought.

  • Kirk

    wayne, your apparent longing for Pinochet-style disappearances is rather disturbing.

  • Cotour

    I sent this email below out the other day after I heard of the presidents move to declassify (Which he has plainly stated that he would be doing). One of my Liberal friends suffering from Extreme Trump derangement syndrome responds to me: “Distraction tactic?”

    This is as a result of watching the MSM and the likes of Rachel Maddow who insist on THEIR interpretation and narrative related to the news and the actual facts are irrelevant. Maddow and her up close and personal / intimate style is such an insult to anyone who actually thinks to some degree for themselves. Purely an animal of the messaging media.

    And there is a segment of the country that is absorbed in her style. Luckily that segment is small and by her numbers those numbers are shrinking. Why are they shrinking? Because many have discovered that she is not dealing with the reality of what she speaks about but what she insists that reality be. Like the ignorant AOC’s of the world these are actually dangerous persons (with the best intents of course).
    The email:

    Things are now going to get very frustrating for Nancy Pelosi and company.

    This declassification by the president of this secure information related to the fraudulent Mueller special investigation will further bury the Democrats. Let it all come out and in doing so we will all be better off.

    And maybe even it will trickel up to Ma Barker and B.O.?

    Everything in politics is about tactics and strategy in the pursuit of acquiring and retaining power, that is what politics is, that is the game. The subjective personalizing of that “Game” is what many in the media are endeavoring to do. They are the viewers “Friend”.

    The opiate of the masses IMO is wearing thin and many among the masses are shaking it off and seeing what must be seen. Many still will not be able to awake from their stupor and their dug in positions. I see it all of the time, and that makes me sad for those people.

    But I and many other Americans am here for them when they need us when their insisted upon reality shatters. And I will not judge them.

    Forgive them they know not what they do.

  • Max

    President Trump said, I don’t do coverups!

    It’s about time that President Trump stops this massive cover-up… From the miss use of power to actual treason of Barack Obama/Democrats/rhinos have committed.
    He’s finally had enough and is unleashing his minions.
    The patriot act unites all intelligence agencies under a sharing unified control. (George Bush’s”one ring to rule them all”) unless there’s a mutiny, which is likely, it’s under his direction. That’s why they’re fighting him so hard. He has the power, but may not have the wisdom or the fortitude to use it. This unknown quality scares them to death.

    Now President Trump is being criticized for weaponiseing the intelligence agencies. Apparently it’s not right to use the weapons they created against themselves.
    In for a penny in for a pound, we will hang together or all hang separately.
    Karma is a —- satisfying appropriate reward.
    Lock em up!

  • insomnious

    So, I wonder why would Trump bypass DNI Coats?

  • wayne

    Patrick Stewart as Macbeth
    “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow”

  • wayne

    Hans Hermann Hoppe
    June 2018

  • Cotour

    insomnious: Because the head of the DNI is an agency head and not the top law enforcement officer in the country. An agency head will tend to protect his own and anyone who supports or interacts within the same sphere.

    Barr’s interests appear to be more related to the law, abuse of power within government and reconciling those things with the Constitution. And that is as it should be.

  • commodude

    It reads as a reminder to the intelligence community what the chain of command is. Much like Napoleon taking the crown and crowning himself, it’s a reminder that the President is in charge, the power of the law is in the hands of the AG, and the DNI is subservient to both.

  • Cotour


    Let there be no confusion or ambiguity for there in lies treachery and insurrection.

  • Lee S

    Well, I have to say I’m pleased it’s not just British politics that is imploding upon itself….
    Unlike our esteemed host, I don’t see a coming dark age, I see a future where the public get so fed up of infighting and lies that eventually fresh faces and candidates will get elected in to power, who will actually “drain the swamp”
    If I was a US citizen, I would have voted Trump over Hillary in the same hope… But with a checkerd history and being in thrawl to so many different actors it seems it’s “Same old Same old”, but with added nationalism…
    Here in Sweden, the government are pushing for a massive increase in defence spending, because of the “Russians”… This is another example of the public being lied too for nefarious motives… Russia is no more likely to invade Sweden than I am to invade Australia… But the politicians use every trick they know to increase fear in the public and justify giving the weapons industry more pork to eat…
    Eventually, ( and it’s started in the last few years) the public will wake up to the rubbish we are being fed from above, and from the double crossing and back dealing that goes on from both sides in houses of government all over the world, and then we might all get governments that are acctualy fit for purpose.

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