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Trump revokes Brennan’s security clearance

As threatened last week, President Trump today revoked the security clearance for former CIA director and anti-Trump CNN talking head John Brennan.

President Trump on Wednesday revoked the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan, citing his “erratic conduct and behavior.” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, reading a statement from the president, said Mr. Brennan “leveraged his status as a former high-ranking official” to make false charges against the administration.

Mr. Trump’s statement began, “As the head of the executive branch and commander-in-chief, I have a unique constitutional responsibility to protect the nation’s classified information, including by controlling access to it. Today in fulfilling that responsibility, I’ve decided to revoke the security clearance of John Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

The president said Mr. Brennan’s actions have “exceeded the limits of any professional courtesy.”

I’m not sure what difference this will make, as it seems a large percentage of the people who work for the CIA are as partisan as Brennan, will gladly leak any information to him that might harm Trump, and know that they likely face no consequences because the law seemingly does not apply to those allied with the Democrats.

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  • Cotour

    Its a positive indicator of progress, in addition it is the list of other names that were specifically enumerated that will have their security clearance reviewed and I have to think also revoked. They have all abused their power and did so because “Hillary is the next American president”. They all knew it would all disappear.

    Then came Trump.

    These are the players in the treachery, add to this the up coming Bruce Ohr testimony under oath before the Congress after the Peter Strzok firing and things are beginning to add up.

    Then will come U.S. Prosecutor Hubers investigation. This in time will all add up to something of consequence rather than nothing IMO.

    IT is in the ether.

  • Phill O

    Cotour, I hope you are correct. That officials abuse the laws of a land without consequences is absurd. That one party can abuse the justice yet scream blue murder if there is a slight misjudgement is ludicrous! IMHO

    Usually, it takes one year for a new party to be rid of the old party’s placements (in CANADA’s provinces). This taking much more time for the Trump admin. suggests the depth of partisanship goes well beyond “normal”.

  • Cotour

    Phill O:

    There is almost no correlation between Canadian politics and government and the United States politics and government, with all do respect. And I am not saying that to belittle you or the good people of Canada for one second.

    This deep state we are witnessing in America being laid as bare to the extent that it is able to be laid bare is something of such immense power, size and unparalleled reach and is so entrenched in a culture un to itself and is so well funded that it might be easier to understand the universe itself then understand and control it.

    That being said I do believe that there is something extra ordinary going on in America today that has the potential to tear down what must be torn down to some great degree and rebuild it in a less obnoxious and offensive and power abusing manner.

    “That officials abuse the laws of a land without consequences is absurd”. (Canadians are so civilized and reasonable)

    Phill O, You are applying rules and laws that exist in one realm to the other realm where they for the most part are not applied. Like playing checkers while your opponent is playing 3D chess, and they do not tell you they are playing 3D chess, thats your / our problem. (Except in special circumstances which we may be approaching, and even then the Political realm must protect those who do their dirty work, like taking out a duly elected president in a Russian “collusion” set up. Its how things in the raw world of politics and espionage work.)

    All of the elements of cleansing change IMO appear to be here right now and appear to be reaching some never before seen level of critical mass, and timing as we all know in life is everything. In order to keep the masses calm some of them may have to be sacrificed. The masses have seen and know too much.

    We wait to see.

  • Phill O

    Cotour, with respect you are wrong. What America is experiencing, the whole world is going through. In Holland, referendums are over because the power people know the outcome and can not have it. The fact that Trump is going against this “main stream” is what is appealing about him. The same forces trying to bring down America are going on in Canada (remember in Uranium One the Canadian connection). The advent of social media is a tool being used. Slowly, conservatives are getting a handle; in Briton it was social media exposing the coverup by British official concerning the Muslim trial involving rape.

    To say America is fighting back the most, is true. I wish the rest of the world had a Trump in power. He is not perfect. Nor is he beyond criticism. The policies he has followed are good for America.

  • Cotour

    My reference was more focused on pointing out the unparalleled size, power, funding and entrenched and controlling nature of the American intelligence agencies throughout the entire planet. If and when that goes rogue and has no oversight that is when they come to understand that to a great extent they are running the show. There is no equal.

    Until they go too far in their over confidence and arrogance. Charles Schumer warned Trump from the start “The deep state can get to you six ways to Sunday” I think was his comment when Trump dared to question the intelligence agencies.

    If not for Trump I strongly suspect that none of this would be going on, and if Hillary were to have won the presidency Americas government as well as the Canadian government and most all others on the planet would have become functionally irrelevant.

  • wodun

    He never should have been head of the CIA and he should be in jail right now for trying to change the outcome of the election and stage a coup against a sitting President.

    The media can’t report accuratly on the story because they are co-conspirators.

  • wayne

    One down, thousands to go. Hillary Clinton still has her security clearance.

    Phill O:
    I’d concur in large measure.
    Antifa, for all their bluster, doesn’t hold a candle to the Weather Underground.

    Weather Underground Announces Fall Offensive
    ABC news, October, 1970

    Government corruption has existed everywhere, at every level, for all time. I tend to think you’re being a bit provincial. Plenty of Crony’s in Canada, of all stripes.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.
    (In the Alternate Universe, I’d vote for rendering him off-shore and disappearing him.)

  • Mitch S

    If I left the corp were I work, my access to it’s documents and systems would end immediately.
    That’s how it it works at every private corp of significant size I’ve heard about.
    But gov’t, especially the “intelligence”/”security” agencies aren’t run like corps, their more like private clubs.
    Nothing new about it.
    Kim Philby and his Cambridge boys running British intelligence, J. Edgar Hoover being controlled by the mafia to protect his lifestyle, Aldrich Ames who got away with spying for the Soviets for years despite obvious warning signs – but he was son of a former agent, a member of the club.
    (As Lyndon Johnson said: “The CIA is made up of boys whose families sent them to Princeton but wouldn’t let them into the family brokerage business.”).

    We know the club by another name “The Swamp”.
    As they see things (and they include Republicans and Democrats – partisanship is like being a fan of The Mets or The Cubs) the only serious secrets are those that may threaten or embarrass the club.
    That’s the reason they hate people like Snowden. Perhaps Snowden did some damage to the NSA’s intelligence gathering ability, but his real “crime” was that he embarrassed the NSA and harmed their ability to lie to Congress, violate the law and spy on US citizens.

    I agree with Robert that declassification is a powerful weapon in Trump’s hands.
    But how far will “the club” (which includes much of the MSM) go to stop him?
    Trump is a fearsome opponent because he seems immune to the usual weapons – revelations of embarrassing sexual, financial or other personal info. What other means might the club resort to if they felt Trump was an imminent threat?

  • Phill O

    Cotour, I see your point! However, we do not know the full extent of the Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies, let alone those of the Arab world.

    I also am referring to the world wide liberalism, showing itself to be wide spread by the antisemitism, and in anti-Americanism strong world wide as well as those on the left in the USA (my second home). This truly breaks my heart! It will take bullies and jerks like Trump to set the core to the right.

    I am with Mitch S whom seems to hope for more declassification of leftist officials.

  • wayne

    Brennan has been a communist & Islamic jihad-apologist, his entire life.
    In the Alternate Universe, he’d get a free helicopter ride.

    Mark Levin:
    “John Brennan misses communist Russia” (July 17 2018)

  • Max

    I’ve heard some things about peter struck stroke (unconfirmed). Has he lost his clearances yet?

    Also long time communist/socialist sympathizer “Diane Feinstein” is in trouble for cooperating with the Chinese spy for 21 years. She claims it was just her driver but it turns out he was much more than that even filling in for her on occasions that she could not show up. The FBI, under the Obama administration, told her to get rid of him as a courtesy so she told him quietly to retire but he is still active in San Francisco.
    She led the charge against President Trump with false allegations while hiding her own treason that allowed her husband to get very rich from China trading.

  • Col Beausabre

    My reply to all the wailing from the Left over this is simple

    1) A security classification and access is a privilege not a right

    2) When you leave government, you lose your clearance and need to know (when I got out of the military, I lost my top secret clearance. If I went to work as a civilian with need for a clearance, I could reapply)

    3) Brennan is neither a government employee nor a contractor with a need for a clearance, so he should lose his clearance like anyone else in that circumstance. That he or anyone else was allowed to retain their clearance is a clear violation of security (my opinion, it’s allowed because the people involved are members of the “club”)

    One thing not noted previously, because he has lost is clearance anyone passing him classified material is now in violation of the regulations and can be prosecuted

  • pzatchok

    The ONLY reason these Washington executives are allowed to keep their clearance is so that a think tank or company someplace will hire them.

    All to get and inside line.

    Otherwise why hire them over someone who has been in a similar business?

  • Cotour


    The coming political wake up call and reality check is coming soon. When? When these DOJ attorneys, Bruce Ohr and George Toscas are put under path and questioned with the threat of perjury hanging over their heads.

    Stripping back the now clear FISA abuses and the actual conspiracy between the leadership of the FBI, DOJ, NSA and CIA against a duly elected president is where the rubber meets the road. You can forget about all of the media BS and political positioning and projected public narrative after these interviews that hold the potential for legal consequences for those questioned arrives.


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