Trump signs defense bill which includes Space Force

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It’s official: Trump today signed the annual NDAA defense authorization bill which also includes the creation of a new military branch dubbed the Space Force.

Whether this new branch will function to make the U.S.’s space military more effective, or merely act as a foundation for a bureaucracy in Washington requiring lots of useless jobs and lots of wasteful spending remains at this moment an unknown.

My instincts favor the latter, based on a lifetime of watching how Washington operates. Every time in the past half century Congress has created a new agency that was supposed to make the federal government more efficient it has instead accomplished the exact opposite. I see no reason at this moment to expect otherwise.

Note that for the immediate future not much is going to change, as this new branch will be operating initially from within the Air Force, where space operations have been based for decades anyway.



  • Phill O

    Most government employees are liberals, regardless of the country. Hence the ineffectiveness of government.

    There, I must agree with your pessimism Bob.

  • BSJ

    Hey Phill, There’s a Cross on the flag, so it can’t be Liberal.

  • David Nudelman

    Here’s something to check out. Space force twitter account set up in 2009.
    Here is a link to a twitter thread (ignore all the garbage follow on comments.)

  • I feel like I’m living in a Heinlein novel.

  • Dick Eagleson


    I think we are living in a Heinlein story but not in any of his novels. Not Starship Troopers, thank goodness. Not even Farmer in the Sky. Ganymede hasn’t turned out to be a good candidate for any sort of colonization, never mind a candidate for terraforming. And, while I think colonization in space will occur, it isn’t going to be driven by an uncontrolled Asian population explosion so great even North America licenses reproduction and rations food.

    I think we’re living in The Man Who Sold the Moon. Elon Musk is Delos D. Harriman.

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