Two graphs that show the depressing trends of the work force for the past twenty years.

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Two graphs that show the depressing trends of the work force for the past twenty years.

Both reveal that, since the crash in 2008-2009, there has been absolutely no uptick, despite the desperate repeated claims of the Obama administration. The American work force, and the economy that work force represents, has shrunk, and shows no signs of recovery.

There is a solution, but no one really wants to risk trying it in our Soviet-style society.



  • R. Cotour

    Once you have impoverishd the populous then you can work with them more easily.

  • R. Cotour

    I propose that the one key element missing from any discussion on immigration, Obamacare, the national debt, the NSA, HLS and all associated entities and the violations regarding our sovereignty and our Constitution is NAFTA. NAFTA was signed by papa Bush and in his thousand points of light speech called for a new world order. IMO the immigration discussion in particular is a false argument taking into consideration that this agreement was signed. I present the following supporting evidence in todays news regarding where the NSA considers the American “homeland”. NATFA is never mentioned, like it does not exist. There are two conversations going on.

    ” Americans now have responsibility for a bunch of new places they can’t find on a map.

    It turns out that the National Security Agency considers Canada, Greenland, Mexico and parts of Central America as part of the U.S. “Homeland.”

    During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein — chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence — displayed a diagram that revealed the NSA considers Mexico, Canada, Greenland and parts of Central American as part of the U.S. ‘Homeland.’

    The diagram displayed by Feinstein visualized the 54 events around the world allegedly disrupted by the NSA’s bulk data collection program.

    The Atlantic Wire first noticed that while the senator correctly identified the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa on the map, North America was referred to as a single entity – the ‘Homeland.’ “

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