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Two-thirds of all approved cancer drugs do nothing for patients

A long term study in Sweden of 22 cancer drugs that its government had approved for rapid use before being tested fully has found that two-thirds provided absolute no benefit to patients.

The Gothenburg team examined 22 cancer drugs approved for reimbursement in Sweden over the last 10 years, examining studies that tested their ability to improve quality of life or lengthen lifespans. On average, these reports examined the drugs for 6.6 years.

Results revealed only seven of the 22 drugs had at least one study which showed a clear benefit for cancer patients. Randomized controlled trials on the other 15 failed to show any tangible benefits for people with cancer. Only one drug in the study showed an ability to both improve the quality of life and extend lifespans for patients.

“We have shown that the majority of the drugs launched with limited evidence still lack clear evidence of how they actually affect survival and quality of life in patients,” says Gabriella Chauca Strand, a doctoral student at Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg and the lead author of the study, in a university release.

This sentence from the university’s press release was even more striking:

Only one of the drugs had scientific evidence of both increased life expectancy and improved quality of life for its indication.

Essentially, 95% of these approved drugs were failures. Most did nothing and were worthless, despite the Swedish government paying huge amounts of money buying them. A few either improved the quality of life (but failed to keep the patient alive) or kept the patient alive longer (but made their lives miserable).

Does this sound familiar? Doesn’t make you wonder about the drug approval process in the U.S., especially after the disaster of the emergency approval of the COVID shots that we know now not only failed to prevent infection, were actually very harmful to many.

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  • Ferris

    I resent all these interesting and informative posts, which have forced me to send a Behind The Black contribution.

  • Sippin Bourbon

    I tried to open the article, but hit a paywall. My question is, how were these medications presented.

    Were they presented to the patient as experimental or hopeful medications. If so then the patient has the option to say “Yes, I will try this, knowing it may not be effective.”

    The fact that gov programs (over seas) or insurance companies here are willing to pay for experimental treatments is a benefit. This is because for many cancers, there are no known effective treatments and no actual cures. Most people, even the medical community, are desperate against the Cancer. Given the option, if I had an incurable diagnosis, God forbid, I would roll the dice, and say yes.

    I have been there once before. Pro-graf was new, but showing promising result, when my child needed a transplant. Transplant survivability rates are measured much the same as cancer. Its use for this kind of transplant was still new. Before Prograf, the diagnosis would have been terminal. My research was showing 50/50 chances to live 5 years.. We accepted the risk, for my four year old. That was almost 20 years ago. I watched my child get married three months ago.

    Cancer treatments are hit and miss, and the batting average is historically poor.

    If, as I think you are, suggesting a correlation to COVID vaccinations, I do not believe they compare. In the case of vaccinations, we were told lies, pure and simple. Basic science was ignored. We were told that an mRNA treatment was a vaccine. It would prevent transmission, or would prevent infection. It was all a lie. A lie many still cling to, because to admit the truth would be political suicide. Herein, lies the problem.

    With experimental cancer treatments, the states’ treasure has been spent out of hope. With the COVID vaccines, political capital was invested, and many pols are still counting on a return.

  • Ferris: Thank you. If you have mailed a check, I hope you made it payable to Robert Zimmerman. Behind the Black is merely the website name I use for all these most annoying posts you “resent.” :)

  • Sippin_Bourbon: I am surprised you hit a paywall, since when I click on the link I do not. The link should be this:

  • Max

    Pharmaceutical motto;
    “A patient cured, is a customer lost”

    Dr. Fauci recommends a drug for which he receives a financial percentage for its use! “Remdesivir” for Covid patients, comes to mind as an approved, unapproved drug that kills half of the people it is given, causing organs to shut down and renal failure. The patients kidneys quit working causing fluid buildup in the lungs. If while on a ventilator, it’s assumed the patient died of “pneumonia”.
    Some doctors talking about it briefly. 2min

    Most all of these videos are going to disappear soon, the Internet is being scrubbed of all information deemed “miss information”, false, Politically incorrect, or whatever the fact checkers say it’s not a fact! (Who are wrong most of the time)
    They will only use cancer advice from famous clinics on treatments (despite getting most of their funding from the government) or reputable pharmaceuticals (oxymoron)
    But then we all know Biden cured cancer…
    If you want to read something scary, look up “turbo cancers”

    Remember Trump in 2018 signing into law the right to try? (Ivermectin not included)
    It’s difficult to know what you’re taking and to sign a waiver of “informed consent” when the list of side effects on the drug information sheet insert is “intentionally left blank” on an experimental drug or compound. (The equivalent of James Bond 007 receiving a “license to kill”)
    Although you do not have a right to sue a pharmaceutical if a experimental drug harms or kills you, the journals that claimed they did studies that the vaccine was good… The articles have all been removed from the medical journals as if they didn’t exist, apparently trusted medical journals can be held liable… So they’re removing the evidence, pretending that they did not publish independent verification that was falsified.
    (couldn’t find the article I was looking for, this one will have to do)
    How many experimental drugs were authorized for use on humans during “emergency use authorization?” which is funded through 2024 in the emergency act?… “600” That we know of. (You might be taking one now)
    (although this article from 2021 is pro vaccine, (actually gene therapy) it does list other drugs and procedures that went horribly bad)

    Now we know that the “definition” of vaccine was “changed” to allow a biological weapon into the pharmaceutical industry. Produced by DARPA under operation warp speed. A public/private initiative, also signed by trump.
    Yes, DOD is in charge of your healthcare.

    Sorry about my little rant, things are happening so quickly lately that I can’t keep up with it all.
    just learned that my daughters in-laws, who wouldn’t come to any family parties because I was “unvaccinated”, both have cancer.

  • James Street

    As parents are flooded with TV commercials from Big Pharma about the need for the full regimen of childhood vaccinations, I’m seeing more and more information about their relation to increases of illnesses like autism in children.

    I’ve been trying the search engine
    It’s Russian. Imagine Russia doing less filtering than America.

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