UC-San Diego requires new faculty to stand for “diversity”

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Fascist California: UC-San Diego now requires anyone applying for a teaching job to submit a statement demonstrating their commitment to “diversity,” including proving that their research, in whatever field, “highlights inequalities.”

“All candidates applying for faculty appointments at UC San Diego are required to submit a personal statement on their contributions to diversity. The purpose of the statement is to identify candidates who have the professional skills, experience, and/or willingness to engage in activities that will advance our campus diversity and equity goals.

“In accordance with APM 210-1-d, ‘these contributions to diversity and equal opportunity can take a variety of forms including efforts to advance equitable access to education, public service that addresses the needs of California’s diverse population, or research in a scholar’s area of expertise that highlights inequalities.’”

In other words, the university will police the research of all faculty, and require them to only do research that serves the university’s leftist political ends. And I say that confidently, because I have no doubt that these rules have nothing to do with equal justice before the law or with preventing racial prejudice or discrimination. No, these requirements are there to guarantee that the only people UC-San Diego hires are leftist ideologues.


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  • Max

    “these requirements are there to guarantee that the only people UC-San Diego hires are leftist ideolog”

    Yes… But…
    Do you see the catch 22?
    I have to laugh because they set themselves up to be sued if they don’t hire equal number of conservatives to match the number of liberals to meet their diversely quota.
    In the name of tolerance and equality, they will need to hire conservative and religious teachers as a counter balance to the socialist liberal narrow minded progressives that leads to the loss of the freedom of speech and freedom itself. Equal amount of diversity of thought would be very helpful to the school.

    Of course, this is not the intent of the language but they will be made to defend it by expressing what they really mean. I hope someone exposes them and let them show the world who they really are. The very opposite of diversity with SAMETHINK of the equality of hate for all conservatives.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “And I say that confidently, because I have no doubt that these rules have nothing to do with equal justice before the law or with preventing racial prejudice or discrimination.

    Considering the Google corporation’s response when one of their employees pointed out that their “diversity” program did not foster actual diversity, this is likely to be the case. One has to ponder the diversity that is desired by the university, since they are looking for people who are the same as those who are already there.

  • Keith

    I am so glad that I attended college well before the academic world went insane.

  • bob sykes

    Ohio State University has had the same requirement for years. Also, Ohio State has positions that only women and minorities can apply for.

    There are several colleges of education and social work that require students to sign progressive loyalty oaths as a condition of graduation.

    However, I can’t think of any reason why an intelligent, young White male would want to work at Ohio State, or, for that, matter get a BA or other degree in the humanities or education or social sciences at any school.

    By the way, Kenyon College in Ohio, which was all male until 1969, now has a male admissions quota so that the undergraduate students do not fall below 45% male, its current percentage. At the College of Wooster, also in Ohio, in Kauke Hall, which houses the language departments, every faculty office door sports exactly the same progressive political posters. Apparently faculty have the freedom to decide how to arrange them.

  • Some years ago I applied for a city engineering job. The last page of the application was entirely diversity questions. That was the end of that process.

  • FC

    “research in a scholar’s area of expertise that highlights inequalities.”

    Well, mathematicians won’t have any trouble getting hired.

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