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From the press release: From the moment he is handed a possibility of making the first alien contact, Saunders Maxwell decides he will do it, even if doing so takes him through hell and back.

Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

The vision that Zimmerman paints of vibrant human colonies on the Moon, Mars, the asteroids, and beyond, indomitably fighting the harsh lifeless environment of space to build new societies, captures perfectly the emerging space race we see today.

He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

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Universal Big Bang lithium deficit confirmed

The uncertainty of science: New data from a globular cluster in nearby dwarf galaxy has confirmed that the deficit of lithium that astronomers have found in the Milky Way also exists in other galaxies.

According to the Big Bang theory, the amount of lithium in the universe should be two or three times more than it is. This result shows that the deficit exists outside the Milky Way, which suggests strongly that something significant is wrong with the Big Bang theory.

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  • geoffc

    Lithium denier! Big Bang Denier! You just hate Jim Parsons, admit it!

    The science is settled! There is consensus! (Amusing since Parson’s character works on models that look at alternates to current physics model).

  • geoffc

    No wait! Parsons is gay! You must be a homophobe for this Lithuim Denial! QED.

  • ken anthony

    [Drumroll please…] This just demonstrates the level of mental illness in the universe!

  • Max

    Lithium, microwave radiation, dark matter, The list goes on concerning the theories surrounding the Big Bang. What scientists failed to notice however is that if the Big Bang is correct then all energy, space and time and matter was created at the same moment at the same location. That location was nowhere and it became everywhere! In other words if you want to find the center of the universe, simply point your telescope in any direction because it was all the center at one point.
    It’s hard to believe that they don’t know this, so I would interject that the launching of so many infrared telescopes to search the universe are there for a different reason. My hypothesis is they are searching for failed stars and large planets with atmospheres that give off an IR signal Just as seven of our eight planets in our own solar system do. (Our 4 gas giants emit more heat than they receive from the sun) It stands to reason this is the best way to detect large bodies that do not reflect sunlight. I’m sorry, I think I strayed from the subject.

  • Hi Max,

    You speculate some specific reasons for why astronomers have built infrared space telescopes. I think you are over analyzing the situation. The simple reason astronomers do this is that they are curious, want to find out more about the universe, and realize that they really don’t know much about it. Certain infrared wavelengths are blocked by the water in the atmosphere. To see the emissions by deep space objects in those wavelengths you’ve got to put your telescope above the atmosphere.

    In addition, while infrared wavelengths are blocked by water vapor, they can see through dust, so they provide astronomers a way to study places that in optical wavelengths are obscured to us, such as the center of the Milky Way where a supermassive black hole resides.

    Thirdly, taking spectrum in infrared wavelengths allows scientists to learn some specifics about these objects (their chemical makeup) as well as their speed and direction. It also helps them date the objects as well as provide a rough idea of their distance from us.

    The result is that we learn new stuff. Granted, this new knowledge is always subject to correction and rejection later if new data teaches us something different, but each new data point wides our horizons and gives us a better understanding of the wild and wonderful universe we inhabit.

  • Ever notice that every time they get an actual measurement or calculate a new data point, the Big Bang theory has to be “adjusted”? Perhaps its time to start looking at different theories to explain the red shift that is the primary resin the big bang theory was postulated in the first place?

  • As skeptical as I am about the Big Bang theory, it is too soon to junk it. At this moment it remains the best theory to explain the available facts.

    We need to learn more, simply as that. When we have a greater understanding of the universe itself than a more complete picture will emerge. It might be some variation of the Big Bang theory, or it might be something completely different. Right now, however, all we can do is dig for knowledge.

  • Max

    Thank you for your response, I am very cynical. But if I had the chance and the gods of chaos haven’t smiled upon me I would’ve traded places with those scientists in a heartbeat. I am very curious about our universe and I am jealous that they get to know the secrets, That they are forbidden from telling any of us. This is why your effort means so much to us.
    As for red shift, I never understood how light at 400 nm(Blue) means it is traveling towards us, and light at 700 nm (red) means it is traveling away from us. It’s direction of travel would only change the intensity of the light. (Would be brighter traveling towards us) The Doppler effect only occurs in a medium which there is none in the vacuum of space. Except of course a magnetic medium which would change the wavelength of light, and a time distortion caused by gravity would also change the wavelength of light as it passed through it.
    Which brings me to my thoughts on the Big Bang. When I look at the walls of galaxies in the picture of our universe, it reminds me of a balloon that you release after filling to watch it spin around the room banging in to everything and switching directions. Perhaps the tear in the fabric of space Was subject to opposite and equal reaction because it was not anchored and was pushed around like the proverbial balloon spinning and moving untell the energy was spent filling our universe? Just thinking out loud.

  • Max,

    You wrote, “I am very curious about our universe and I am jealous that they get to know the secrets, That they are forbidden from telling any of us.”

    I am very puzzled by this statement. Scientists, especially astronomers, are eager and quite willing to tell you everything they learn, in very copious detail. I have learned this from almost twenty years writing about their work for many science magazines. Fortunately for them there is very little politics in their work, so they can speak freely about what they learn, and they are always glad to do it. I call them up and they spill the beans eagerly.

    So, if you want to learn about the cutting edge of astronomical research, take a gander each day at the astro-ph preprint website. There astronomers publish new astronomical research papers every day, many prior to publication in scientific journals. The jargon can be daunting at first, but if you stick with it you will eventually get it. I did, and I do not have a science degree.

    I’ve been scanning this webpage daily since 1996 and am always fascinated by what I find.

  • Mikell-Sidney

    Well if Your manic depressive You do well in space. One more thing only GOD knows if it’s a big bang or not.

  • Competential

    Maybe astronomy will always make new radical discoveries and paradigm shifts. Maybe it can never end. Maybe there exists no “truth” to be finally discovered?

  • Max

    Thank you Robert, I will check it as I do your website every day. i had a friend, and spent a good deal of time with him before his passing. The inventor and owner of the atomic clock. He thought of it as a hobby his real work took place at JPL. His last job before retiring was to solder the boards of the Mars rover. He was so pleased that it lasted years beyond its capabilities and that he did a good job. But he said by far it was not his greatest work. That was classified and he would take the secret to his grave. And he did. All I know is that it involved spy satellites and a technology similar to Spock’s Tricorder. I believe Clive Cussler wrote about it in his last novel before he retired.
    About 15 years ago I listened to an interview of a Soho scientist who wrote a book (“Our Mantic Sun”or”The Mantic Sun” I can’t find it) on his findings on the BBC. He talked at great length of their telescopic evidence of micro flares. (now called Nano flares on Wikipedia at the bottom of the sun page) How electricity would flow upwards in the path of least resistance From the Photosphere (9,500°), to the Corona sphere (Between 10,000,000° and 20,000,000°) and flash across the rarefied atmosphere there. The Corona sphere is where all the heat and light comes from, as well as the solar wind. The old fusion model violated the first three laws of thermodynamics, and the radioactive byproducts just aren’t there to substantiate the nuclear model. Which is a good thing because To produce so much light and heat it would eradiate the earth lifeless with every rotation. Our Sun releases so few neutrons that we can pick up neutron burst from supernovas in other galaxies, and neutrons from nuclear power plants here on earth In the underground heavy water tanks. How does the sun produce all that heat at its core? It is said that the matter surrounding the sun collapsed downward with so much heat and pressure that it started the hot fusion. No evidence for fusion so that just leaves you the heat and pressure causing friction generating Plasma and electricity and magnetic currents. Jupiter for example could have been a sun if it was a little larger, but it’s temperature under its atmosphere is at 50,000° which is five times hotter than the photosphere of the sun. It releases 2 1/2 times more energy then it receives from the sun. Gravity plus The friction of an atmosphere equals heat. This is what makes our heat(Global warming) here on earth, Our average temperatures are 100° warmer than the moon which is in the same orbit and yet receive half of the energy the moon does from the sun. I could go on and on of the evidence for all this but this is sufficient for now. Now you know why I am skeptical. They teach earth mother religion in school and call it science. They must look fondly at the days when they could control trade by telling sailors that they would fall off the edge of the world even though a Greek calculated the diameter of the world 200 years before Christ. Now I’m reading in Harvard Magazine an article about the recommendations that they should not choose between “carbon tax” and “cap and trade”, that they should do both…

  • The secrecy you describe here has to do with military work, not science or astronomy. There is a clear difference.

    By the way, your posts would be far more readable and interesting if periodically you would insert a paragraph break. Just a thought.

  • Edward

    Stay skeptical, Max. That is what makes for good scientists.

    It was scientists who were skeptical of Albert Einstein’s theories that showed us that the red-shift/blue-shift (why do I sound like Dr. Seuss?) really happens, as though there were some as yet undetected “ether” that light travels through.

    Skeptical scientists recently showed that Einstein’s prediction that space is “curved” near large masses, such as the Earth, is correct, too (the results of the Gravity Probe-B satellite). And they confirmed a modification on that theory — so even Einstein’s theories are never certain nor is the science ever “settled.”

    We keep finding more and more strangeness about the universe. Who knows, maybe one day we will even find the “ether” that scientists convinced themselves does not exist (relativity and quantum mechanics currently explain the lack-of-a-medium phenomenon).

    What we know to be right and true today (such as the Big Bang theory and the lithium it was supposed to have produced) can always end up being modified tomorrow. Don’t take my word for it, ask the late Sir Isaac Newton about how a skeptical Einstein changed his, Newton’s, “Laws” of physics.

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