Useless college degrees

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Going to college? Here are five useless college degrees to avoid.

The article focuses a bit too much on agriculture while leaving out ethnic and gender studies, but that’s probably because to criticize these politically correct but totally useless degrees is very politically incorrect.



  • I obtained one of my degrees from a cow college, and I knew a lot of sons and daughters of farmers who obtained one of those ‘useless’ degrees and went back home to manage the family business. I would say that any of the degrees on the list is more valuable than anything with the word ‘studies’ in it.

  • max james

    As an A&M grad , I can think of a lot more useless degrees than Ag , however , it does point out the difference between being educated and merely attending school.
    BTW Thomas Sowell recently published a four part editorial , “An Ignored Disparity” , that includes a discussion about the dangers inherent in pushing people to worthless degrees and the results of their anger when they find that althoughed degreed they have no marketable skills. Excellent read and recommend you give it a look.

  • wade

    what ever happened to Physics, Engineering, and Industrial Design?

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