Veterans plan to storm more DC monuments today.

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Veterans plan to storm more DC monuments today.

More Americans have to join them. These closures are offensive, unnecessary, and clearly a political ploy by the Obama administration. The public has to tell the government it can’t do this.


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  • Chris Kirkendall

    Obama clearly wants to inflict as much pain as possible due to his & his party’s own refusal to even negotiate – he said himself he’s not willing to negotiate & shouldn’t have to give up ANYTHING ! ! How do you negotiate with THAT ??

    On a similar note, there is absolutely NO reason not to hold the Navy-Air Force football game, or Army vs.BC, which we’re being told may not be held this weekend due to the “shutdown”. I found some information from the Navy itself that says they don’t even fund these things, and anyway, it would be slitting their own throats, because these games are nationally televised, get huge ratings & as a result are huge money-makers for the Acadamies. It’s nothing but a blatantly disingenuous PR stunt. By the way – in all 17 previous “Gov’t Shutdowns”, every single one of these Service Acadamy games went on as usual – there was not a single instance where the games had to be cancelled because of it…

  • R. Cotour

    It will be his undoing.

  • Publius 2

    I think it would be wonderful if veterans from all over the country began pouring into D.C. and filling up the Mall and the monuments, and carrying banners that read: “We served our country, Mr. President. Why aren’t you serving it?” I think we are veering dangerously close to open rebellion, initiated by a populace that has had enough of this administration’s dicta shoved down their throats unconstitutionally.

  • Pzatchok

    With DoD approval the games will go on.

    The DoD controls the academies. The NCAA controls the games. And the games make HUGE cash for each school.

    Missing a game because of some vindictive president? Well I can guess how happy that would make his new officers training for service in the military, or even the old alumnus still in.

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