What happened at SpaceX the first time they landed a first stage

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Cool image time! The National Geographic Mars series is combining fiction with high quality documentary footage of real events. The clip below shows the first ever vertical landing of a used rocket first stage in December 2015, and includes footage taken of SpaceX engineers and Elon Musk during that launch and landing. The landing ranks as one of the most important events in space history. And it still gives me goosebumps. Seeing that it also caused goosebumps to those who made it happen only emphasizes the significance of the moment.



  • “I’m nauseatingly pro-American. It is where great things are possible.”
    Conversation: Elon Musk on Wired Science (2007)

    I watched the longer video you posted earlier, but this was interesting in it’s focus on Mr. Musk.

    There is only one time and place this could have happened. You have to question the rationality and sentience of those who would destroy it.

  • Edward

    “Holy smokes, man!”

    Until that moment, it was thought to be impossible. Just like going to the Moon, breaking the sound barrier, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Panama Canal, and the Transcontinental Railroad.

    Thanks for the quote, Blair.

    Thanks for the video, Robert. It was to accomplish things like this that drove me to get into the space business.

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