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Who wants to help me publicly challenge an unjust blacklisting?

To my readers: Later this month a public event will be taking place in southern Arizona where there will be an opportunity to challenge an unjust blacklisting.

I do not wish to reveal any further details, but if you live reasonably close to Tucson and wish to help personally by attending, please comment below. I will email you directly with more details.

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  • JinWTX

    Hey Robert I could probably get loose long enough to help if there isn’t a closer person as an option. I can get there in a day easy. Would be happy to!

  • Max

    Choose your words carefully, The Orwellian control of perceived harmful language is being altered to the point that you cannot speak without being offensive. (not the Babylon bee… But it should be)

    But everything’s OK now, they apologized for being right.

  • Mike C.

    We support your efforts Bob. A new twist, there is a move to ban the term ” virgin passage “. What’s the word coming to?

  • Mike C: The world is coming to a narrow-minded, ignorant, and intolerant place.

  • John

    If we can bring tar & feathers, pitchforks and torches, I could get on an airplane!

    This post is in jest.

  • Jeff

    Bob, I live in Tucson and am interested in discussing this opportunity.

  • pzatchok

    I would be with you if I lived closer.

  • Milt

    With respect to attempts to silence free speech and political dissent, is there anyone who STILL doesn’t understand what is happening here in the United States and in Canada?

    Oh, right. Probably a majority of those who earn their living in the media of those countries, but we are talking about normal people of at least average intelligence and with some residual regard for human decency and the truth. Or, they understand all too well, but are double plus good with such duplicity and see no contradiction at all in shutting down free speech / inquiry within their own profession*.

    *The People of the Lie, as M. Scott Peck called them. Or, as Father Malachi Martin described these presstitutes, the perfectly possessed.


    As Cotour noted in his comment on an earlier post, the attempt by Canadian authorities to force Jordan Peterson to submit to a series of ‘re-education’ programs mandated by the College of Pyschologists of Ontario is such a blatant, in-your-face Orwellian exercise that nobody — except perhaps someone working at NPR or at Twitter before Mr. Musk bought the outfit — could possibly miss the point. We are now living in a full blown, real life version of 1984, and The Powers That Be dare us to try to “do” anything about it.

    As the author of this post observes, TPTB in Canada may have a twofold reason for going after such a well known, high profile individual. First, of course, to make an example of him and to demonstrate that if they can do this to someone with the statue and visibility of Dr. Peterson, well, they can (and certainly will) do it to the helpless peons.

    Secondly, to send a message to the gelded professional class that might — like Prof. Peterson or “class traitors” like Tucker Carlson in America — go off the reservation and begin committing truth. God, no; we can’t have that.  (Along these lines, does anyone else remember reading about Stalin’s show trials in the 1930s? They conveyed exactly the same message to any Party member who might get out of line. Witness the fate of poor Comrade Rubashov, and LEARN from it.)

    “Canada’s spiral into authoritarianism is widely publicized and the nation’s waning respect for free speech accelerated during the pandemic lockdowns. While the US is not far behind, Americans at least have free speech rights codified in a constitution that is designed to regulate what the government can and cannot do. In Canada, such a thing does not exist. Canadian rights are treated more like privileges that the government is allowed to legally erase at a moment’s notice.

    CPO actions not only indicate hostility towards free speech, but also hint at an underlying fear – Members of the professional class are often the most indoctrinated of all people, and for one of them to break from the paradigm and speak against the establishment is considered the utmost betrayal.

    Peterson is being targeted with a special brand of bureaucratic attention because the establishment uses the professional class to convince and control the general public. The claim that the ‘experts have spoken’ is the ultimate tool for manipulating a majority of the population, and when some of those experts contradict the narrative, the powers-that-be take particular notice.”

    Exactly. And thank goodness that at least a few people like Robert are trying to raise the alarm while “our” respective national medias (with a few honorable exceptions) act like there is nothing at all going on.

    Have you thanked a “class traitor” today for speaking out against tyranny?

  • Milt

    Speaking of the cowardice and duplicity of the Professional Class…

    As Mr. Kunstler suggests, the COVID debacle may mark something like the end of the current “factory medicine” model of practice in this country, but it is hard to imagine how long it will take the medical institution, in whatever reconstituted form, to fully recover its credibility. The astonishing thing is that The Powers That Be in this country* are still insisting that the “vaccines” are “safe” — even for small children — and it is the unvaccinated who are the problem. “Please remain in line as you march into the showers. And no talking.”

    *The nice folks at NPR are having multiple orgasms over the prospect of yet another COVID variant with more lockdowns, masking, and mandatory vaxxing waiting in the wings.

  • Jeff Wright

    Yet again

    Now…if this is about that Karen that had your thrown off the spelunking deal—she probably knows you are coming.

    So my guess is the best thing to do is to simply say “We stand with Bob” and let him do the talking guys.

    No ad libs.

  • Max

    Watching this very informative interview with Ryan Cole, about the science, and how none dare speak out for fear of reprisals… no one wants to look behind the curtain, he quoted Samuel Clemens… A person who can read, but does not, is as ignorant as those who cannot read. And mentioned that one doctor gets their information from CNN….

    The quote of the day;
    All of the scientists “agree”… Because those who disagree are silenced.

    Russian Lewinskyism is alive and well in our country today.
    Those who disagree will be eliminated.

  • James Street

    Milt, with things as they are lately I’ve been thinking about Father Malachi Martin. I first heard the former Catholic priest and exorcist late at night on Art Bell. Some of those shows are on YouTube. That led me to read Martin’s book ‘Hostage to the Devil’ which is case studies of possessions and exorcisms.

    Appropriate reading for our times.

    Let us know how the challenge goes, Robert.

  • Jeff Wright

    Lewinskyism? That’s Bill. Lysenkoism?

  • Cotour


    Stupid, and getting stupider.

    “The University of Southern California (USC) Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work will no longer use the world “field” in its curriculum or its practices as part of its anti-racist framework, according to an email reportedly sent Monday.”

    “This change supports anti-racist social work practice by replacing language that could be considered anti-Black or anti-immigrant in favor of inclusive language,” the email reportedly reads. “Language can be powerful, and phrases such as ‘going into the field’ or ‘field work’ may have connotations for descendants of slavery and immigrant workers that are not benign.”

    The next word that the insane ever politically correct, radical Left, we are “Fundamentally” changing everything, is the word “Black”.

    “The school informed that the word “practicum” would be used instead to “ensure [its] use of inclusive language and practice.”

    *A practicum is an undergraduate or graduate-level course, often in a specialized field of study, that is designed to give students supervised practical application of a previously or concurrently studied.

    (I guess the university has to work on the replacement for the offensive word that they have chosen to replace the word “Field” with since the definition for it also includes the word “Feild”. I think is considered a cascading effect.)

    From today on the following words will be replaced with:

    The word “Black” will be replaced with the term: “The color absent of all color”.

    And the word cotton will be replaced with the term: “That fluffy stuff that grows in fields”.

    I am still working on that second definition.

  • Cotour


    The Taliban unveils its SUPERCAR (powered by a Toyota Corolla engine): Afghanistan’s rulers declare the vehicle ‘an honour’ for the nation

    A very nice-looking car.

    But really, Taliban? Even you have been lured into the Western Judeo-Christian culture that you are sworn to destroy?

    This may be theee most counter intuitive story and pictures so far in the new year. And its just begun.

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