Wyoming farmer defies the EPA

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Defiant! A Wyoming farmer has filed suit against the EPA for demanding he disassemble a small stock pond he built on his own property, after following all the state’s rules and getting all the proper permits.

The EPA’s fines, $75K per day, have now accumulated to over $16 million. He is challenging the agency, saying that he followed all the rules, that the pond is on his own property, and that the EPA does not have jurisdiction.



  • hondo

    Mr Johnson, having done everything right and required, made the most dangerous of mistakes – Hell hath no fury like a scorned Fed Civil Servant!

    He clearly dismissed, blew off, and disrespected the one or two EPA employees that initiated contact. Big no no!

    This insolence is enough to fire up all the little minions back at the EPA office. They don’t even need approval from the top – once the line is drawn, all the little civil servants with rally against Mr Johnson, and the full weight of gov’t will be brought to bare.

    We are long overdue for massive civil service reform!

  • Milton

    Hey Hondo , get a grip . the man is probably trying to provide drinking water for his live stock . Due to the fact jack wagons to the south waste water . have you notice the wild fires lately , how about the sludge release in Co. . Don’t hear your thoughts on this pin head !!!!!!!! Stay strong Mr. Johnson

  • Milton,

    1. hondo was not attacking the Wyoming farmer. He was expressing disgust with the federal government bureaucracy, and the EPA.

    2. I do not tolerate name-calling on Behind the Black, even from those I agree with. I’m not sure who you are calling a “pinhead” but I suspect it is aimed at hondo. Either way, this is unacceptable. If you can’t discuss the issues civilly and respectively at this site, than you won’t be able to discuss them here at all.

    You have been warned. I have banned people and I will do so again. The conversation here will be civilized.

  • pzatchok

    I bet if a beaver had come in and done the very same thing the EPA would have been just fine with it.

  • hondo

    Maybe – but it may depend on the beaver’s party affiliation and color if its pelt. With Fed civil servants in the field, you can never tell. Ask the eagles and other birds who have run afowl of gov’t approved green energy and wind turbines.

  • PeterF

    “I bet if a beaver had come in and done the very same thing the EPA would have been just fine with it.”

    Apparently the EPA doesn’t agree


  • pzatchok

    The state eventually dropped the complaint.

    They never sent out an inspector before sending the threatening letter.

    After the inspection they found out that state law states that beaver dams are to be left alone. And are the ultimately purview of the states game commission.

    I have found out the that EPA is extremely dependent on the local officials.
    In our state, in our city, Habitat for Humanity must remove ALL old lead based paint and all asbestos materials from a home before they can rehab it and give it away.
    But in a different city under a different EPA officer, HfH is allowed to do exactly what home owners are allowed to do. Paint over lead paint and sequester as much asbestos material as possible without removal.

    It costs ten times as much to rehab an old house in one city than in the next. All because of one idiot and his dislike of HfH.
    Its cheaper to build new.

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