“You are still crying wolf.”

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Link here. This essay sums up the bankrupt intellectual American community — so partisan Democratic that they have lost all sense of honor or dignity — probably better than anything I have read in decades. And it was written by a person who dislikes Donald Trump strongly, but for very thoughtful and reasonable reasons. As he pleads in conclusion,

Stop fearmongering. Somewhere in America, there are still like three or four people who believe the media, and those people are cowering in their houses waiting for the death squads.

Stop crying wolf. God forbid, one day we might have somebody who doesn’t give speeches about how diversity makes this country great and how he wants to fight for minorities, who doesn’t pose holding a rainbow flag and state that he proudly supports transgender people, who doesn’t outperform his party among minority voters, who wasn’t the leader of the Salute to Israel Parade, and who doesn’t offer minorities major cabinet positions. And we won’t be able to call that guy an “openly white supremacist Nazi homophobe”, because we already wasted all those terms this year.

Read it all. He illustrates the unwillingness of the modern left (that dominates the academic community, the mainstream press, and the urban cities) to deal in actual facts. Instead, they scream vicious lies against every Republican candidate and thus make it impossible to have a sane conversation.



  • Garry

    Thank you for the link; a great piece that provides lots of facts.

  • Chris L

    I didn’t vote for Trump either, and I’m not expecting much for the next 4 years, but yeah people really need to grow the hell up. Enough with the zombie apocalypse is upon us crap, it was just an election. One side won and another lost. It happens every 2, 4, and 6 years on the federal level, and we’ve survived quite a few of them. The system makes sure we do.

  • LocalFluff

    @Chris L, I have great expectations. This guy just can’t stand still. He’s a doer, and negotiations, which is what politics consists of, is his specialty. Things will be done, and quickly. In the last three days before the election this guy held 14 rallies in 13 different states with more than a quarter of a million in the audiences. “-What battleground states should we focus on during the last weekend? -Why, all of them of course!” He tweets stuff like “04:30 am, up before the enemy!” He doesn’t hesitate to change his top management a couple of times a year, to keep them on alert. Couldn’t be more different from Hussein Obama who seems to just enjoy his luxurious White House dinners with celebrities and doesn’t care at all about what happens in the society or has any will to achieve anything. And he has taken over a party that now is stronger than ever, and he has eliminated the neocon opposition, and discredited MSM. And he hasn’t even started yet!

  • t-dub

    The left has played the “race” card, and all the other cards in their arsenal, so many times that they are now becoming irrelevant and ignored. No rational discussions can be had with the left because when the facts don’t go their way name calling is all they have to turn to. Folks are becoming numb to the “cards” and can see through this tactic.

  • ChrisL

    I hope you are right, I’d like nothing better than to be wrong on this one. As Obama himself said, if Trump succeeds, we all do. For what it’s worth, I was wrong about Trump getting nominated and about him winning, so my track record predicting things Trump isn’t particularly good.

  • geoffc

    What is interesting is how the author on the one hand recognizes the stupidty of the lefts approach to Trump, he still cannot get past some of their lies and just accepts them, even as he tries to debunk them.

    It runs very deep, that river in Egypt.

  • wayne

    Excellent bit of writing.

    Har– you ARE enjoying all this, way too much!
    Living in Michigan however, I did appreciate that Trump came to our State at least 4 times, and put us in play for once. (Last rally was at 1am in Grand Rapids and packed.) The average republican nominee, generally writes us off.)

    Not happy with DJT, but infinitely pleased HRC was beaten.

    Off-thread, but I must bring up Romney; he’s a LOSER RINO, father of socialized-medicine in Massachusetts, couldn’t beat a Marxist, and is ashamed he’s rich.
    He needs to S-T-F-U and go away, forever. But he won’t. He thinks he’s relevant.

    totally off-thread: Obama is never going to shut up!
    Best thing we could do, in an alternative Universe?– fly his whole family to Gitmo immediately after the inauguration. He’s love Cuba, lets give him a front-row Cell, with a view.

  • Insomnius

    Sorry Pepe, Obama is going to Dubai! thanks to the Podesta Group!

  • Maurice

    I read the entire rant minus the sections where he seemed to have mentally spazzed out completely. The only graph worth looking at was the complete disparity of views as to the economy. Between the people that believe regulations are good and more of them is better, and those that know that is bull there is no more common ground. I have to disagree with the shruggers, this election really mattered. The piece also completely omits that Trump has a plan, and has been vocalizing it for decades. I’m expecting the brainwashed to not get it just like in my own state of Wisconsin the teachers union didn’t understand how fast Scott walker would move to remove their power base.

  • Garry

    Maurice, I’m curious about how the teachers and the general public feel about what Walker accomplished with the teachers’ unions, now that several years have passed. I followed the coverage at the time, but haven’t been able to find much since, which suggests that the reforms worked and are welcome (otherwise the press would still be screaming bloody murder).

    What can you tell me? Do you have any links?

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