Zimmerman op-ed: Bring on more Kavanaughs!

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Today the website American Greatness posted an op-ed by yours truly, entitled Bring on More Kavanaughs! Key quote:

Now is the time to look these bullies in the eyes, and tell them that we will not be intimidated, that we will stand for what we believe, and we will not bow to their smears and slanders and screaming protesters who know nothing of us, care nothing for us, and are increasingly willing to harm us and our children because we reject their oppressive and overbearing demands.

Check it out. It has nothing to do with space, but everything to do with having and keeping a civilization that can make the exploration of space possible.



  • Cotour

    What a fine commentary on both the divisive political dissension that we all see playing out before us and the history that backs up our ability to have optimism that the American Constitution is alive and well and in full operation and our responsibility to ensure it continue as designed.

    The Liberal Democrats, now desperately lead by Leftist and anti American doctrine, in their desperation reveals themselves for who and what they have become. The Democrats anti American rhetoric and actions are very plain for all to see and our Constitutional system brilliantly reveals these truths for the American people to judge and empower or reject. And that is why the Democrats want and need to either ignore or destroy elements of our Constitution in order to acquire or retain any power. And in my opinion in the age of Trump, at a moment in America where there is true American political strong horse leadership they will be rejected. They MUST be rejected.

    The all out desperate smearing of Kavanaugh was a carefully orchestrated political drama specifically designed by the Democrat leadership to cause Kavanaugh to bail out in shame and fear. With the longer strategy to deter all good people who have enjoyed a beer or any other folly in their youth to default question whether they should risk their and their family’s public and financial destruction at the hands of the desperate Democrats to remain relevant.

    Notice I use the word “desperate” often referring to the Democrats, because they are so bereft of leadership and any kind of American oriented agenda or philosophy. They have become desperate beyond all reason, they are much like a cornered animal and are now capable of all kinds of bloody havoc to survive what they find facing them, the truth. And in their crazed desperation they will be defeated because they are now un American.

    Ask any Democrat that you know: “What does the Democrat party leadership stand for?”. They will have no reasonable answer, because there is none. The Democrat party as I have pointed out for years now is in an existential death spiral, they are no longer an American political party and they have no American leadership to offer their party members.


    (I will use this article and my comment in my email today.)

  • wayne

    “…the American Constitution is alive and well and in full operation and our responsibility to ensure it continue as designed.”

    Which Version Number are we talking about? (not to be overly picky) We are way out of OEM specifications. They fiddled with some basic circuits 100 years ago and the chickens are coming home to roost.

    My 2 ‘favorite’ examples;

    17th Amendment- popular election of US Senators. (That’s what the House was for, now Senators are not accountable to the State’s which elect them.)

    16th Amendment- “allows the Congress to levy an income tax without apportioning it among the states or basing it on the United States Census. This amendment exempted income taxes from the constitutional requirements regarding direct taxes.” (need I saw more? they breached a basic firewall on taxation.)

    and a pair for the record books that created all sorts of chaos and transformation:
    18th Amendment (alcohol NO) was repealed by the 21st Amendment (alcohol YES)
    Now, “they” can outlaw & regulate any substance they want by administrative edict, nobody gets a vote, no Amendment required.

  • Cotour


    1. The Zmans piece is an excellent distillation of what we see before us all. Short, concise and to the point.

    2. The Constitution is still in operation although massaged and adjusted by those who use treachery and deceit to do so, but still it represents the best counter to this treachery because ultimately it forces over time for the light of truth to be shown where to needs to be shown.

    3. Nothing is perfect the Constitution is no exception but it is the only answer as formulated or as reformulated. The basics are still there to accomplish what it was designed to accomplish, countering the nature of man related to the abuse of governance and power.

    4. I understand your pure view of the subject at hand but a bit of flexibility might do us all some good.

  • Cotour: If you can post this comment on the American Greatness webpage for my op-ed, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Cotour

    Sorry, I have attempted several times to post my comment on the American Greatness site but I am unable to successfully complete their security measures and account set up for some reason.

    If anyone who can would like to post it that would be fine with me.

  • Cotour: Can you describe more exactly what happens? I will email them to let them know.

  • Cotour

    I tried again to sign in under the Google sign in and I was successful.

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