Glen Campbell & Roy Clark – Ghost Riders in the Sky

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An evening pause: May they both rest in peace.

Make sure you watch the guitarist in the background near the end, shaking his head in disbelief at what he is hearing.

Hat tip Mike Nelson.




  • m d mill

    What a guitar prodigy was Campbell, who never learned to read musical notation… he didn’t need it.

  • danae

    Outstanding performance. Thank you for a reminder of two exceptionally gifted musicians.

  • wayne

    m d mill –
    -a surprisingly large number of extremely well accomplished players, can’t read music. (As you opined– they don’t need to!)

    You might enjoy this as well. Les Paul & Mary Ford playing those new-fangled electric-guitars! (If you want to know where Jimi Hendrix picked up some of his improvisational techniques, it was Les Paul.)

    Les Paul & Mary Ford
    The Colgate Comedy Hour (live! not choreographed, and the guitars are plugged in.)
    march 21, 1954 (cued to the middle, but a lengthy uncut scene)
    (9:15 total)

  • wayne

    pivoting slightly, cuz’ this is really good:

    Young kid sings the blues in a guitar shop….
    “Just Another Day” traditional

  • jburn

    An interesting documentary created in 2008 called “The Wrecking Crew” highlighted early aspect of Glen Campbells career. If you’ve ever wondered why there was a common texture to some of the music in the late 1960’s, this will answer the question…..

    The documentary might still be available on Netflix.

  • wayne

    Interesting, thanks!

  • Peggy Heath

    May their memories live forever.

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