“Have they tried SEC to Aux?”

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An evening pause: From one of the best dramatic series ever produced of the 1960s space race, From the Earth to the Moon (1998), this is the Apollo 12 launch scene.

Hat tip Edward Thelen.



  • Frank

    American heros

  • mypgems

    This episode and ‘Spider’ (Apollo ( & the LM) were my favorites. In this one, you see not just a crew or team but friends and buddies.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Yeah, I miss Pete Conrad. He was neck deep in commercial space waaay before it was cool. He even had a supporting role playing himself (sorta) in a 1991 TV movie (Plymouth) about a lunar mining base.

  • ‘You sir, are a steely-eyed missile man.”

  • Wayne

    Q: How did I ever miss this?
    Was this on Broadcast, Cable or HBO/Showtime?
    (>yet another DVD set goes on my Wish-List!)

  • Martin

    Have they tried SEC to AUX?

    Perhaps “SCE to AUX” would work better (Signal Conditioning Electronics).

  • Mike Nelson

    I attended a lecture by Pete Conrad’s widow at NASA Ames Research Center some years back where she read the segment of his biography “Rocketman” about the Apollo 12 launch. It is a thrilling event with a pretty humorous backstory not reflected in this clip. I won’t spoil the read here, as it is a great book. Highly recommended.

  • Jwing

    While visiting Alan Bean at his home in Houston, we were in my vehicle ready to drive to his favorite local restaurant for lunch. My engine stalled in his driveway and my 12 year old son sitting in the back seat seized on this situation and blurted out, “Hey, Dad, try SEC to Aux.” Alan immediately started laughing. Priceless. He picked up the tab at lunch, too. A true gentleman, humble and kind.
    I asked him that of all the famous people he met from Presidents to Werner Von Braun, who was he most impressed in meeting. He said that while Von Braun was a true genius, he was most excited to have met Elvis Presley. At heart, Alan is just a good Texas boy at heart. Alan gave my kids some amazing advice that they will always take to heart about following your dreams and never being afraid of trying something different.

  • Rocco


    Thanks for sharing this small part of your life.


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