Images of Falcon 9 first stage fins and landing platform

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The heat of competition: Elon Musk today tweeted images of the floating landing platform and new fins to be tested on SpaceX’s next Falcon 9 attempt to safely land the first stage vertically.

The launch is presently scheduled for December 16. Imagine the excitment if that first stage successful lands on that platform.



  • wodun

    The pictures at the link look nothing like X-wing style fins, not even close.

  • mpthompson

    With the addition of the steering fins adding some additional complexity (but also obviously solving some anticipated challenges) I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of attempts will be needed before there is a perfect landing on the barge. However, when it is successful, it will instantly revolutionize the launch industry.

    Another thing I saw in the tweets from Musk is that in the future they anticipate refueling the booster at the barge and it flying itself back to the Florida. That will be spectacular to see!!!

  • Edward

    It would look more “X”-like if you viewed them from the top/front of the booster. I don’t think that this is really a Star Wars reference (although you are probably supposed to get that thought in your head) as much as it is playing on the “X” in the company’s nick-name, Space-X. Even with the power of the Falcon rocket, the Death Star is safe. … For now.

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