Randy Newman – Better Off Dead

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An evening pause: This song is an incredible downer, something that usually holds no interest for me. However, considering the politics in the past year, and what might come in the months ahead, it might be the best we can hope for.

Hat tip Dan Covert.



  • Cotour

    The best is yet to come.

    The medicine that everyone on the planet needs awaits its administration, without it there is no real hope only further over the top outrageous corruption, duplicity and perversion.

    And so it must be done, begin the drip that can cure or kill.

    Buckle up, I have a feeling that 2019 is going to be something never before seen in America.

    The first test? Who has the bigger set, Nancy Pelosi or Trump and who and how the funding of something akin to a wall, or barrier or what ever it takes to secure Americas borders will be accomplished.

    I will place my bet on Trump for the win here. Whom ever breaks or bends here that will establish the dominance trend for the next two years. Trump has got to be all in on this move and he must prevail. Period.

    Why will he win? Because the Democrat leadership in the end does not have any sustainable reason and logic to deny the funding of the security of the Southern border. You can ask officer Singh’s brother or wife their opinion on this subject.

    The Democrats must lose here and must be brought to heel, no matter what.

  • Cotour

    Why in the end Trump must win the “wall” issue and secure the $5 billion for it, no matter how long the shut down has to go on. Weeks? Months? If Trump fails here his presidency is essentially over and I do not believe that he can be comfortably re elected. Its all or nothing now, this is Trumps wheel house.


    Trump is dug in solid with Graham, McConnell, McCarthy and many others in the Republican leadership that are openly supporting him.

    Again, the Democrats do not have the reasonable logic behind them to deny reasonable funding for the necessary varied modes of fencing, walls, steel barriers etc. and the like and in the end must fold. The Democrats irrational position of open borders where anyone can come and go into OUR country must be greatly diminished or ended through rational and reasonable measures.

    And the “Morality” of these walls, fences and security measures is just one more ridiculous counter intuitive argument made specifically by the incoming Democrat Speaker Of The House, Nancy Pelosi. When all is said and done Pelosi (And Schumer) must be rendered into a mumbling, stuttering, frustrated walking nervous break downs.

  • wayne

    Unfortunately, Trump will fold. Spending and Debt will explode to the sky.

    (We’re fast approaching $22 trillion in debt.)

  • Cotour


    I just watched Pelosi become the Speaker Of The House once again. If Trump does not dominate her and Schumer from today going forward then you unfortunately will be correct.

    Trump must be pivotal and drive the direction of the country through as ruthless a leadership as is necessary. He must accomplish this.

    And he is the only one capable of doing so.

  • Cotour

    Senator L. Graham:

    “Let me tell you how our government works. Any bill passed from the House has to come to the Senate and has to get 60 votes and for it to be signed into law the president has to sign it. He is not going to sign a bill that doesn’t have money for the wall. I will tell you exactly how this is going to end. [The] president is going to challenge the Democrats to compromise. If they continue to say no, they will pay a price with the American people. Most Americans want to do two things. They want to secure our border and they want to be reasonable to the people like the DACA population.”

    Trump and the Senate has the rational momentum on this issue, I agree with Grahams assessment and Trump must jamb it down the throats of the Democrats. Thats with a benevolent but determined and focused like a laser beam smile.

    As long as Trump stays true to Trump he will prevail.

  • wayne


    The Usual Suspects, like Graham, McConnell, McCarthy, Romney, etc., etc., will undoubtedly bow down to their democrat-masters and submit to all their crazy delusions. It’s what they do, it’s what they’ve always done, and they aren’t changing now.

    As for Trump– I just don’t trust him to really put the screws to Pelosi, Schumer, and all the RINO’s, at this juncture. He’ll fold and call it victory.
    (and I do not want to be right about this.)

    Sound of Social Justice

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