The B-1 Lancer Bomber

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An evening pause: One reason we have a Memorial Day is to honor those who have died to keep us free. We also remember them to remind us that the sacrifice was necessary.

I think it is long past time to repeat the same effort, no matter the cost, and use this plane’s payload a lot more than we are. There are people in the Middle East who are gleefully killing people for the sake of power. We should no longer tolerate them.

Hat tip Rocco.



  • Jwing

    Here in Rapid City, SD we have Ellsworth AFB, home to the B1 Lancer. We see and hear the “sound of freedom” routinely above our home and smile with pride and patriotism. It is one awesome airplane.

  • One of my favorite jobs in my career was the time I spent at Edwards AFB as a Flight Test Operations Engineer on that program. The plane is amazing.

  • If you’d do us harm
    You’d better flee
    You’re the reason why
    We have the B1-B

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    The B-1’s flew many missions over ISIS territory, but didn’t always have targets to attack. They were rotated back to the U.S. for maintenance. B-52’s are presently fulfilling this mission.

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