• joe

    I think this is where history can repeat itself, these kids are not being taught about a major story of the mid thirties through the mid forties, When I was in junior high, I did read the diary of Ann Frank, that is not something that is easily forgotten. Instead these kids are being taught diversity training and indoctrinated into a liberal belief system that could easily allow another ethnic cleansing or holocaust to happen despite the diversity courses! This lady is right, education of the holocaust and many other ethnic cleansings, religious purges and the like need to be taught so that when the conditions are right for these tragedy’s, that they will be recognized before they are allowed to happen. One would think that a modern society would not allow a genocide, that is incorrect, Germany in the thirties and forties was a very advanced society, if it could happen there, it could happen anywhere!

  • Phineas Worthington

    I’ll bet they know all about sex and drugs and that America is a racist nation though.

  • JWing

    Stunningly true Joe,

    It is truly scary to comprehend the fact that our children are purposely being made ignorant of the naked truths of the past century. It can not dismissed as accidental or a negligent bureaucratic mistake, therefore the implications of this malfeasance are truly awesome. We must address this directly.

  • Lois Johnson

    I actually cried at the end of this video. Being from New Jersey, I was proud of the student from NJ who knew a great deal about the Holocaust. It’s not just that one act of genocide but that genocide can occur in this world So many of the students either didn’t know what the word meant or didn’t think it was going on today. But the main point was so graphic – it all has to do with education.

  • Pzatchok

    How could you learn about WWII and not learn about the holocaust?

    Oh that’s right they are not learning about WWII either.

    WWI leads to WWII which leads to the rise of National Communism around the world which leads to the cold war the Korean War and Vietnam.
    Which leads in large part to the huge pile of idiots we have now.

  • Ann

    Always remember our children’s first teachers are their parents.
    The education and curriculum are available if the students would like to learn from it. Also our school and public libraries are full of fiction and nonfiction materials about WW II and the Holocaust.
    You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink fits here.

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