World Party – Ship Of Fools

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An evening pause: Hat tip Jim Mallamace.



  • wayne

    The Doors
    Ship of Fools

  • Garry

    Bob Seger also did a song called Ship of Fools, making this at least the third completely different song with the same title.

    I’m surprised that as a Michigander you apparently weren’t aware of that, Wayne. : )

  • wayne

    Thanks for that factoid. I’m only aware of the Door’s version although I have a vague memory of a Traditional Southern folk-song by that same name.

    Har–I’m on the SW shoreline, the Detroit Metroplex, is a World away.
    Not a yuuge Seger fan myself, although I did see him once at our local Hockey Arena. ($7 ticket, that dates me)

    These guys are from East Lansing and were very popular in my area in the mid 90’s. (sorta’, kinda’, polished, Midwest post-grunge-esque, and with heavy rotation on MTV.)

    The Verve Pipe –

  • wayne

    Back to the video–

    These guys do sound familiar, but I can’t readily place them. Are they known for other tunes?

  • Joe

    Somewhat jealous of Wayne, living so close to Lake Michigan!, I think I like the song with the same title done by Robert Plant from Now and Zen, ship of fools
    Not to diminish Jim Mallamaces suggestion.

  • wayne

    yowza… thank you–totally forgot about the Robert Plant version! (Yes, not to diminish Jim Mallamaces selection.)

    You really can’t beat, being near a Great Lake (any of the 5).

  • wayne

    I must put in a link to-

    Fixed Points,
    from Blair Ivey.
    -He has a well written & photographed literal tour of the Great lakes. (and some excellent material on local Portland, Oregon sites & adventures.)
    (7 parts total for the Great Lakes, if I recall correctly. Lots-o-good historical & contemporary factoids, and observations.)

  • Joe

    Agreed with Blairs blog, he did a very nice series on his trip through the Great Lakes!

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