SpaceX in no hurry to launch 4000 satellite constellation

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In the heat of competition: During an interview on July 7, Elon Musk noted that SpaceX’s project to launch a 4,000 satellite communications constellation will be not be hurried.

“A lot of companies have tried it and broken their pick on it,” Musk said in response to an audience question during an appearance at the International Space Station Research and Development Conference here. “We want to be really careful about how we make this thing work, and not overextend ourselves.”… “We’re hopefully going to launch a test satellite next year,” Musk said in Boston, not going into detail about the satellite’s capabilities.

Musk indicated that SpaceX was not in a rush to develop the system. “We’re still in the early stages of a big LEO constellation communications idea,” he said. “I think the long-term potential of it is pretty great, but I don’t want to overplay or overstate things.”


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  • David M. Cook

    My biggest fear is these large constellations of tiny objects will create problems for human space flights. Too many of them will create clouds of stuff to collide with. I’m going to guess that Mr. Musk is concerned about this & wants to prevent it. He still wants to take folks to Mars & certainly doesn’t need any more problems than already exist.

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