Adam Shugar – Hanukkah Overture for String Orchestra and Clarinet

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An evening pause: A fitting musical piece in the middle of Hannukkah. Performed by the Orchestre Nouvelle Génération.

Normally I don’t post orchestra performances filmed in their entirety from only one wide shot, as this is. I make an exception here for three reasons: 1. The music is good. 2. It is not well known, and should be. 3. Unlike most orchestras, this string orchestra performs while standing, and the high angle looking down allows you to see them all as they play together, almost like a choreographed dance. It works.

Hat tip Danae.



  • Where can I buy the score and parts for this work?

  • Adam Shugar

    Hello Robert! What a nice surprise it is to find this! Thank you for sharing my composition on your website. It really means a lot!
    Best wishes,
    Adam Shugar

  • Adam,

    Twas a pleasure. Come back often. You might you like the rest of the stuff here as well.

  • I would like to program this with my orchestra in December. Where can we purchase the
    score and parts.

    Thank you,
    Mark Thielen
    Music Director, Imperial Symphony

  • Mark Thielen: I cannot really help you. I have no direct contact with the composer. However, if you right click on the video it will show you a list which includes an option for copying the youtube link. You can then paste this url into your browser and go to that link, which is the composer’s youtube channel. From there I suspect you can find a way to contact him.

    Or do a google search on Adam Shugar.

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