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It is hardly news that Joe Biden is mentally incapable of being president

Joe Biden at his February 2024 press conference
Joe Biden at his February 2024 press conference

In the past two weeks the press has been buzzing about a report [pdf] by Justice Department special counsel Robert Hur, who decided he could not indict Joe Biden of criminal misuse of classified materials because Biden was “an elder man with poor memory.”

Biden then appeared to confirm Hur’s report with a press conference shortly thereafter, where he made false claims against the report, and acted exactly as a person with serious memory issues. For example, at one point he confused the leader of Egypt with that of Mexico.

What makes this media buzz laughable, especially coming from sources like CNN and the New York Times (the last two links above), is that these facts have been evident since 2020, well before Joe Biden was elected president. On October 26, 2020, just before the 2020 election, I wrote this column: “Joe Biden is just not qualified, for health reasons,” stating the following:

The list of these strange gaffes [by Biden] is quite long. Normally I do not pay much attention to such errors, as every candidate makes these kind of verbal mistakes during the campaign. It is the number that is disturbing, and the fact that they seem to be happening more and more often, almost on a daily basis.

Worse, the increasing number of Biden’s gaffes, errors, and apparent confusion have been accompanied by what seems an increasing requirement that he be guided closely in whatever he does. While he definitely has periods of lucidity, such as during both debates, Biden more and more seems incapable of doing anything without a teleprompter or a script or guidance from his staff or wife.

That was in 2020. This sad pattern of behavior has not only continued, it has become increasingly obvious, to the point that it no longer can be ignored by the Democratic Party house organs like CNN and the New York Times.

That it was obvious in 2020 however illustrates once again the biases and unreliability of these so-called mainstream news organizations. They do not report news or scoops. They only report what is required to get Democrats elected. Joe Biden’s condition has now become so patently obvious that these “news” organizations can’t hide it anymore, and this fact now threatens the Democrats’ chances of winning the presidency in November. Thus, they now report it, in an effort to rally the Democrats around a new candidate — no matter how weak — whom I guarantee they will then laud as the new second coming of Jesus, once that person is revealed.

The lessons here are simple. First, if you only depend on the mainstream press for information, you are not only uninformed, you are misinformed. Even if you are die-hard Democrat it does you no good to only hear your side of the argument. It traps you into supporting weak and incompetent candidates like Joe Biden. You need to find other sources of news.

Second, this story illustrates the shift in the news business. The general public is finding other sources for their news. Mainstream news sources like CNN and the New York Times are no longer running the show. Biden’s condition was very obvious years ago, and many conservative and independent news sources (not just me) reported it extensively back then. There are alternative resources now, even if search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo purposely refuse to include them in later search results. I list some of those news sources in my list of aggregrate news sites in the right column of this website. Use them. These aggregate sites will link you to other news organizations not favored by these leftist search engines. Compare what they report with what the mainstream press tells you.

You don’t have to accept everything they say, but their reporting will make you a more well-rounded citizen because you will have heard both sides of every story.

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  • Bernie Porambo

    The real question is, who is really running the executive branch of our government?

  • pzatchok

    All those advisors he brought with him when he took office.

    Not a single one elected but they are all pushing their own agendas as far and as fast as possible.

    If he questions them they just “remind” him he already agreed to it and its what the people want.

  • Related:

    “And so, the dual law and justice juggernaut system in America barrels on. Just one more James Comey laying out all of the multiple reasons that Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State should be indicted, and then justifying not doing so event?”

  • Jeff Wright

    “Are you my son?”

  • Gary H

    Are there any non-political search engines? I thought that DuckDuckGo was better than Google, but maybe not.

  • Steve

    It may be in our favour that enemy powers are actually wondering who is “behind the throne”. Uncertaintly may be to our benefit, at least in the current situation. Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea may be unsure who REALLY is in control at the White House. Just saying.

  • Ray Van Dune

    Good point, Steve. On a related note, I wonder what is going to happen if Trump wins in November, and Biden et al are lame ducks?! Could be a rush to try to get away with a lot of stuff, inside the US and worldwide.

    New Trump slogan: “Once more, with feeling!”

  • Andi

    Trump – Biden debate is going to be fun to watch, if it ever happens.

  • Steve

    Yes. The lame duck period is dangerous. Even more dangerous because the “Biden Team” will likely not openly cooperate with an incoming Trump administration, causing more of “a rush to get away with a lot of stuff”. If we showed complete transitional unity it would be safer.

  • Gary H: I have been searching and so far have failed to find a search engine that isn’t lefty biased. All right now refuse to include any conservative news sites in their search results. If you haven’t bookmarked a story from such sites it becomes very difficult if not impossible to find it later, even if you search for its exact title and outlet.

    As for DuckDuckGo, it uses Google’s search engine, acting simply as a go-between to protect the user’s privacy somewhat.

  • wayne

    The obama administration is running the country. (none of this Stuff will really end, until obama & Big Mike are detained at Gitmo and ______, in a most vicious and prolonged manner.)

    Gary H–
    On a related matter– not only does DuckDuckGo use Google search, ALL of the advertising on Rumble is served through the Google ad network.
    The more you watch Rumble, the more Google makes. Which also partially explains why Rumble hasn’t been crushed, yet.

  • James Street

    “While he definitely has periods of lucidity, such as during both debates”

    I’m wondering if Biden’s handlers haven’t been exaggerating his mental state all along so when we do see him we think “he’s not that bad”. That was the reaction when everyone watched the 2020 presidential debates expecting “dementia Joe” to be an incoherent mess, but he did ok.

    C. S. Lewis the British writer and lay theologian wrote a space trilogy, and the third book ‘That Hideous Strength’ is prophetic for our times. The character who leads the bad guys is the head of a criminal sentenced to death by guillotine after which the head is kept alive on a machine. It is a vehicle for demons to possess and speak instructions to its followers.

    At one point in the book the good guys are discussing possible strategies to defeat the evil and one good guy suggests a frontal attack. Referring to the mainstream media another character replies to the first “It could not be done now. They have an engine called the Press whereby the people are deceived. We should die without even being heard of.” This was written in 1945.

    C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien were good friends. They loved stories of myth and in 1936 made a bet to write about space and time-travel. As a result Tolkien started what would lead to ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and Lewis wrote his space trilogy.

  • wayne

    Five Times August (2021)

  • I would liken any Biden health coverup to the situation with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Although much easier to conceal health issues 90 years ago, the press effort was the same in kind.

  • Alton

    Gary H . . .
    You might try Result Hunter 🔎 Search.
    I have had some positive returns using it to dig for older articles .

    Also their are a number of “Mulricrawler” search engines that return several listings from different search engines in one cast…. Dig and see which ones works best for you….. maybe…

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