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Very bad things are on the verge of happening

Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!

Yesterday I wrote about how I thought the public might finally be awakening to the evil that now controls so much of American cultural and political life.

I noted several positive developments, and then added that the window of opportunity for freedom and the rule of law however was quickly closing. Without strong action these positive developments will mean nothing, to be quickly overrun by the immoral actions of the power-hungry, who will not take losing their power kindly.

Today I am far more pessimistic. I sense deeply that very very bad things are about to happen, on all fronts. The right is divided and weak, and too often unwilling to stand up to the worst behavior of the left. It is so divided that it can’t even elect a speaker in the House of Representatives.

The left meanwhile is united and angry, and willing to use that anger forcefully at all times. For example, for the last week decent people on the right found themselves being forced by the left to debate the absurd question of whether Hamas terrorists beheaded babies or merely killed them, as if that distinction mattered.

And in Gaza the destruction of a hospital by a missile is immediately being used as a propaganda weapon against Israel. First the claim by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry that “500+” people were killed is immediately accepted without question, without evidence. Second, it is immediately accepted that the missile likely came from Israel, though there is evidence otherwise.

You need to read the AP report at the link to grasp the full flavor of this anti-Israeli propaganda. Somehow only Israeli is killing civilians, while Gazans huddle in fear and helplessness against that evil empire throwing bombs and missiles at them.


The bottom line however is that none of these details should matter. Hamas, with the support of the people of Gaza, declared a merciless war of genocide on every Israeli, no matter how old. Why should anyone expect that this declaration should not be met with equal force from the other side? And even if Israel acts within reason, this is still a war, and in a war bad things happen.

Putting aside the rights and wrongs of this latest war in the Middle East, the overall general tone on all sides is mindless emotion fueling mindless action, most of which will only worsen the situation. Right now the global state of affairs truly does appear similar to the opening of World War I, when all sides felt compelled by its emotions to escalate the conflict. For example, in Iran the Gaza war is now being used as justification for widening the war across the entire Middle East. Meanwhile in the west governments are quickly gathering arms and money to back Israel, without thinking about the larger consequences of what they are doing, in the slightest.

Worsening the situation however is the joyous celebration of this mindless anger and madness on the left. Though the left’s values are absolutely the opposite of radical Islam, both see Israel and and free America as the enemy, and thus this conflict is now an opportunity to attack both. There is no sense of reason or thought, only a desire for action and blood.

Under those conditions Israel, and the west can only respond with its own action and blood. The situation must escalate, and it could do so in ways that no one want or even expects.

Modern intellectual analysis: “But Brawndo’s got
what plants crave. It’s got electrolytes!”

Meanwhile the political situation in the United States remains very unstable. There is great uncertainty on whether the 2024 elections will be run fairly, or whether the Democrats will use fraud and vote tampering to falsify a victory. The weakness and disunity among the Republicans only reinforces this uncertainty.

Adding to this uncertainty is the violence and barbarism in the streets of most American cities. All political meetings — from school boards to Congress — seem fraught with anger and shouting and chaos, and it seems impossible for any sane and civilized person to make any headway against this madness.

As I say, my dread for the future now is deep and wide. While I think Israel is entirely justified in invading Gaza to wipe our Hamas, I think it equally unwise for the rest of the world to join that war. Like the conflict in the Ukraine, this remains a regional conflict, better settled by the regional players. And if that means Hamas is wiped out, so much the better.

And yet, the world seems eager for war, of the worst kind. Chaos beckons, let loose by those dogs of war.

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  • Doug Johnson

    Until enough adults are fed up, the globalist minority will continue to have their way.. My feeling is it yet needs to deteriorate, but I also feel there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Government shutdowns and lack of speaker do not concern me.

    I am of the opinion that gridlock in DC is a good thing.
    The less they can do, the less likely they can pass stupid laws, because they have nothing better to do.

  • Cotour

    But then again, that light could be a train.

  • Dick Eagleson

    I respectfully disagree. There are certainly bad things happening, but the ones instigated by the Left and its fellow travelers haven’t been going very well. Noisy cheerleading for Hamas, for example, looks as though it will cost BLM much of its support among go-along-with-the-latest-noise types in U.S. executive suites. The U.S., as a whole, is in far better shape than it was during the height of the Covid Reich two years ago.

    The Republicans are “divided” only in the sense that the last few of the remaining go-along-to-get-along/polite loser/RINO types are being shown the door. I think Jordan will be the next Speaker after the 20 Republican “wets” who voted against him on the initial roll call have been “reasoned with.” Polling shows Trump solidly ahead of Biden. Every additional indictment or jail threat just serves to bump up his numbers. The Dems are the ones in disarray with multiple independent candidacies and primary challenges already announced. RFK Jr. could well wind up being the Ross Perot of 2024.

    Internationally, both Russia and the PRC are demographically and economically doomed and disintegrating. The disastrous Ukraine misadventure is simply hastening Russia’s demise.

    The latest Hamas atrocity was not undertaken from a position of strength, either, but from one of desperation. The Israelis and Saudis have been making nice of late. If the Saudis were to join the Abraham Accords, the rest of the Arab Middle East would quickly follow suit and leave Iran and its minions isolated. For Hamas, this was a last-ditch roll of the dice. I think it is about to come up snake eyes.

  • Dick Eagleson: I sincerely hope you are right. My concern though is based on the general lack of thought on all sides. We are presently in an emotional time, where everything is decided from the passion of the moment. Under these circumstances, picking the right course of action is difficult at best, and generally impossible.

  • Dennis Keating


    I too share a concern at the unfolding events to an extent that I didn’t have before. Immediate gut reactions to horrifying events can lead to worse things to come. My biggest fear is that the left and the radical islamists share the same over-arching goal: the destruction of the foundations of Western Civilization.

  • Milt

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    From The Second Coming
    by William Butler Yeats

  • James Street

    I’m ready for anything. Bring it on. Well, except for a direct nuclear strike which is entirely possible with this crowd.

  • Questioner

    Dennis Keating:

    The West, led by the US Empire, is destroying itself from within by adopting and practicing cultural Marxist ideology (e.g. in the form of wokeism). The other threats are less important in comparison.

  • DJ

    Regarding Russia’s demise, please check out “The Duran”. I gives a slightly different view.

  • Clandr

    Read the book of Jeremiah, de ja vu. Natio s have a banded God so God allows us to be left to our own devices, thus, we self destruct.

  • Questioner

    Scott Ritter, “Why I no longer stand with Israel” – MUST WATCH INTERVIEW!

    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom

  • The other threats are less important in comparison.

    Questioner, the tyrants outside our borders aren’t going to wait around for us, until we defeat the tyrants of the Church of Woke.

    We have to confront both, simultaneously, lest any victory over the tyrants in our midst be rendered Pyrrhic.

  • markedup2

    Unfortunately, chaos is what creates the opportunity for change. If everything is moving along smoothly, there is no impetus to upset the status quo.

    It’s going to totally suck, whatever “it” ends up being. I can think of plenty of things worse than a radioactive sheet of glass over the Middle East. Unless one is directly involved in it, don’t stress over events you cannot affect. Instead, consider what you want to see coming out the other side and work toward that.

    For example, chaos tends to consolidate state power. Think about how to counter that trend rather than how to stop the chaos.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Bob Z.,

    Given the pervasive influence of the Left in education, academe, the bar, the legacy media, tech infrastructure, music, film and the organs of federal power, one is reminded of what Gen. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller said at the battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War – “We’re surrounded. That simplifies our problem.” The modern Left is a target-rich environment to anyone with an inclination and ability to open fire.

    The key is to strike at what sustains it – money. A wokified Disney, for example, is finding there isn’t much market for wokified remakes of/sequels to its classic properties. Daily Wire is in the process of standing up its own movie production studio. In a direct riposte to Disney’s risibly “diverse” live-action remake, DW will soon release its own version of Snow White starring its own epic cutie-pie, Brett Cooper.

    Public Square is providing a digital storefront for non-woke companies who simply want to do business and not, by turns, politically proselytize or cancel their customers.

    Rumble is building out its own tech infrastructure as an alternative to Google, Microsoft and Amazon web services offerings.

    On the political front, a Speaker Jordan would, I believe, be amenable to actually harrowing the organized Left out of federal agencies – something a second Trump administration would also pursue with vigor. The single biggest blow possible against the organized Left would be to render unionization of government employees – first-responders excepted – illegal again as it was prior to 1961.

    There is no problem identifying things that need to be done. Those things are legion and can be essayed in any order one cares to choose.

    As the Left gets ever-crazier and more off-putting, they only succeed in making enemies of additional segments of the electorate who might have previously been unaware of, or less affected by, their previous depredations. If we have not already hit Peak Woke, I don’t think we are far from it.


    Significant external threats continue to exist in addition to the fifth-columns of the Woke. All can be overcome, but the legacy bi-partisan establishment has never been nearly so interested in solving problems as in sustaining them for political advantage. The appropriate strategic stance should once again be that enunciated by Ronald Reagan – “We win. They lose.” Despite what should have been the very instructive example of the late Soviet Union, the establishment has fallen back into the idiocy of imagining that its remnant, Russia, and its would-be successor, the PRC, are presumptively as eternal as the Soviet Union was once thought to be. They are not. This will be amply demonstrated over the coming few years.

    The U.S. is not an empire. It is, in fact, at the center of humanity’s first genuine alternative to empire in the history of civilization. For a lucid and straightforward description of what the U.S. has been since WW2, I advise you to read the works of Peter Zeihan.


    The view promulgated by The Duran is certainly “different.” That tends to be a defining characteristic of the terminally delusional. We can start with their baseless claim to being the largest geopolitical site on the Web. The Duran has 375,000 subscribers. Peter Zeihan, to cite just one example, has 629,000.

    I follow the war news from Ukraine fairly closely. Of course the sources I trust use such things as geolocated video footage and photos. The current offering of The Duran, in contrast, is a couple of guys spinning baseless tales of the imaginary scolding allegedly delivered to Pres. Zelenskyy by Sec. of State Blinken on his last visit to Kyiv. The idea that Russia is winning its profoundly unwise war is completely risible.

  • Tom Wilson

    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I’ve tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire.
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice.

    Fire And Ice
    Robert Frost

  • Evil Incarnate

    Republican ranks are filled with people who put on a good show for the cameras in congressional hearings and such, but vote to do nothing constructive to stop the totalitarians.. The reason? They are bought off- either directly through campaign contributions from moneyed donors who give to both parties, or indirectly through the “investment opportunities” they are invited to participate in, which of course are not open or even known to the general public. Money talks.

    My own congressman Dan Crenshaw (the Navy Seal with the eyepatch) is typical. His net worth has increased by $milions since he was first elected only three years ago. I guess, like Hillary Clinton with her cattle future trades, he made smart investment decisions by reading the Wall Street Journal.

  • BLSinSC

    Dick Eagleson, You have hit the nail on it’s head! What is also happening now is a full on assault of the NIMBY’s!! Up until now the LEFT has not had to endure the issues caused by their “leaders” and Policies! Now they are getting their “fair share” of illegals, crime, and COSTS!! And, lo and behold, they don’t seen to LIKE it! Most people don’t care about something until it affects them personally and the LEFT has been affected personally!! Maybe those people to blindly support anything with a “D” – even a glass of water – will think ONCE the next time they vote! MAYBE!!

  • Andrew Winter

    We have all been indoctrinated into the idea that Anti_Semitism is somehow all about Adolp Hitler and the NAZIS, old and new.

    It isn’t. It wasn’t. That is just an ongoing propaganda campaign designed to mask the simple fact that Anti-Semitism is still the Global Standard, not the exception.

    Here is an article, LIMITED, article that looks at Anti Semitism in America. It is so well know that there is a Wikipedia Page on the matter. Yet your average American High School Student will never be taught any of it.

    And we wonder where The Left gets it from? The Left was the central nexus of The Jim Crow Laws. I would be willing to accept the hypothesis that no Republican Governor ever signed one into Law.

    The Jim Crow Laws were, in many cases, far more lenient than zoning Laws against JEWS. The Left has been the Body Politic of Racsim in America since long before The American Civil War.

    Anyone who…. (pardon the pun I can’t resist).
    Anyone who says differently is…
    Whistling Dixie.

    Have hope! It begins with US. If we stand up to it, the fight for equality is still an “issue in doubt”, and the Leftitst/Stateists can not win.

  • pzatchok

    American leftists will not change until they are directly targeted by bad actors/terrorists.

    When the reporters and entertainers get targeted they will only then rethink their philosophy.

    The same with the rich movers and shakers. They will keep financing anything that harms traditional America until they are directly harmed and they see it was because of their policies.

  • Fergus

    I see no difference between Islam and the Left, only a difference in their methods and their lies. They share the same ancestry of torturing the truth; destroying those who who do not toe the line; enslaving the body and souls of those they control.

    Both are a cancer that feeds on the productive and the imitative. Both cannot create; produce; nor innovate. They are sterile. Where they reign the rot sets in.

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