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Harris’s exit from presidential race highlights again the bigotry of the Democratic Party

Today Kamala Harris announced she is dropping out of the race to be the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

Not surprisingly, activists in the Democratic Party immediately blamed racism for her failure. From the leftist New York Times:

Still, Ms. Harris had already qualified for the next presidential debate, scheduled for Dec. 19, the only non-white candidate to do so thus far. Without her, Democrats may have an all-white debate stage after beginning the primaries with the most racially diverse field in history, though candidates like Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii and businessman Andrew Yang may still qualify in the coming days.

“No matter your candidate, you have to recognize that going from the most diverse field ever in January to a potentially all-white debate stage in December is catastrophic,” wrote Leah Greenberg, a co-executive director of Indivisible, a national progressive group, on Twitter.

…“She really showed the importance of having different perspectives on the debate stage,” said Amanda Hunter, research and communications director at the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, which supports women in politics and studies double standards. “Her personal story about being bused to school was something that a historically typical older white man would not bring to the conversation.”

But “there is still a very entrenched stereotype of what a presidential candidate looks like in this country,” Ms. Hunter said. “Simply by running, Senator Harris challenged that and broke down stereotypes. But a lot of the questions around electability and the challenges she faced were probably motivated by that entrenched stereotype that so many people held.” [emphasis mine]

Note how everything to these Democrat officials is based on race. Everything. To them, Harris lost because she wasn’t white, and because Americans can only conceive a white man as president.

Of course, this thinking is quite idiotic, considering that these same Americans voted twice for a black president, in 2008 and 2012. That’s hardly ancient history.

The only diversity that should matter is diversity of thought, of ideas, of policy suggestions. Among Democrats that’s the last thing we’ve seen in the past three years. All they have shown us is hate and opposition to all things Trump, followed by a desire to destroy the free capitalist United States and replace it with their warped view of the Soviet Union.

If you are normal decent person who happens to belong to the Democratic Party and routinely vote for them, be aware that this party is not the party you think it is. These comments above illustrate again the corrupt, racist, and bigoted make-up of the party’s power structure. They hate Trump, they hate ordinary whites, they hate freedom, and they hate you, if you oppose them in any way at all, even if you have been a loyal Democrat for decades.

For my part Harris’s exit is a great relief. She has repeatedly demonstrated her fascist tendencies in recent years.

I suspect this history had a lot more to do with her failure than her skin color.

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  • Edward

    Ironically, if there is any racism responsible for her departure from the race then it is solely on Democrats, as they are the only ones who matter in the Democratic primary part of the campaign.

    Although I am not surprised that Democrats are racist — they have been since the inception of the Democratic Party — I am surprised that they highlight their racism in this way. Since President Johnson, they have attempted to be stealth racists in order to entice non-whites to vote them into office. Their policies of “helping” minorities is supposed to make it seem as though the Democrats are on their side while at the same time telling everyone, including the minorities, that they are not good enough to succeed on their own.

    It is much more subtle than their Jim Crow laws, their KKK troops, and other blatant racist policies of the past, but that was LBJ’s point: it was time for their racism to go underground.

    So why did they run a black man for president instead of a woman, in 2008? Because they were losing their hold on minorities, as they began to realize that the Democratic Party was not helping them, after nearly half a century of promises. It turned out that Obama didn’t help, either.

    These days, it is not as important to run a minority for president, so the Democrats are not trying to as hard as in 2008.

  • Chris Lopes

    Did anyone seriously think a lady who got her start in public life as Willy Brown’s mistress was going to be able to beat Trump? Sure, Trump being the true gentleman he is, would NEVER bring up that fact (constantly) during the campaign. No sir, the brave Sir Donald would never go that low. What the hell were these people thinking?

  • Alton Blevins

    What the hell were these people thinking?

    That THEY the Progressive Ivy League Elites are the only Ones who know how each and every American Serf should live, work and kowtow to them – the Perfects! Just listen to the Newest One Running in the Primary. . . DoomBerg! Only they know how you should spend what little you have left after their benevolent taxes have drained your wallet and IRA – Be Ye – Black, White. Blue, little Gray or even from the Yellow Horde crowd. By the way I have far more Cherokee Blood than the Running Squaw from Harvard Law! One two hundred and fifty-sixed!

    Go Sir – The Orange Hair Great Father!!!

  • wayne

    In the Alternate Universe, Harris would be in a woman’s prison, in Mississippi.

    “Dr. Trump”
    {Parody Alert}
    Louder with Crowder
    April 2019

  • Diane Wilson

    Now if only the rest of them would exit the primaries….

  • wayne

    “John Smith becomes Reichsführer”
    The Man In the High Castle|Season 4

  • wodun

    She couldn’t win the Democrat primary because Republicans are racist.

  • Wizbang

    How dare the Democrats choose qualifications over diversity. The victimization of a victim in the party of victims is appalling.

  • commodude

    They aren’t choosing qualifications over diversity. What qualifications do ANY of the Dem candidates have? None of them have effectively lead anything.

  • wayne

    Diane / wodun / Wizbang / commodude—
    =Good stuff.

    What really wakes me up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat (sometimes), is the factoid that way too many of our fellow American’s (and 30 million+ illegal aliens) keep electing and re-electing democrat functionaries at all levels of government.
    I watched b. hussein obama get himself elected, twice. That still baffles my mind although I know exactly how he did it. (–smooth talking statist progressive sociopath with delusions of godhood)
    Somebody is going to be on the democrat ticket– personally I don’t care who it is. I’m going to vote Trump no matter what.
    Meanwhile, our elected Klowns are continuing to kick huge cans of problems down the street while they whistle past the cemetery [so to speak]–we have massive fiscal problems that threatened to drag us all down and we can not grow our way out of them.


    “So To Speak, 161 times ”
    Han Hermann Hoppe

  • Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands

    Will you stop blathering about what color her skin is? I recall a former President being elected twice by Americans, and he was not white. I also recall many women of color who are Republicans being demonized by the left. Harris got no support because she is a terrible candidate. Not because she is non-white. What is your excuse for the Hispanic candidate from Texas dropping out?

  • Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands: Um, did you even read my post, or the comments here? It appears you are arguing with us, even though we are saying the exact same thing as you.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “She couldn’t win the Democrat primary because Republicans are racist.

    Naturally. Everything that is bad is always the fault of the Republicans and everything that is good is always the result of the Democrats.

    At least according to the Democrats.

    Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands,
    You wrote: “Will you stop blathering about what color her skin is?

    Are you talking to the Democrats or to we commenters on Behind the Black? It is the Democrats who are concerned about the skin color of their candidates but we who are commenting are more concerned with the content of their characters and the ideas that they present for this country. But then, Martin Luther King was a Republican, not a Democrat, which explains why his dream is the opposite of what Democrats practice.

    Ideas similar to what Democrats recommend for the United States have been tried in dozens of other countries, bringing havoc and destitution to them. Most of us are less concerned with skin color or other inherent traits than with ideas that would “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” as the U.S. Constitution’s Preamble phrases it. These blessings enabled America to go from a backwoods village that literally could not feed itself (under a socialist compact) to a world power in three centuries (under free market capitalism).

    That is worth blathering about.

    Meanwhile, we mock the Democrats and leftists for their obsessions with skin color and other traits and point out the errors of the Democrats’ ways and ideas.

  • PRWhitener

    Does it really have to be Democrat Racism and or Bigotry? Based on what I saw of her, she was just a lousy candidate.

  • PRWhitener: My point had little to do with Harris. I was pointing out the racist focus of the activist members in the Democratic Party itself. To them, all that matters is race, and the only good races are minorities. Whites are evil, and should be repressed so the minorities can dominate.

    The idea of focusing on the achievements and policy ideas of individuals, regardless of race, is beyond their ken.

  • wayne

    Chris Lopes–
    Good stuff!
    I totally forgot about the mistress thing’.
    (In my business, we call that making bad decisions. Yow, she’s Bill Clinton in a dress.) ((What could have possibly gone wrong?!))

    –don’t have a link handy, but there’s a interesting clip of Harris bragging about all the weed she smoked in college while listening to Snoop-Dog. Must have been good stuff–the album she references was not released for 2-3 years after she graduated.

    I don’t really care if her ancestors were slave-owning Jamaicans, she’s just a condescending hypocritical Moron. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I believe the saying goes.
    (Once again, thanks’ a lot California.)
    ((with apologies to the real American’s who are left in that once great State.))

  • Questioner

    It looks like America has been planned by the founders quite differently than we find it today. From Wikipedia:

    The original United States Naturalization Law of March 26, 1790 (1 Stat. 103) provided the first rules to be followed by the United States in the granting of national citizenship. This law limited naturalization to immigrants who were “free white person[s] … of good character”.

    It thus excluded Native Americans, indentured servants, slaves, free blacks and later Asians, although free blacks were allowed citizenship at the state level in certain states. It also provided for citizenship for the children of U.S. citizens born abroad, stating that such children “shall be considered as natural born citizens,” the only US statute ever to use the term. It specified that the right of citizenship did “not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States.”[1][2][3]

  • wayne

    holy cow….
    I’ll leave it to others more well versed in our History to tackle that…. (I seem to recall some thing called Amendment’s?)

    speaking of Nazi’s (and Physics):

    Sabotage Program against Parallel Worlds
    “Man in the High Castle” Season 4
    November 2019

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson
    “We should judge our political system in comparison to other actual political systems and not to hypothetical utopia’s”

  • pzatchok


    Women couldn’t vote either.

    But that one little statute was updated every few years until now. That last question will be answered by the SCOTUS.
    Are the children, born in the US, of illegal aliens citizens by birth? Only the 9th court has ruled they were.

  • Questioner

    pzatchok: You wrote: “Women couldn’t vote either.”

    It seems to me that this situation at the time has led to a more stable and conservative society, especially compared to last hundred years. :-)

    Wayne: Here is a nice piece from your/our hero HHH (for the right libertarian believer!).

  • Questioner wrote: “It seems to me that this situation at the time [1790s] has led to a more stable and conservative society, especially compared to the last hundred years.”

    Yup, just what I’d expect from a neo-nazi. To put his thoughts more clearly: “It was a good thing during the first eight decades of the United States for half the states to enslave blacks and restrict the rights of women. Things were stable! If only we hadn’t eliminated this oppression (by a civil war that killed 600,000). We could have avoided another century-plus of bigotry and the civil rights battles against it if had we simply maintained that oppression.”

    You keep revealing your bigotry, Questioner. It really disgusts me.

  • Edward

    PRWhitener asked: “Does it really have to be Democrat Racism and or Bigotry? Based on what I saw of her, she was just a lousy candidate.

    Oh, she almost certainly was not getting enough donations because of her lousy campaign, not because of her skin color. However, the Democrats are blaming her skin color. That is the point. They obsess over physical traits, such as the color of one’s skin, not over policies, abilities, talents, or other factors that make up the content of one’s character. That is why the Democratic practices are the opposite of Martin Luther King’s dream.

    pzatchok asked: “Are the children, born in the US, of illegal aliens citizens by birth?

    Not according to the Constitution. The first sentence of the Fourteenth Amendment is clear:

    1: All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    Most people miss the part after the “and.” Others do not understand the simple concept of being subject to a jurisdiction. What do they teach in civics classes, these days?

    Questioner merely believes that if a country was not born perfect, then it can do nothing to improve itself. That country’s original imperfections are free to use in any argument, without regard to the imperfections of other countries of the time and without regard to improvements or the leadership that the United States has taken in the improvement of many other countries.

    I’m not sure what Questioner thinks of socialist countries. Socialists, communists, and other leftists believe that their system is inherently perfect. The fact that these systems have never worked is simply because the wrong people have worked them, and all they need is the right people to come along. Amazingly, they usually claim that Americans are the right people, so that when America becomes socialist or communist then it will be the first to be run right. Most likely, all the “other people’s money” (OPM) that America has will only last longer than any other socialist country’s OPM.

    Of course, if it requires the right people to run a system right, then it probably is not the system that is right but the people that are right. At the same time that socialism and communism fail, free market capitalism is responsible for bringing prosperity to billions of people. China and India have made moves toward free market capitalism, in the past few decades and now, between them, they have a billion more prosperous people.

    I would also like to add something about Joe Biden’s outburst, today. wayne would call it a tangent.

    Biden calling out a questioner on who can do the most push ups or who can do better on an IQ test shows that today’s politicians — at the least today’s Democratic politicians — think of themselves as superior to the rest of us. All Biden had to go on was the way the questioner looked and what he asked in order to determine whether the guy was inferior. That is not much to go on, but old Joe is cocky enough to think of himself as better than the rest of us.

  • wayne

    Dave Rubin’s Reaction: Kamala Harris
    Rubin Report / Tucker Carlson
    December 4, 2019

    “….she was a horrible candidate. She is an authoritarian and that was very obvious even to the progressives, who are pretty authoritarian.”

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    Biden– corrupt as the day is long. Never actually worked a day in his life. Currently losing his mind. Deserves to be in a State prison along with his son, picking up trash on the interstate.

  • Cotour

    What Strikes Fear In Our Enemies?

    What strikes fear in our enemies? (Or confidence in our people for that matter?)

    It certainly is not the prospect of facing this person if and when she becomes the president of the United States of America, which I think is more likely than not. Joe IMO will not be going the long distance. “LETS GO BRANDON!”. ; There is something the matter with this woman, see if you can sit through the full 2 minutes. My God, what is she thinking?

    Obviously both, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not where they are based in their personal qualifications, not for one second. Joe has been installed and is but a spokes person for those Leftists behind the scenes that set the policy and agenda in the White House.

    And Kamala? She is as close to being a political zero as one can get when it comes to gravitas and the competence and personal authority one would think someone would need to be the vice president of The United States of America.

    Who is more frightening and / or fraudulent to you? Joe Or Kamala?

    Your a Democrat? You vote Democrat?

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