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Jewish pro-Trump convoy attacked repeatedly in New York

They’re coming for you next: A pro-Trump convoy of Jewish New Yorkers was attacked repeatedly by hostile anti-Trump protesters during its trip through the city today.

Multiple disturbing video clips of the convoy posted on @NYScanner show crowds not taking too kindly to rows of vehicles with hoisted Trump 2020 flags. In one video, a man can be seen appearing to throw eggs at the convoy in Brooklyn. In another video, pedestrians can be seen appearing to throw rocks at vehicles displaying a Trump flag.

The hostility evidently lingered throughout the day. In multiple clips, people can be heard yelling expletives at the “Jews For Trump” participants.

One man – on a bike, no less – appears so incensed that the “pro-Trump” vehicles have congested traffic on the Brooklyn that he resorts to punching a window. In Manhattan, a woman was arrested for allegedly using pepper spray on the convoy, according to police.

Later, a scuffle broke out between the pro- and anti-Trump crowd in the middle of a street. Masked protesters could be seen in one clip converging on a vehicle doused in red paint as “YMCA” is blasting in the background.

“Go home! We don’t you here!” somebody in the crowd shouts. “Go back to Long Island!” another person shouts.

A video posted on Twitter shows a pro-Trump caravan led by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani shows being pelted with eggs.

The worst story was the lead attack at the link. A family of seven, including four children, were pepper-sprayed when another car pulled up beside their Trump-festooned vehicle and sprayed them through the open windows.

This is supposed to be America, the land of free speech and free debate, where your right to express your political beliefs are defended by all. Sadly, for the left and those on the side of the Democratic Party, such tolerance is no longer acceptable. Instead, they celebrate storm-trooper tactics against all who disagree with them.

I hope everyone remembers this when they vote. Remember, they’re coming for you next.


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  • geoffc

    I saw them forming up in Midwood. They took up two long city blocks, one block away from the early voting location. (3 hour line up to vote!) They were playing music, with flags.

    Jews with Trump flags in pickup trucks is delightfully unexpected.

    Told a cop, at least these people won’t burn anything down. He laughed.

  • Slatey Cleavage

    It reminds me of Kristallnacht – As a Jew, it sickens me.

    I first smelled this stink this from the Dems shortly after Sept 11.

    I understand what happen in Germany now.

    I never thought it could happen here, but I was wrong.

  • Phill O

    One can only hope that the hold the democrat party had on the Jewish community will be broken, part due to this clear show of hatred.

    I look to the silent majority. However, antisemitism is so ingrained by the left (subtly expounded by Hollywood) it has permeated all countries which tend to the left. This includes all of Europe, Canada and Scandinavia.

    I had a bet with a friend on the Nobel Peace prize that I won: despite the nominations of Trump, I bet there was no way under this sun, that he would be awarded it. I believe he won it but the ingrained antisemitism in Norway—–.

  • sippin_bourbon

    What truly makes this like Germany in the 30s is not that they are attacked.

    It is that those attacking feel that their actions are justified.

  • geoffc

    Sadly, the ghetto mentality is still strong in the Jewish community. Lots of condemnation of the ralliers, after all, why did those uppity Jews have to provoke the people to attack them?

    Pretty sure that is exactly what the liberal Jewish intelligentsia was saying in 1930’s Germany, (Would not want to upset the brownshirts or blackshirts, if you do, then clearly you deserved that beating).

    It is very sad to see.

  • LocalFluff

    Swedish government media (which is all TV/radio channels and all daily newspapers) reported on this. They say that there was some violence between demonstrators of the extreme-right racist climate denier candidate Trump and the center politician pro-peace and equality candidate Joe Biden.

  • Milt Hays, Jr.

    In his column today, James Howard Kunstler presents a wonderful J’accuse of all that is wrong with today’s so-called progressives. Sadly, many people — like the “peaceful protestors” in NYC — do not seem capable of understanding any of it. It’s “Orange Man bad,” and noting else matters, least of all any of the problems that JHK writes about.

  • Phill O

    Found this today.

    I find it hard to believe given the evidence (empirical) from the Trump admin.

  • Ian C.

    This was just a political brawl with heated emotions and slurs and all what makes it fun. It’s all baby stuff. Equating this to Nazi Germany (systematic oppression and genocide) or Kristallnacht (orchestrated destruction of Jewish shops and synagogues), as some of the readers here do, seems a bit much.

  • Phill O

    Ian C.

    I believe it is just your arguments which helped subdue people in not reacting in Germany.

    I am reminded of a person who said the first time that it was just the Jew so no need to worry about me: The next, it was the Catholics so no need to worry me: After a few other group it was just me and no one left to help!

    Antisemitism is racism! Pure and simple!

    By the way, my last name is Oltmann

  • Ian C: One side was putting campaign signs and American flags on their cars and driving them through the city in support of their candidate, the epitome of free speech.

    The other side threw eggs, fired pepper spray, attacked vehicles, simply because they didn’t like those opinions, in an effort to silence them. The epitome of fascist storm-trooper behavior.

    Please don’t try to whitewash this distinction. It matters, quite a lot.

  • Ian C.


    Plenty of other “X for Trump” convoys, marches, rallies get attacked. Not because the protestors/rioters are anti-X but anti-Trump. Why should this one be different? Where is the antisemitism in this incident?

  • Edward

    Ian C. wrote: “Plenty of other “X for Trump” convoys, marches, rallies get attacked. Not because the protestors/rioters are anti-X but anti-Trump. Why should this one be different? Where is the antisemitism in this incident?

    I love the attitude that if you don’t complain about all injustices then you cannot complain about any.

  • Ian C.


    Readers here equate the incident to Nazi Germany, which is historically incorrect and even downplays Nazi atrocities. Unless I miss something, they were attacked because they’re pro Trump, not because they’re Jewish. Why call it something else?

  • Ian C: Have you noticed that I, a Jew who lost relatives in the Holocaust, have never mentioned anti-Semitism in either my post or my comments in this thread? Moreover, if I was talking about the Nazis in 1930s Germany I would not focus much on anti-Semitism either. The real evil in both cases is the focus on unbridled and irrational hatred of some target — whether it be Jews, gays, blacks, Republicans, or Trump supporters — and wielded as a tool to gain power.

    What the Nazis did with their riots and attacks on Jews is the same thing today that BLM and Antifa are doing in their attacks on any Trump supporter. It is evil, and no one, including you, should be making any rationalizations for it.

  • commodude

    The issues in 1930s Germany didn’t start with antisemitism, it started with the uncontrolled violence from the Freikorps. Their actions in Weimar are disturbingly similar to the actions from the fringe on both sides, though the left is being far more violent and open about the violence they support.

    The left is also engaging their usual mastery at projection and using their lapdogs in the press to spin it as a right wing issue.

  • Ian C.


    “Have you noticed that I, a Jew who lost relatives in the Holocaust, have never mentioned anti-Semitism in either my post or my comments in this thread?”

    Yes. That’s why I explicitly wrote “readers” each time. Unless it means something else here, I differentiate between you as the website’s owner and author of the blog posts and the readers, commenters, users of your website.

    “It is evil, and no one, including you, should be making any rationalizations for it.”

    I complained about several readers equating this to Nazi Germany because it’s dangerously inaccurate and delivers the wrong message and it really bugs me (otherwise I wouldn’t say a word).

    After the Nazis took power, their main focus, next to physical intimidation, was to discriminate legally against Jews (occupational bans and Aryanization of businesses, marriage restrictions, separation in the public) in incremental steps until they were defenseless and could be murdered and plundered (like during and after the Kristallnacht) or even industrially genocided (the Holocaust).

    To say that events in today’s America are like 1930s Germany (Jewish loss of civil rights and economic and political power) and this incident in NYC is like Kristallnacht (orchestrated murder of Jews and large-scale destruction of Jewish properties while already being made legally and physically defenseless) is misleading. Wrong context, wrong analysis, wrong lessons and warnings. Those Nazi atrocities were at the end of a sequence of policies and actions where antisemites already had the power of the state on their side.
    The physical attacks and antisemitism we see today are closer to the Weimar Republic, as commodude correctly points out, or closer to contemporary threats in Western and Northern Europe. We should look for corresponding historical and contemporary examples that are adequate and the right warning signals to make sure it never gets to Nazi (or any other murderous totalitarianism) again.

    I hope it’s clear what my hairsplitting is all about. I didn’t intend to antagonize anyone here.

  • Ian C: You didn’t antagonize me, but I am frustrated greatly by all the hairsplitting I am seeing from almost everyone on this subject. It does us no good to argue these minor details when there is real evil afoot and becoming more powerful by the day.

    And these are minor details. What we have today is the same thing Germany had in the late 1920s and early 1930s, a growing movement of ignorant bigots building an organized movement designed to obtain power. And to do it through the use of scapegoating and hate.

    Rather than argue among ourselves about the minor differences, we should be focused on the larger picture of evil now gaining total control of the Democratic Party.

  • Ian C.


    “we should be focused on the larger picture of evil now gaining total control of the Democratic Party.”

    Agreed. Just one remark that I hope is helpful.

    After so much talk about Nazis and Fascists, we should expand our pattern recognition of political strategy and take Leninist, Trotskyist, and Maoist approaches into account. Unless they can run a revolution or coup, they use a mix of infiltration and pressure until they gain power and then remove any opposition as fast as possible at each step. They do this either until they’ve gained complete control or the system is destabilized enough for a coup. The Maoist-inspired “long march through the institutions” is a real thing.
    Many movements from the left (BLM, American Antifa to some extend) use it, many take-overs of education/academia, journalism, corporate hiring, civil service, or NGOs and civil rights movements follow this pattern. Unless one knows what to look for, it’s hard to detect and defend against.

    One interesting pointer among many might be the author’s articles on Chinese/Maoist infiltration, BLM, Critical Race Theory etc. (yeah, it’s biased, but so am I),

  • wayne

    Ian C–
    Interesting, and thanks for bringing up your point.
    –Fabian socialism was imported from England and played a huge role in the rise of American-variant–“progressivism,” late 1890’s-1910’s/20’s.
    The United States was creating an expanding middle-class, to use marxist-speak, and the middle-class don’t take to the streets and undertake violent revolutions. The vanguard instead would be a longer, slower process, and require dismantling our government and culture from within, via the administrative state and Rule By Experts.
    The communist revolution in America would then be imposed progressively.
    (first things they needed to do—progressively destroy our Constitutional firewalls against tyranny, such as the 16th and 17th Amendments –direct election of the Senate and income-tax– and then never letting a good crisis go to waste during the depression, FDR expanded the Fed Government into infinity, and it’s never looked back.
    Obama and HRC couldn’t fully institutionalize the revolution, and now the younger radicals are tired of waiting and want to push everything over the edge all at once.

    Jordan Peterson –
    Nihilism, Totalitarianism, and The Divine Individual
    excerpted from Peterson’s “New Years Letter to the World” 2017

  • sippin_bourbon


    So my comment comparing it to 30s era Germany was simply to note that one group feels totally justified in their actions.

    Their politics, their views, allow them to rationalize the violence as acceptable.

    THAT is the major problem. Perhaps that clears up my statement.

    They may have a different set of politics, but their actions, and the process being used, is the same.

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