Progressive group harasses, demands firing of professor, because of his religion and his political beliefs

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They’re coming for you next: An administrator and teacher at Kingsborough Community College in New York now requires full time security to protect him from harassment by a leftist group that wants him fired, because he is Jewish, conservative, and is a supporter of Israel.

As he wrote at the link:

The vandals defaced a photo of my father with anti-Semitic graffiti, including the words “F–k Trump Goldstein, Kill the Zionist Entity.” I later learned the incident came one day after Kingsborough Professor Katia Perea apparently told an administrator who refused her request to fire me, “I guess I will have to handle this myself.”

Perea, whom I have never met or spoken to, is a member of the Progressive Faculty Caucus, a radical faculty group at Kingsborough.

…In May, more than 1,000 flyers were distributed around campus calling for my firing and attributing vile, false allegations of racism, sexism and anti-Muslim sentiments to me.

I’ve never promoted any of my private or religious opinions in the classroom — or anywhere else on campus. Nor have I held any of the hateful views the flyers attached to me. In her earlier attempt to get me fired, Perea went from office to office showing staff my private Facebook photos as her “evidence” that I’m racist and sexist. The PFC’s efforts then escalated into what the flyers described as an imperative to “build a movement” against me.

And that’s exactly what it has been — an orchestrated, aggressive movement to destroy me. May’s flyers included a picture of my 13-year-old daughter. I’ve chaired a food committee at Kingsborough for eight years, and suddenly, a PFC member new to the committee began investigating my activity. [emphasis mine]

Up until now, it was perfectly legal and proper in this once free nation for a person to be Jewish, conservative, and a supporter of Israel. Now such individuals apparently must be hunted down and destroyed, by any means necessary. Worse, this 2-minute hate now includes his children.



  • Edward_2

    Professor Goldstein needs to have constant video surveillance of his office and surrounding.

    Progressive Terrorism must be resisted.

    The President of the college, the Mayor and the Governor need to speak up too.

  • wayne

    Poland: US Vice President Mike Pence & President of Poland Andrzej Duda pays respects to Auschwitz victims

  • David Jones

    Sir, if the Israeli agents working to influence American policy were called to account for what they do, then perhaps these fascist progressive thugs might be more controllable. We all must stand up for what is right and just.

  • David Jones: And just who might these “Israeli agents” be? Please be specific. Throwing out such a vague statement without documentation is the standard tactic of bigots.

    And note this is America, where all of its citizens have a right to peacefully work to influence American policy. All.

  • Cotour

    Its not only that ALL Americans can work to influence American policy, the insanity and counter intuitive genius is that America is an open society and essentially invites outside enemy agents and governments to also influence American policy.

    Although they are formerly restricted in many ways, but this does not effect the ability to have Russia say pour $145 million dollars plus significant personal financial compensation of that contenders husband into a political presidential contenders “Foundation” (And I use that word loosely) in trade for favorable rulings on whether they can acquire 20 percent of our nuclear material production. (The height of political arrogance and treason, but its all good if you are assured to become the next president and all fear you and your well known ruthlessness and so none would dare oppose you)

    Yes, America is unique in the world and on the planet, and that is by design, a design not to be fiddled with.

    The reconciliation that is required in our system over time to once again right it looms over those who have abused their power. With the installation of Mr. William Barr as Attorney General there springs hope that this will be some how and to some degree be done for all our good. It is a must!

    The common known quantity? The nature of man and his / her tendency to abuse that power. And that simply is the definition of our unique Constitution, counter balancing that nature and having the tools, rules and laws to right it all once again as best as can be.

    And if we as a people choose to look the other way then we all as a people deserve the fate that awaits us. It will be messy and painful, but it MUST happen.

  • commodude

    David Jones,

    Would you call on the same accountability for CAIR? Or just those working in support of Israel?

    Are your words driven b the myth of Israeli purchasing influence in the halls of Congress? If not, barring illegal bribery, any American can and should, attempt to influence Congress. It is, after all, a representative republic, and without input from those they represent, Congress doesn’t know what their constituents want.

  • wayne

    David Jones–
    It’s always those pesky jews, isn’t it?

    Loki’s Speech On Freedom

  • wayne

    Jordan B Peterson:
    “12 conservative principles in 12 minutes”

  • Col Beausabre - The Free Speech Bigot

    To think I spent 25 years of my life defending scum like David Jones….

  • wayne

    V for Vendetta: The Revolutionary Speech

  • Bill

    It sucks when the communists come for you rather than the white christian, ha????? Get used to it, just until we hunt the commies down for extermination…….

  • Bill: Why do I get the sense that your comment exudes hate? I also wonder why any decent human would waste any part of their life spreading such hate. There are far better things to do.

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