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Today’s blacklisted American: Biracial physician demoted by hospital for criticizing the left

What apparently passes for medical treatment at the Hennepin Healthcare system
Beliefs apparently required of doctors at the Hennepin Healthcare system

The new dark age of silencing: Tara Gustilo, a biracial physician from the Philippines, found herself quickly demoted from her position as chairwoman of the OB-GYN department for the Hennepin Healthcare system in Minnesota when she dared to post on social media commentary against the Marxist and bigoted Black Lives Matter organization and the equally bigoted critical race theory being pushed by leftist educators in the public schools.

“Some of my colleagues saw my posts and decided that I was no longer fit to be chair of the department,” she said, adding that she has spent her career trying to create a “multicultural and inclusive care environment.”

Many of Gustilo’s colleagues responded to her personal opinions by accusing her of being racist, having a mental breakdown, and of being unfit to lead her team, she said, noting that her employer lied about her performance to justify her demotion since it knew it could not penalize her for merely having political opinions it didn’t like. “They claim that I was late to meetings, have poor communication skills, and was generally unfit to serve as chair,” she said.

A human resources manager eventually admitted to her that her personal beliefs were the reason for her punishment, Gustilo alleged. [emphasis mine]

If that last allegation can be proven, then Gustilo has a magnificent case in court. And since she is fighting back in court with the support of two different legal firms, that evidence is certainly going to be presented, in the light of day.

First she has filed a discrimination charge against the Hennepin Healthcare system with the federal government. For this she is represented by lawyers at he Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR).

Second, on July 26th her case was also picked up by the Minnesota-based Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC), which has included it in a collection of cases this non-profit is filing in a number of legal venues, all in defense of a number of people blacklisted because of their political opinions.

Today, UMLC announces parallel EEOC charges and state and federal lawsuits on behalf of Tara Gustilo, a HHS Doctor; Joe and Aaron Norgren, a Native-American father and multi-racial son, former and current employees at DHS; and Liberty In Our Neighborhood 194, an organization of Lakeville Public School parents, and several individual Lakeville parents, including Bob and Cynthia Cajune, a Native-American Veteran and white couple with multi-racial children.

These named individuals have apparently all been targets because they have condemned the racism inherent in critical race theory, and are fighting hard to keep it out of their schools. As noted by Doug Seaton, President of UMLC,

“Our clients are bravely confronting CRT-inspired bullying, indoctrination and retaliation, which is not ‘training’ or persuasion. They have been insulted, lied about, threatened, demoted and fired, simply for refusing to submit to this ideology. But the U.S. Constitution, the federal Civil Rights laws, and their Minnesota counter-parts don’t permit this race-based discrimination, retaliation, compelled speech, and invasion of privacy.”

That the supporters of Black Lives Matter and critical race theory always resort to harassment, blacklisting, and name-calling essentially proves that both really are rooted in bigoted and Marxist ideologies. If not, their supporters would be able to argue rationally, using facts to prove otherwise. They don’t, however, because the accusations are true, and thus like all such bigots and storm troopers — from the Soviets to the Nazis to the Facists to our modern communists — their only argument has to be oppression and censorship.

The sad part of this story is that even if Gustilo wins in court against Hennepin, the colleagues who attacked her will likely get off scot free. Hennepin — even if it loses big in court — is certainly not going to punish them for their lies and libels. It really agrees with them. Gustilo will find herself working side-by-side with individuals quite willing to publicly slander her for her opinions. Will she have the strength of character to do this, and to also call them out for their evil misbehavior? Will other decent people at Hennepin support her in this? At a minimum she should get apologies from them all.

Instead of apologies, I instead suspect that these thugs will simply lie low, with the tacit support Hennepin’s management, simply waiting for another opportunity to attack and destroy her. And it will be possible for them to do this because she will find no one at Hennepin willing to support her publicly, out of fear they will become the next target of this bullying.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • Another good (?!?) one. Two somewhat tangential points:

    Always wear a/v recording devices. I currently work mostly by myself, but if I worked with people, I would be wearing a body cam – always. Of course, it will mostly record useless garbage (at least my life is), but that doesn’t hurt anything and when you want it, you’ve got it. Now that I think about it, this will be required when the downstairs apartment becomes an AirBnB.

    [Hennepin] really agrees with them.

    Be careful with that construction. Who, exactly, is “Hennepin”? These sorts of things are decisions made by individuals, not some ghost in the machine of the corporation. It’s a convenient fiction for things just like this: Poor “Hennepin” gets sued, not the individuals causing the problem. Nonetheless, those individuals do exist.

    I agree with your point – they (not “it”) will not go quietly in to that good night. However, they exist and they can be targeted in ways great and small.

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