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Today’s blacklisted American: Catholic hospitals threatened with cancellation by University of California

Religious beliefs banned by University of California
Religious beliefs: Banned by University of California.

The modern dark age: The Board of Regents of the University of California (UC) on June 23, 2021 voted to end its affiliation with all Catholic hospitals if they do not agree to perform “abortions, euthanasia, assisted suicide and the direct sterilization of patients,” in direct violation of their Christian religious beliefs.

The policy states that UC physicians practicing at a sectarian hospital must be permitted to provide any treatment at that location to a patient who can’t be safely transferred to another facility — even if the treatment would violate religious restrictions. Affiliated hospitals will have until Dec. 31, 2023, to comply with the policy, or the affiliation agreement must be canceled.

“We know that transfers are not always in the patient’s interest”, board Chair John A. Pérez, who crafted the key language approved by the board, said after the board’s meeting, conducted remotely Wednesday afternoon. [emphasis mine]

Do you see the lie in the highlighted words? All of these treatments are optional, and can be scheduled. I can see almost no medical issue preventing the safe transfer of a patient from of a Catholic hospital in order to get one of these procedures. In fact, I can’t even see a reason for any patient who wants an “abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, or direct sterilization” to even be in a Catholic hospital.

The only reason the university’s Board of Regents has for imposing such a rule is to either force Catholics to violate their religious beliefs, or to get such religious hospitals blackballed from serving any patients,. and thus in the long run destroy them as institutions.

As noted by the Alliance of Catholic Healthcare,

“Dissolving these partnerships would disenfranchise health care access for millions of health inequity-impacted Californians, doing an enormous disservice to our state’s goal of expanding health care access for the underserved.” The Catholic “health systems operate 51 acute care hospitals in California, which represent nearly 15% of all hospitals and over 16% of the hospital beds in the state,” the statement also said. “In many cases, these partnerships represent the only locally available care of its kind.”

Catholic hospitals are especially important in rural areas, the statement pointed out. UC’s disengagement would leave these communities without quality healthcare.

Note that UC has a lot of political backing in imposing these rules. The government of California, controlled almost completely by today’s very radical Democratic Party, is gung-ho to make these procedures frequent and accepted as normal, even though they all involve imposing some form of death or harm on patients.

The Catholic church and its hospital system now face a choice. Either it can stand up to this bullying action and affirm its beliefs, or it can kow-tow to these rules and abandon the religion that is the foundation of its existence. Based on this Church’s recent track record, it will kowtow.

Not that this will matter. The goal of the blacklisters is to destroy all moral teaching as represented by all religious institutions. Once they succeed on this one point they will simply ramp up the pressure, eventually moving to ban these teachings directly.

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  • Gary in Transit

    Do the Catholic hospitals have a possible legal path to the Supreme Court?

  • Ian C.

    “abortions, euthanasia, assisted suicide and the direct sterilization of patients”

    UC should partner up with T4. They know their business well.

  • The Church of Woke can’t stand competition with their One True Way … so they are determined make it the ONLY way available for all.

    Yet another example of how the Church of Woke is the purveyor of the very fundamentalism, that it decries.

  • Max

    I hadn’t known that the extermination of the German non-Aryan, handicapped and mentally ill had such a title.
    From your link;

    “Bottled pure carbon monoxide gas was used. At trials, Brandt described the process as a “major advance in medical history”.[80] Once the efficacy of the method was confirmed, it became standard and was instituted at a number of centres in Germany”

    Doesn’t this sound familiar? We heard it over and over again during the roll out of project “warp speed”

    Also from the article;

    “T4 Charitable Ambulance buses, called the Community Patients Transports Service. They were run by teams of SS men wearing white coats, to give it an air of medical care.”

    We see them nightly on TV telling us “we only need to get our jab” so “their new normal, will be our new normal”…
    “Trust me” I’m from the “government” and I’m here to help you! (said the spider to the fly)

    I thought the euthanasia of babies and mentally ill and extermination of imperfect people stopped at the end of the war with the liberation of the camps… I did not know it continued until 1945 when they rounded up the worst of the worst for the Nuremberg trials in 46.
    The same place that they vowed “never again” by enacting the Nuremberg treaty against treatment/ experimentation of people without their consent…
    The same treaty they’ve been violating throughout this pandemic. The Nazis are back in (taken/stolen) power and will stop at nothing to keep it.
    Nancy Pelosi’s voting Bill will take over voting rights from the states to be controlled by only the national workers party, if you’re not a high priest in the religion of woke, you cannot be elected.

  • wayne

    “Here’s what happened in Nazi Germany”
    Jordan B Peterson
    excerpted from “2017 Personality 20: Biology & Traits: Orderliness/Disgust/Conscientiousness”

    “Hitler was interested in public health campaigns. He formulated a number of policies to beautify and purify Germany, including ridding factories of rats and insects. With time, he moved from exterminating pests to exterminating people.”

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson:
    “Disgust Sensitivity, Social Prejudice via Behavioural Immunity, Killer Hospitals” (2017)

  • mivenho

    I have warned fellow Catholic parishioners that the woke crowd is coming for us. Our parish runs a grade school and I expect the attack to be spearheaded there. The progressive woke culture is corrosive and undermines all that is good.

  • I simply could not run a large organization faced with something like this. If I were in charge, I’d shutter all the Catholic hospitals as quickly as possible. Stop admissions and close the emergency rooms, immediately. This happened a month ago. Why are they still open?

    It shouldn’t take more than a month to get everyone fired. Spend another month or two emptying the buildings of equipment (warehousing it somewhere, out of state, until it can be sold). Walk away from the buildings, ideally literally, but selling them as white elephants to someone is fine, too.

    Why do people constantly insist on trying to stay where they are not wanted?

  • Cotour

    Knowing this is what is apparently what is vitally important now:

    The Left is committed to destroying both Christianity and the religions that emanate from it because of the dark and oppressive history that it represents and the fact that our Constitution is a function of it.

    In their opinions there can never be “Equality” in the world if it and they remain viable.

    And once again all you need is a nugget of truth for a Liberal now Leftist to justify having to have you removed from society if you stand in their way.

    Are there inequities in life in America? Yes. Are there those who are racist in America? Yes. Are there those who can not tolerate differently oriented people in America? Yes.

    But that does not mean that America is a racist, or anti gay, or anything else kind of country.

    And if it were as they attempt to portray, they paradoxically would not have the ability to voice their opinions and take these actions. If America were to be as they attempt to portray, they would not be any concern at all.

    Intolerance for others is exactly what those on the Left are fighting against. They attempt to create the same thing that they say they are fighting against.

    Makes no sense, and so they must push as hard and as far as they possibly can before they lose all of their political power.

  • Craken

    Freedom is purchased with power. Requesting liberty is ultimately futile. First power, then liberty. Presently the American Right is angry, but disorganized and demobilized–hence powerless.

  • Cotour

    The Left (D) in America is setting up and normalizing the potential abomination like this. And it will be good.

    “Beginning in the late sixties, Kentler had placed neglected children in foster homes run by pedophiles. The experiment was authorized and financially supported by the Berlin Senate. In a report submitted to the Senate, in 1988, Kentler had described it as a “complete success.”

    The Liberal, “Woke”, “Progressive Left, where ever it exists, in what ever time in history, it is the gift that just keeps on giving.

    Face it, they are just better and smarter than you.

  • wayne

    It just keeps getting sicker and sicker…..

    Timcast IRL – (August 6, 2021)
    “University (of Pittsburg) Exposed Experimenting On Full Term Baby Organs”
    [as reported by National Review August 5, 2021]

    “The National Institutes of Health has overseen experiments on fetal tissue at the University of Pittsburg since 2015, from aborted children ranging from 6 to 42 weeks, or 2 weeks past what is widely considered to be full-term.”
    {it gets even weirder….}
    “For the particular study in question, the grant request specified that half the ‘samples’ must come from aborted children of minorities, including at least 25% from African American woman, according to documents obtained by the Center for Medical Progress and Judicial Watch.”

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