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Today’s blacklisted American: HS student suspended for expressing opinions in private texts

The Bill of Rights cancelled at North Carolina State University
Freedom of speech banned at Plainwell High School.

They’re coming for you next: The faculty at Plainwell High School in Michigan suspended student David Stouts for three days because he dared to express his Christian religious beliefs in private texts to his friends.

Some of the things he discussed were the love God has for sinners, Stout’s love for his friends, and, here is where the “problems” began, Stout said he believed homosexuality is a sin and….drum roll…there are only two genders!

Before Stout was suspended, he claims he was asked by a faculty member [band leader Austin Hunt] why he didn’t turn himself in for his private discussions involving religion and “inappropriate” jokes shared amongst friends, (Stout allegedly chuckled at homophobic/racial jokes his friends made during band camp in July 2021).

Stout claims he was informed that speaking about religion on campus was verboten because he might hurt someone’s feelings, and that students who overhear his opinions (on text message???) might feel “unsafe.”

In other words, this petty dictator Hunt had decided that only some opinions are permitted, and anyone can immediately silence anyone else if by simply saying the opinion offends them or scares them. Talk about giving the heckler full power!

And of course, the only people given this heckler’s power are leftists and the advocates in the gay rights movement.

If this had been my son, he would never return to the school after that three day suspension. I would have also sued the school and its faculty for everything both are worth, something that Stout and his parents are now doing, represented by the Great Lakes Justice Center (GLJC). According GLJC’s press release, the school also insisted it had the right to police everything Stout wrote on all social media, and determine what he could and could not write.

To get a full flavor of the tyrannical attitude of the school’s faculty, read the full complaint [pdf]. Their biased behavior against Stout and his personal beliefs will disgust you.

Not surprisingly, the lawsuit claims that the school violated Stout’s First Amendment constitutional rights and his Michigan constitutional rights. The lawsuit also claims the school’s policies “are unconstitutionally vague and unenforceable” and violate the state’s safe school laws.

The suit not only names the school system, it names personally the school’s principal, Jeremy Wright, its assistant principal, Deb Beals, and its two band directors, David Hepinstall and Austin Hunt. It was they personally who acted to punish Stout for expressing his own personal opinions.

All kudos to Stout and his family for not bowing to the school’s disgusting behavior and instead fighting back. They will almost certainly win. And if they do, I hope the final ruling includes direct punishment to these individuals at the school. Nothing will change unless school officials themselves are forced to pay damages for their bad behavior. Simply having the school and government pay damages changes nothing.

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  • m d mill

    I completely agree with RZ.
    Unbelievable…except completely believable.

  • John

    A hallmark of an authoritarian state is the lack of a private space.

  • GaryMike

    “Silence is revolution carried on by alternative means.”
    –Che Guevara

    Take a clue from that murderous thug.

    If you use a cell phone, text, post on social media, you’re holding up a sign that screams “Hey, here I am.”

    They can’t black list you if they can’t find you.

    Chose your alternative means more wisely.

  • GaryMike: Right you are. It is for that reason (among many others) I do not use a smart phone.

  • Phil Berardelli

    This case screams out for a lawsuit, but not against the school district; against those personally who took this ridiculous action. A few heavy judgments against individuals exceeding their authority — and common sense — would place a huge damper on such behavior.

  • Phill O

    Welcome to Canada eh!

  • An Observation

    Conspiracy to oppress Constitutional rights is a federal felony, with potential sentences up to and including, death. Only because there is a conspiracy to oppress rights operating at the Department of Justice, is this crime not being prosecuted. When we retake congress later this year we need to pass a law over Biden’s veto, removing prosecutor’s discretion for that law (18 US Code 241) and requiring them to prosecute such cases in good faith.

  • Cotour

    “When we retake congress later this year we need to pass a law over Biden’s veto,”

    In normal times this would be a reasonable expectation. However, we are not in “Normal” times and we all must anticipate to what extents the now Leftist and Globalist aligned Democrat party machine will go to ensure that what should be the Democrat party machines existential come to Jesus’ moment does not happen.

    Marshal law declared? Too dangerous to have an election? Mass “Conspirator” arrests, including the political opposition candidates? If you can imagine it the Democrat party machine is thinking it in order to retain and acquire THEIR political power.

    “By any means necessary”, means by any means necessary, up to and including murder.

    Do not underestimate them for one second. Its late in the game and this is for all the marbles IMO.

  • Dean Hurt

    Leftists, especially Leftist/Socalists in our school districts are showing their true Stalinistic and Nazistic tendencies. What better places to produce new generations of mind-numbed Socialist robots. Our public schools are openly throwing it up in the taxpayers faces and laughing in said faces because Americans have become such gullible sheep.

  • David Telford

    I wonder what other jokes, remarks, and observations are made by teen boys and why do they escape special scrutiny? For that matter, how’d this situation come to be known? Never minding that, why did it rate an official response beyond “take it outside!” Getting the State involved in every grievance isn’t the act of the brave or responsible. It is more the modus operandi of morons and cowards.

  • pzatchok

    If you can not beat the message beat the messenger.

  • wayne

    Phill O–

    Timcast IRL –
    “Canada Threatens Military Intervention Against Freedom Truckers”
    Episode 460, (2-3-22)

    [rebranded Honkcast IRL for the duration]

  • Agree with “pzatchok: If you can not beat the message beat the messenger.”

  • David

    Herman Goëring said it best: “The noblest of sentiments can be refuted if their bearer is beaten to death with a rubber truncheon.” And he and his fellow leftists have over a hundred million corpses to prove they mean business.

  • willy

    When the parents win their suit, there will be additional financial burden on the taxpayers of the district. The hiring of replacement teachers and administrators will incur an additional burden. Some of this burden will probably indirectly passed on to federal taxpayers. Meanwhile, the pensions of the dismissed employees will remain in effect. So sick of this.

  • Caffeinedog

    They need to be sued into oblivion.

  • Alex Bensky

    One of my favorite parts of this is the claim that the plaintiff should have self-reported his alleged offenses…just like the ChiComs require..

  • wayne

    “It Creeps Up on You”

  • wayne

    Phill O–

    total tangent,
    highly recommend:

    “Runkle of the Bailey”
    Ian Runkle; Canadian criminal defense lawyer. Specializes in Canadian gun law

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