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George C. Scott’s Patton speech

An evening pause: The opening speech from the 1970 movie Patton that captured the character of one of America’s most unique and successful generals.

Patton was a difficult man with little diplomacy, but then, soldiers are not hired to be diplomats. (At least we didn’t when America was the sane country of courageous fighters, as described in this speech.) Yet, as difficult as he was, his philosophy of war was a direct descendant of the war strategy and tactics of Ulysses S. Grant. As Patton is believed to have actually said,

“Our basic plan of operation is to advance and to keep on advancing regardless of whether we have to go over, under, or through the enemy. We are going to go through him like crap through a goose!”

This was how Grant won the Civil War. It was how Americans fought every war that followed through World War II. Sadly, that philosophy was lost by the bureaucratic military that developed during the Cold War.

If only we had generals and political leaders today who understand this utterly essential approach for winning wars.

One note: The speech’s language at times violates my rules about obscenities. In the context of war and death however I think the use of such language wholly appropriate.

Hat tip Daniel Morris.

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  • Ian C.

    I know what you’re aiming at, Afghanistan. Granted, the situation in Afghanistan is bad. But do you know what’s worse? Climate change.


    P.S.: He also said “We have defeated the wrong enemy.” What did he mean by that?

  • Peter Monta

    Trump played this very clip at the start of his rally in Alabama a week ago.

  • Alex Andrite

    Where are our Warriors today ?

    I pray for our Armed Forces daily,
    As I was one long ago.

    Strange Days are upon us..

  • Max

    What did he mean by that?

    The enemy is US
    “America’s top military leader used the term “white rage” to describe a crisis facing the country”
    “The Biden administration should declare this a clear and present danger. Bring together experts in sociology, psychology, religion and economics to address root causes, determine strategies for outreach or, at least, find ways to insulate those more open to living in a multicultural democracy”
    “Considering the country’s unfinished business on racial equity, why should we give more attention to white people with unhinged actions and beliefs? Because they are wreaking havoc. We are preoccupied now with refighting old battles, such as voting rights, while being distracted from urgent challenges like climate change.”

    “Also, by responding with more than politics and prosecutions, we just might learn something.”

    So, what preemptive action is the Biden administration prepared to take? To hobble all you lawbreakers out there before you commit your crime?

    “Elliptic Thunder, which was co-sponsored by the Office of Stability and Humanitarian Affairs and the Joint Staff J5, took place March 25. Based upon future climate, economic and population forecasts”
    “A combination of floods, droughts, and cyclones led to shortages of food, water, and energy — causing large-scale instability and migration. This instability expanded opportunities for extremist groups and strategic rivals to gain influence with consequences for U.S. national security and defense objectives.”

    Our betters are preparing for the United States to become Afghanistan. A preemptive strike against Maga hat conservatives to take over food, water, and resources to prevent unconventional warfare. (Think house to house searches for the hoarding of food and weapons)

    “A whole-of-government approach is needed to address climate and environmental security threats across the federal government. Partnerships with industry, academia and non-profit organizations can improve sharing and coordination of data-collection, modeling, disaster response initiatives and early warning best practices.”

    But Biden doesn’t trust our military, they’re too white and patriotic… Fortunately they have a solution.
    “Future exercises, she said, might include greater participation from allies and partners to include experts from NATO, the United Nations, the scientific community, the humanitarian and disaster recovery community and other relevant experts”

    UN troops are coming to a community “near you” with their new blackhawk helicopters from their Muslim outreach program.
    And they’re all experts, you can tell because they wear “white coats” just like the SS Nazis in T4

    By the way, did you know the five EYES quit sharing information with New Zealand? They were sharing everything they had with China!

  • wayne

    Serendipitously, I recently binge-watched “Band of Brothers,” “The Pacific,” and “Patton.” No way we fight WW-2 today, and win.

    Took me 3 days to find that Alabama Trump Rally on YT!

    “Everything Woke, turns to [expletive.]”
    Donald J. Trump

  • wayne

    D. J. Trump: “Everything woke turns to [expletive]”
    August 21, 2021 Cullman, Alabama

  • wayne

    Jocko Willink: Afghanistan
    The Speech Joe Biden should have given…..

    “If I were president, and I had put our country into the current situation in Afghanistan, I would tell America, our allies, our enemies, and the world, something like this….”

  • born01930

    An interesting take on Patton:

  • Jeff Wright

    I think in the past individuals thought to be conservative was the same as being Christian…like Charlie Wilson. Several liken themselves to the Centurion at the Cross than the Soul upon it. I fear the Left will use the piles of equipment neo-cons amassed against us. It was always Mammon vs Sodom in the GOP vs DNC, with one letting Wall Street kill main street and the other attacking history. I find the current narrative ‘pull-outs are bad’ troubling as now brass heavy generals could be the new Fauci-force. This is pantomime…not politics as Punch and Judy can have the same set of Satanic hands up both their backsides. In short-be careful what you venerate. Stars and Stripes are camo of the demonic. Be watchful!

  • wayne

    That, looks to be a very interesting video! Downloading it right now.

    I’ll toss this one in–>

    Victor Davis Hanson
    Hillsdale College Event (Feb 2020)
    “George S. Patton: American Ajax”

    Xenophon wrote that a successful general “must be resourceful, active, careful, hardy, and quick-witted; he must be both gentle and brutal, at once straightforward and designing, capable of both caution and surprise, lavish and rapacious, generous and mean, skillful in defense and attack.”

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