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Real Pushback: Conservative family sues Biden Justice Department for “‘Malicious and Retaliatory Prosecution”

The Houck Family: Targets of FBI harassment and arrest
The Houck Family: Targets of FBI harassment and arrest.
It is surprisng the Gestapo FBI didn’t frog march the mother
and her children to prison as well. Can’t have anyone raising
children to be Christian and upstanding, can we?

Bring a gun to a knife fight: Mark Houck, who was arrested by a Justice Department SWAT team aiming guns and rifles at him and his family and was quickly found innocent of all charges, has now sued the Biden Justice Department and Merrick Garland for committing a “malicious and retaliatory prosecution.”

Actually, two lawsuits were filed. While Houck has sued for $1.1 million, his wife Ryan-Marie Houck is seeking $3.25 million in damages for the mental harm the arrest caused herself and her children.

Ryan-Marie Houck’s complaint describes how profoundly her husband’s arrest has impacted their children, Mark Jr., Ava Marie, Kathryn, Therese, Joshua, Augustine, and Imelda.

“Her children have also suffered immense emotional trauma and physical manifestations of stress that Mrs. Houck has carried alone while her husband was away during his imprisonment and prosecution,” the complaint says. Most tragically of all, her complaint says, Ryan-Marie and Mark Houck have lost three babies through miscarriages “due to the stress of the FBI’s conduct and resulting prosecution.”

“The stress of these events was so difficult that the Houcks have been diagnosed with infertility,” the complaint says.

This story is an update of two previous blacklist columns, in September 2022, just after the arrest, and January 2023, after Houck was found innocent of all charges. From the beginning the charges by the Biden Justice Department could clearly be seen as trumped up and malicious. The original minor pushing incident between Houck and pro-abortion activist — in order to stop that activist from harassing his young son — was so minor that a local court had immediately dismissed it. When Justice renewed those charges Houck told them he would be glad to surrender himself peaceable.

Instead, Justice sent a well-armed large SWAT team to invade his home at 6:30 in the morning, pointing weapons at everyone, including the screaming children. When Houck and his wife demanded to see an arrest warrant, the agents initially denied they needed one, then backed down and provided a vague one-page document. They then handcuffed Houck and dragged him away, shackling him heavily four hours. “I was treated like a dog,” Houck described.

As Houck says in a video at the link, “President Biden and Merrick Garland and the head of the FBI, there are going to be consequences for the choices they made.” He adds, “We are going to hold the government accountable.”

I have embedded that video below, because it is heart-rending but necessary for everyone to see the monsters who now occupy positions of power in the White House, Department of Justice, and FBI. The monsters also include the lower ranks, since every one of the FBI officers who participated in that SWAT team raid showed an unnecessary glee for power. Not one had the decency to say, “Hey, let’s back off, there are kids in the house, and he poses no threat.” Instead they charged forward eagerly, apparently thrilled with the idea of terrifying little children.

Houck is also now running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District, against a Republican who though conservative on some issues, is for gun control and the queer agenda, supported the Democrats effort to impeach Trump, and in many other issues appears an unreliable person. Whether Houck beat him is unclear.

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  • Gary H

    The payment of damages will only expand the US debt and not impact the people that make these decisions.. Garland paying for damages.. Is this even remotely possible?

  • Related, it’s all related:

    “Megan Rapinoe says injury during championship game is ‘proof’ God doesn’t exist”

    I interpret this event as an indicator that there may well in fact be a God.

    Make sure you share with a friend on social media.

  • Cotour wrote, “I interpret this event as an indicator that there may well in fact be a God.”

    Made me laugh out loud.

  • Cotour

    My opinion is that there is in fact something rather than nothing, and that something specializes in irony when it seeks to make a point.

    And it appears to me that Ms. Rapinoe in her “progressive” nastiness fails to truly be humble and appreciate that something and that ironic point.

    Maybe its just me?

  • Boobah

    Courts can’t order the federal government to pay out; the power of the purse is delegated to Congress exclusively. Which is to say that if they’re suing federal officials for damages, those officials will be the ones on the hook to pay (at least nominally.) If they are suing the Attorney General of the United States rather than Merrick Garland, the suit will quickly be dismissed and they’ll have to file again with the right target.

  • John

    Monsters is right. What an awful police state.

  • Mike Comeau

    A thought occurred to me this morning…do we really live in the land of the free? Not so much anymore.

  • GeorgeC

    The Clinton DOJ used the FBI to harass some Berkley CA home owners back in the 1990s because the home owners were opposing some federally funded project. Home owners won a multi million dollar settlement. DOJ appealed all the way to the 9th circuit and lost

  • Mike Comeau: I had come to that conclusion about a half decade ago, when I realized that despite reporting such abuses regularly no one cared or believed me. You can’t have a free nation when people are unwilling to defend it.

  • Jeff Wright

    The side-eye she threw at Biden was priceless at least

  • Milt

    The lovely folks in the Biden Justice Department who went after the Houck family are relentless*, and nothing short of turning the leaders of this cabal out of office in 2024 will put an end to this. It’s really that simple. *Win the election,* then go after the evil sons and daughters of perdition who are responsible for all of this. (As a start, what can you do locally to help insure the integrity of the voting process where you live?)

    *And as in the Tom Petty song, “they won’t back down.” Indeed, as their time in office hopefully grows shorter, they are pulling out all of the stops, cranking up the volume on their narrative, and going for broke. What have they got to lose?

    This would include, by the way, the wonderful people responsible for the COVID debacle, as Naomi Wolf talks about in here new book and in a recent podcast with Jim Kunstler.

    Finally, I note that things are not going well in the Peoples Republic of Canada, either, where the Trudeau government appears to have warm feelings for former Nazis, but at least they are honest. Likewise, a few Canadians in Toronto “celebrated” Kristalnaucht by vandalizing a book store as the local authorities (all “good” Canadians) looked on.

    Again, what are you doing right now — and between now and November of next year — to insure that these people will be voted out of office in fair and legitimate elections? And this time, we know what’s coming.

  • Milt

    Going back to the COVID debacle and what might be “done” to the individuals behind it after the election next year, here is more news about the drive for “pandemic amnesty” for the people most responsible:

    The idea, of course, is that while mistakes were made (at warp speed), nobody was really responsible — least of all Pfizer and Herr Doktor Fauci — and we shouldn’t hold anyone accountable for all of the bad things that happened. I like Prof. Wolf’s idea about marching them around the town square with their heads shaved, but that’s just me.

    JHK @ 13:21 into the podcast

    “…you wrote a whole chapter about how you would like to march a certain class of American intellectuals — the vax-happy wokesters — through the town square with their heads shaved This gets to the idea that it’s very frustrating to have no accountability for gigantic crimes against your country and the human race.”

    It would be a good start.

  • Col Beausabre

    Milt. I like the idea of decimation after they are marched into the town square – but that is the REALLY old soldier in me, when I had the rank of Centurion (As the saying goes “when &diety was a corporal”)

  • Edward

    Robert Zimmerman,
    I had come to that conclusion about a half decade ago, when I realized that despite reporting such abuses regularly no one cared or believed me.”

    For the past decade on BTB I have been expressing that this is a fundamentally transformed America and the land of the formerly free, even before you began your blacklist posts.

    I believed you before you believed you.

  • Edward: Your knowledge of my writing might be better than mine. I know that I saw things going sour as early as the Bill Clinton years. I probably considered things hopeless when I posted this after Obama’s re-election in 2012:


    It is worthwhile quoting my entire essay:

    It appears that Barack Obama has won another four years in office. Despite what many consider to be one of the weakest and most incompetent presidencies in history, the American people have decided to stick with this man. Even worse, the Democrats look like they will gain seats in the Senate, even though it was the Democratic majority in that Senate that has refused to pass a budget — as required by law — for the last three years. For that dereliction of duty, the American people have decided to reward them with more power.

    Overall, it appears that the polls that favored Democrats in their sampling were actually capturing the tone of the country. The public wants big government and a restriction in freedom. 2010 was a fluke, not a trend. I was wrong.

    We are stuck with Obamacare. We are stuck with trillion dollar deficits. We are stuck with bankruptcy. I have little hope now for the near future. It will probably take fifty years or more to fix the problems that the past four years and the next four years will create.

    This is not even a conservative perspective. No policy can survive, even good leftwing policy, when the government is bankrupt. And with trillion dollar deficits the new normal, we are guaranteed that the government will go bankrupt. And it will take everything else down with it.

    Even worse, this willingness of the American public and its intellectual class to ignore this reality, to make believe that trillion dollar deficits don’t matter, suggests an intellectual bankruptcy that is even more appalling. For you can’t fix a problem if you refuse to face it.

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