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Today’s blacklisted American: Black playwright blackballed because he honestly told the story of racism in the Jim Crow south

Carlyle Brown, censored for writing truthfully
Carlyle Brown, censored for writing truthfully

The modern dark age: Close-minded students at the black student association at Texas Wesleyan University have forced the cancellation of a play celebrating the civil rights movement in Mississippi in the 1960s — written by black author Carlyle Brown — because it included realistic dialogue of the time, including the word “nigger”.

Students objected to the use of the n-word in a play that tries to capture the environment of hate and racism of the period. Texas Wesleyan’s Black Student Association declared the reference to be harmful and “triggering.” Calling for a boycott, the Association declared that allowing the play to be heard would “further hurt Black students and possibly students from other marginalized communities.”

The Rambler student newspaper reported that school and theater officials killed the production after a 90-minute campus discussion: “The main concern the students voiced was the ‘triggering’ effect of using the racially explicit word, which is repeated 11 separate times throughout the play, and how it can cause trauma to the black students in the audience.”

The play, Down in Mississippi, can be read here [pdf]. From the play’s summary:

Three college students—a black man, a white woman, and a white man—travel to the dangerous world of Mississippi in 1964 to register Negro voters. Along the way, they discover that before they can change the world, they will have to change themselves. DOWN IN MISSISSIPPI is a celebration of a movement that gave birth to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Sounds good, eh? Well, that ain’t good enough for the modern black student. Nope, they must be protected from any words that might hurt their feelings or make them uncomfortable, even if those words celebrate their freedom and the defeat of racism and oppression.

This story leaves me somewhat speechless. If university officials can not even defend a play like this from censorship and blacklisting, then we are truly headed for a dark age so dark that human civilization will not recover for a thousand years. The image of Brown above is a screen capture from that 90-minute campus discussion, which he attended by video. You can watch a selection of clips from that session here. His reaction to the students’ intolerance:

“I didn’t write that to trigger you. I feel insulted that you feel like I intentionally meant to, being a black man, be dismissive of black people. I’m really sad that you would assume that.”

“If there’s going to be a future, yeah, you have to heal, but you young people are the ones who need to take the mantle. And so maybe you should be less fragile. And try to listen to what your former generations are trying to teach you for the well good being of all of us,” Carlyle Brown said.

The students however didn’t listen and didn’t want to learn. Instead, they decided that they were too fragile for honest words, and would rather seep themselves in ignorance. And school officials went along with this foolishness.

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  • Col Beausabre

    “The main concern the students voiced was the ‘triggering’ effect of using the racially explicit word, which is repeated 11 separate times throughout the play, and how it can cause trauma to the black students in the audience.” Lord, what delicate little flowers they are. Traumatized by words? Heaven help us if we have to depend on people like them in a national crisis. They’d go catatonic

  • Robin Fox

    It amazes me that the lyrics of rap music are not triggering, although the same language is sprinkled throughout.

  • Roguewave1

    Nigger, nigger, nigger.
    There, did you get all faintified?
    It’s a word. Get over it.
    I’m a lawyer. Can you imagine how many caustic words have been aimed at me? They roll off.
    Wise up. Put on your big boy pants.

  • Andrew_W

    I wonder if it’s more about how knowledge on the successes of the civil rights movement undermines the popular belief among young black people that things are so much worse for black Americans now, that in America discrimination against black people is forever increasing.

  • Andrew_W: The goal of these leftist blacklisters is to slander the history of the United States, to discredit it entirely so that their lies about the false evils of today will be believed. Thus, a play about how whites and blacks teamed up in the 1960s to end racism in the Democratically-controlled south must be shut down, by any means necessary. It puts the lie to the utterly false claim that white supremacy is a major problem today.

    I guarantee that the school officials were warned privately by some in that black student association that if they allowed the play to go forward there would be violence. Being cowards, the officials backed down.

  • John

    I’m no linguistic expert, but maybe the play had the n-word end in historically accurate “ger” instead of modern chic “ga” or perhaps “gah”. That may explain why it can be plastered all over their music but not in theater.

    We must also look at Mr. Carlyle Brown himself. While true his skin is agreeable- has he pledged allegiance to the party? By writing historical and not revisionist history, his social credit is already suspect. We have a narrative that must be maintained, things like the Civil War and Jim Crow must either be forgotten or presented with approved context. Our democracy is at stake!

  • Peter York

    I’ve been told that ‘nigga’ is acceptable to black people, not -igger. I was looking for the reason some black people call each other that all the time…

    …which gives the hypocrisy to the lie that the little sensitive dears are troubled.

    by the way, our production of “Pearly Victorious” at Pomona High in 1967 was scrubbed by complaints from the new black community who were too stupid to realize that the show condemned dumb whites. I say ‘new’ community because the democrats bought up the neighborhoods around Pomona High (“The Islands”) and Ganesha High (“Sintown”) and gave the homes to black folks from Compton, Watts, etc, in the aftermath of the Watts Riots. my friend Mike’s mom got the key to their house for $10. we enjoyed race riots all three years of my high school experience.

  • GaryMike

    All cultures have mostly monosyllabic labels for Others.

    For North American whites:

    For others:

    I never utter slurs to people’s faces, or within their ear shot.

    I never use them in communications with others.

    My head has heard me say many of them during internal conversations.

    They’re shorthand.

  • Patrick Underwood

    Agree about the hypocrisy: Some of the students who drove this censorship are undoubtedly listening to rappers utter the same word multiple times per minute.

    When are university administrators going to (to use a completely verboten phrase) grow a pair?

    These “triggered” students will eventually run the country, just as campus radicals and even terrorists of the 1960s and 70s run the country today. Will not end well.

    Sad but unsurprising observation #2,438,746: my iPad won’t autocomplete the word “terrorist.”

  • John

    Seriously, snowflakes… you are triggered by hearing a word in a play with historical context. Image if you had been a black man or woman during the 1960’s who faced angry mobs screaming this word at them. You should be mad about the content of the play because people had to fight against this kind of bigotry. But really, what you are upset about is quoting the vernacular from the insults hurled at them?

    Fine, I will fix it for you. Long, long ago, when racism actually existed, people with very pale skin were rude and mean to people with darker skin. There, not even remotely accurate, but at least you don’t feel the need to flee to a “safe space.” By the way, the people who lived through the Civil Rights Movement, didn’t have the luxury of “safe spaces.” Both white and black folks were beaten, arrested, humiliated and murdered, fighting for equality. They couldn’t hide from it, and were forced to face the reality on a daily basis. If you are offended by that word in this context, you really need to get some perspective… you have not an inkling of what these people had to face.

  • Col Beausabre

    GaryMike. Many years ago, I attended a convention and one of the discussions you could attend was “Who Do Polish People Tell Polish Jokes About?” – by a PhD candidate summarizing his thesis surveying ethnic humor around the world. Very interesting. It turns out, every race and culture has its target. Some of the jokes are identical, just changing the subject group. By the way, the answer to the question is people from the Carpathians, which seems to be the West Virginia of that country – a place inhabited by ignorant hicks. As someone whose grandfather hailed from the Carpathians, I found this enlightening. Still, he was good enough to marry a girl from “sophisticated” Warsaw.

  • James Street

    From Wikipedia: “Texas Wesleyan University is a private Methodist university in Fort Worth, Texas. It was founded in 1890 by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.”

    Organized religion has gone completely over to the dark side.

    The disrespect these brain washed idiots show this elderly gentleman is disgusting. This quotation is on the opening page of his linked play (only the first 11 pages are there):

    “He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our despair, against our will comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.”
    — Aeschylus

  • wayne

    N.W.A. –
    “Straight Outta Compton” (1988)

  • gsbeliever

    So a black playwright is blackballed by a bunch of white liberals.

    You can’t make this stuff up, lol.

  • Edward

    Nope, they must be protected from any words that might hurt their feelings or make them uncomfortable

    It is worse than that. This is a play that they do not have to attend. They can easily avoid these hurt feelings and discomfort by not spending the price of admission or wasting their precious study time. These poor children have the emotional maturity of three-year-olds.

    Instead of learning about the world as it is, they are coddled into believing the world is a safe space — or should be. They are taught to see racism where there is none (a garage-pull that is declared to be a KKK noose) and to ignore it were it exists (Let’s Go Brandon is a flaming racist, but this is ignored by all).

    The students however didn’t listen and didn’t want to learn. Instead, they decided that they were too fragile for honest words, and would rather seep themselves in ignorance. And school officials went along with this foolishness.

    College sure has changed over the years. There was a time when it was intended to try out new ideas, even unpopular ideas, but now it is used to stifle any ideas that deviate from the beliefs of a few self-selected elites. If Darwin had put forward his ideas in today’s world, we would reject evolution. If Columbus had come back from the New World in an environment like we have today, we would still believe the world was flat.

    Why is it OK for those students to trigger the rest of us but not for them to be triggered?

    Here we have students demanding that history be revised, because they don’t want to believe that the past had bad people (they probably don’t like that President Johnson was a racist who also freely, easily, and liberally used the forbidden word), yet many of these same students insist that America was so bad in the past that no amount of good in the present or future can redeem her. What a conundrum of conflicting beliefs. One can only wonder how they resolve such a dichotomy in their own minds.

    Oh, wait. They probably have not been taught enough critical thinking to even realize the contradiction in their own thinking. Perhaps this is because their feeble snowflake-minds have not been trained to examine conflicting ideas. ‘Accept what we Democrats say without question, otherwise you will be expelled from school and shunned by your friends and family.’

    You wrote: “I’m no linguistic expert, but maybe the play had the n-word end in historically accurate ‘ger’ instead of modern chic ‘ga’ or perhaps ‘gah’. That may explain why it can be plastered all over their music but not in theater.

    Only selected people, such as rappers and the Democratic Party leadership, get to use the -ga, -gah, and -ger endings. Even -gardly is forbidden.

    Heaven forbid if a foreign word sounds a little like the forbidden word.

    gsbeliever wrote: “So a black playwright is blackballed by a bunch of white liberals. You can’t make this stuff up, lol.

    The Democratic Party likes to hide that it was founded specifically to defend the institution of slavery, and that it is the party of the Trail of Tears. Once that goal was defeated, it modified its purpose and became party of the KKK and Jim Crow laws (the topic of the play), and it resisted the Civil Rights Movement, even after President Johnson devised the soft bigotry of low expectations in order to perpetuate the Party’s purpose. To this day, it remains a party whose goal is control over other people’s lives. Rejecting this play is only a minuscule part of this control.

    As James Street noted, the opening quote from the script:

    “He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our despair, against our will comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.” — Aeschylus

    These students do not learn, because they refuse to undergo the necessary suffering. For them, life and education must be easy and untroubled, and they do not learn how to handle the trials and tribulations that come with life. What a terrible future that is in store for them.

    Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed Amerika, land of the formerly free. Today, our colleges fear to even present a play that represents history as it was lived by the author.

  • sippin_bourbon

    “And so maybe you should be less fragile.”

    Herein lies the problem.
    There is a group that is teaching and encouraging this fragility.
    It gives them “Victim Power” (say it boldly, with reverb, feel free to add a brief fanfare).

    Largely, it gives greater control to those that encourage this weakness, because they promise to institutionalize the protection they offer.

  • pzatchok

    I just watched an episode of the original Magnum PI. They used the N-word at least 4 times directly to a black person. On nationwide TV.

    And what did they say in the TV movie ROOTS? I think they used that word also. And a lot.

    The fragility of our children is shocking. The closed mindedness is even worse.

    When you pull that word out of our classic literature you change the whole effect of the book. You lose a lot of subtle meaning and the whole effect the author is trying to convey of the times and personal relationships at that time.

  • Cotour



    (ARE YOU A JACKASS?) (Please copy and share)

    1. You define a Man has having a uterus, and has a period?

    2. You insist that solar panels and wind farms can power America and the world?

    3. You believe that millions of illegals flooding across the border is the definition of a secure border?

    4. You believe that unexaminable mail in voting in elections is the fairest elections ever in America?

    5. You believe that violent career criminals based on their skin color should not be arrested and not held in jail?

    6. You believe teachers and schools sexually conditioning young children to be gender fluid is a good thing?

    7. You believe that you be stripped of your guns while criminals *and government* have all the guns is rational?

    8. You believe that a baby in the womb that is 8 months, 3 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours old should be aborted?

    9. You believe that national leadership should be comprised of the least competent and least capable people?

    I strongly suspect that you agree with none of these things that are at the top of the Democrat party agenda list of accomplishments and are being strongly pushed, promoted and attempting to be installed today in America. None of it.

    But there they are all the same.

    Do you hate yourself and your country? Are you suicidal? No, you are not. But you are being held captive by a desperate un and anti-American political party.

    What are you going to do, are you being held captive? You vote Democrat? Not this year, no way.

    (Keeping in mind that Joe Biden (D) is but a facade, a place holder for anti-American anti Constitution Leftists who are his betters and their agenda. And none of this chaos and confusion is by mistake. Government necessitates the need for government.)

  • sippin_bourbon


    He is only a placeholder until 1/20/2023.

    After that, the 25th Amdt talk will get very serious.

  • Cotour


    The 25th amendment would as I understand it require that the president’s cabinet do the deed, and that will NEVER happen.

    What I will assume will happen immediately or should happen. President Biden will be impeached based on the border situation which IMO is treason and or the Afghanistan withdrawal which I also classify as treason. He should be impeached but the votes to remove him will fall short.

    And then ruthlessly throttle the funding for everything that the Democrats have funded through their treachery. Like the 87,000 new IRS agents. That has got to go!

    The president is but the facade or a political place holder for his Leftist betters, but he will also receive the brunt of the blame and pay the price for his and their treachery.

    Mitch McConnel and Kevin McCarthy must be removed from their RINO trending and bending positions of power and replaced with no nonsense warriors like Jim Jordan and similar.

    On January 20th, 2023, things in politics throughout the country must change in drastic ways and anyone who does not have the stomach for it needs to resign and get the hell out.

    Time to take care of business!

  • Mitch S.

    Impeach Biden for treason?
    Geez, thinking caps please. We don’t want Republicans to go nuts like the Dems did. Impeachment is for crimes. a bad policy is not treason even if it’s detrimental to the country.
    Besides are you itching for President Harris?
    IMO had Dems acted like adults and not catered to their wingnuts, Trump would have lost in 2020 by an uncontestable margin.
    And Trump and company aren’t doing much to appear like a mature, ethical alternative.
    Ever fork over a dollar to the campaign? See the frantic whining texts they send out?
    Nigerian “princes” in need of redeeming lottery tickets look more legitimate.
    Not to mention the hard sell”WinRed” site.

    Trump v Biden? – no choice but Trump. But Republican Trump alternatives are looking better.

  • Cotour

    I would love to see a President Harris! It would be a gift that would give every day.

    I pray for such things.

    What does the Constitution force?

    For all political players and parties to reveal themselves to the public in order that they be better able to choose.

  • Cotour

    It would be every day:

    What better way to reveal what must be revealed?

  • sippin_bourbon

    They will not impeach.
    They will never have enough votes to convict, anyway.

    Biden’s dementia is the biggest open secret in the world.

    After 1/20/23, he will resign for health reasons, or they will use the 25th. You will get Harris as POTUS. It has been the plan since he picked her.

  • GaryMike

    Why doesn’t anybody speak about Biden’s and Harris’s tweets?

    Aren’t they so much better?

  • Cotour

    Biden definitely IMO will be impeached for one of the above reasons.

    And if McCarthy should he become Speaker fails to do so then he will have to be removed.

    And if he is not removed than we once again have been phornicated.

    I and the people of America are tired of being phornicated.

    Its coming and it will be massive.

  • sippin_bourbon

    I should have been more clear.

    It does not matter who is the Speaker.
    It really does not matter who wins the House, next month (in terms of Presidential politics).
    Biden will not finish this term, due to health. He is unelectable for a 2nd term.
    Even the liberal media is willing to raise that question, mostly to provide cover for themselves.
    (See, MSM, says, see how were are being unbiased?)

    The 2024 election will feature an incumbent Harris vs whoever the Rs decide to nominate. *

    Yes, the 25th amdt is a function of the cabinet. Which means the entire process is controlled by the D’s. This is why it has not been invoked yet. Do it now and Harris has to finish this term, and can run as incumbent, but only once. After the 20th of Jan, she finishes the term, and can run as incumbent TWICE, assuming she wins the first one, which she will, because R’s will be too afraid to run hard against a women without being labeled sexist/racist/(fill in the blank)-ist. We know they will be labeled those things anyway, but they will still be afraid of it.

    “Biden definitely IMO will be impeached for one of the above reasons.
    And if McCarthy should he become Speaker fails to do so then he will have to be removed.”

    If you are holding out to see impeachment, you are going to be disappointed.
    McCarthy removed by whom? That is not going to happen. The Rs will revert to “go along to get along, lets all be nice” because that is the only thing they understand. They think that is how they win.

    Control the senate or not, McConnell does not support impeachment. **

    * – “Who’s turn is it?” That is how the Nat’l Rs decide who to push on us. That is how we got Bush Sr, Dole, Bush jr, McCain and Romney as nominees. 2016 was supposed to be either Jeb’s or Kasich’s turn, but Trump turned that upside-down, and that is why so many at the national level never got behind him. He upset the apple cart. They follow the same “who’s turn” rule for the Speaker position as well.

    ** – He is another “don’t upset the apple cart” guy.

  • Cotour

    On Biden finishing out his term? He may come to the conclusion that his health is a concern (Read: The party machine makes the phone call and reads him the reality of where the party must go. And he will do as he is instructed unless be goes rouge after that call), and he has decided to “spend more quality time with his grandchildren”. I think that potential is high however it comes to be.

    As for the Democrat party running Kamala as their front runner for the presidency? NEVER WILL THAT HAPPEN.

    And although she is theeee best and perfect example of a hollow facade they will never run her because she is just not that kind of woman, she does not have the chops for such an endeavor. She is occupying the vice presidency ONLY because of her vagina and her skin color (I do not apologize if that offends anyone who reads that). Period.

    Kamala garnered I think I remember 1% or less during the previous primaries and was one of the first that tapped out. She is done in public politics if she does not become president because of Biden stepping down for whatever contrived reason invented by the Democrat party machine.

    Listen to me, Kamala will never again run for ANYTHING.

    The RINO’s are done in the Republican party, and they have in the past shown what they are made of and the people see it and that fact will become very clear to everyone on November 9th.

    It is coming and it will be massive.

    The only thing that remains to be seen is how long the Republicans can maintain their coming Congressional and Senate control.

    The Democrat party machine is out of political power for 6 years? 8 years? 10 years?

    The Democrats given the opportunity have shown all who and what they are and are all about, the “Progressive” agenda, compliance, control and absolute power over the populous. They are un and anti American.

    And that is what the Constitution is all about, forcing those in power to reveal themselves to the public so they can choose.

  • Cotour

    “And that is what the Constitution is all about, forcing those in power to reveal themselves to the public so they can choose.”

    Let me refine that statement.

    The Constitution structures the framework within which we all live, and it provides all the rope anyone needs to hang themselves should they so choose.

    And the Democrat party has chosen to go for broke and the majority of the people know that something is wrong, and they will reflect that something realization in how they vote. And that is precisely why the Democrats are sooo desperate to pervert and corrupt the voting system with their proposals of “Fairness” like ranked choice voting, mail in voting, no I.D. voting, vote harvesting, Zucker bucks mass mail in voting boxes etc, etc.

    Desperation they name is Leftist, “Progressive”, Democrat party machine.

    In the end it really is up to the public to choose as perverted and corrupt it all becomes.

    The perversion and the corruption dragged out into the light is what it is all about in the long run.

    IMO of course.

  • sippin_bourbon

    If Harris is the incumbent, there will be no primary.
    She clicks off all the necessary “intersectional” blocks.
    She will be able to blame any previous admin mistakes on the recently retired Biden.
    She will have a clean slate. The MSM will make sure of it.
    Her performance in that primary will be irrelevant.
    (she got destroyed in one debate by Tulsi Gabbard, who shall never be forgiven for it).
    Harris may even pick another woman as VP, to solidify the ticket. I am betting a “latinx” because they have been losing ground in that demographic, and this is how they will try to shore of that voting block, but any “BIPOC” will do. Previous qualifications will not matter.
    This is the Ds play book.

    RINO’s done in the party? That is wishful thinking.

    As for Nov 8th election, you are counting chickens and eggs. I will wait to see. I learned a long time ago not to get hopes up. Enthusiasm is good. But don’t let it get in the way of analysis. I can see where my local races are going, but never underestimate how dirty they things can get in these last few weeks.

  • Cotour

    “She clicks off all the necessary “intersectional” blocks.”

    She could “click” all day long (She is not clicking, she is clacking, its all a perverted facade), but she will never see a frontrunner spot on the Democrat party line after she is done with her position as vice president. She does not have the competence, personality, acumen, ability, intelligence to do so and that is plain for all to see.

    NEVER happen. And I stand firmly behind that statement.

    We will see what transpires in the coming weeks and months, and it will without doubt be the most interesting and the greatest show on earth.

    This political cycle really is for all the marbles.

  • sippin_bourbon

    “She does not have the competence, personality, acumen, ability, intelligence to do so and that is plain for all to see.”

    That has not stopped her thus far.

    Should it? Of course. But that is under the old school rulz.

    But she has gotten to where she is now based on having the right boxes checked, despite some very obvious flaws and failures. And after the 25th amdt or a resignation by Biden, she will be POTUS. *
    And we will hear all the way till NOV 2024 how amazing it is that we finally have a woman prez, and anyone who does not like her actual policies will be the appropriately labeled. The party and the MSM will build her brand.

    * a local friend suggested both. They will very publicly start the 25th amdt process, which will be halted by a very timely resignation. That way it looks like everyone is really just trying to do the right thing. Full kabuki theatre.

  • Cotour

    Here is another interesting angle to this Biden presidency drama.

    His son Hunter may well have to be indicted for at least some of his indiscretions and one of them is his applying for and receiving a handgun during one of his crack episodes which he apparently lied to get. But one.

    And what will Joe do? Let his precious crack head 30 year front man son sit in jail? Let the “Smartest man that Joe Biden knows” sit in jail?

    He will have to pardon him.

    Then what? And it is apparent to all who draw breath that both Hunter and Joe have had a very close working relationship beginning with Hunter sitting on the board of several companies at the ripe old age of…….21.

    That dont happen for no rea$on.

    Its coming.

  • sippin_bourbon

    I have no idea what will happen to Hunter.
    All I know is the ruling class always finds a way to protect itself.

  • Cotour

    Agreed, but this story is apparently becoming ripe in the media and may well play out to where Joe will have to step down with a presidential pass from the DOJ? This may provide the machine their scenario. But what then? Gavin Newsome? I don t think so.

    The democrat bench is a little light at the moment. Hillary / Ma Barker? She is as likable as Kamala is ignorant, with some political savvy and bigger stones than her husband.

    Stay tuned.

  • Cotour

    Supporting evidence of the coming focus on both Hunter and Joe (And his brothers) and how the son has compromised the father and by extension our country:

    If the Congress in the midterm election changes control over to the Republicans.

    And I think that at the minimum is a certainty. At a minimum.

  • wayne

    Hunter will go to prison, right after Hillary, which means they ALL skate.
    (Laws are for the little people.)

  • Cotour

    The Pedestrian Realm V the politically empowered Political Realm.

    You isn’t wrong, Wayne.

  • Cotour

    I posted one of my email communications above: YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT TODAY “IF’

    And to be honest when I write something like that, I may have a particular person in mind that I will challenge to explain to me (and themselves) why they choose to think in a particular manner and support the now radical Leftist destroy America as founded agenda that I know they do not agree with.

    And once in a while one of those who I write specifically for has the courage to reply, and I will share that reply here and how I will deal with it.

    My friend who defines himself as a Democrat and more to the Liberal than not who is a good hard working conscientious person replies: “In am definitely not a Republican and definitely do not believe any of these stretched exaggerations.”. (And believe me he is more authoritarian, and Nazi like on certain issues than he understands or is willing to admit to)

    And to be sure all of those 9 Democrat agenda bullet points are extreme. But are they stretched exaggerations? No, not at all. And so now I will spend the next couple of days pointing out item by item the reality of the radical un and anti-American Democrat party machine agenda with the tag line “What will you do?”.

    He tells me that he is politically well informed, I tell him I know that he is far from being politically well informed. And it begins.

    #8 “Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate demands NO LIMITS on abortion: Katie Hobbs supports abortion up until time of birth – and says decision is down to women not government and politicians”

    #6 “HUNDREDS of Muslim Parents Shut Down Dearborn, Michigan School Board Meeting Over Democrat-Endorsed Child Porn Books”

    Stretched exaggerations?

    What are friends for?

  • Cotour: I hope you always provide links to headlines like #8 and #6 in your emails, preferably to clips of videos.

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