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Today’s blacklisted American: University of Arizona gives free tuition to American Indians; All other races must pay

Academia: dedicated to segregation!
University of Arizona: dedicated to the new segregation!

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” The University of Arizona has begun a new racist policy whereby anyone who is a member of one of 22 American Indian tribes that exist in the state will be excused from paying any tuition or fees while studying on campus.

Beginning in the fall, new and continuing full-time, degree-seeking, in-state undergraduates will be eligible for the Arizona Native Scholars Grant, the first program of its kind in Arizona. The program will be administered by UArizona Enrollment Management.

“Serving Arizona’s Native American tribes and tribal students is a crucial part of the University of Arizona’s land-grant mission, and the Arizona Native Scholars Grant program is another important step among many to do that,” said University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins. “I am so proud that that this university has found a way to help hundreds of students more easily access and complete a college education, and I look forward to finding ways to take these efforts even further.”

To be eligible, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, and provide tribal identification. Native American tribes’ federal legal status allows universities to administer scholarships and grants to tribal members.

More than 400 students enrolled at UArizona last year meet the criteria for the new program.

Let me translate what UA president Robert C. Robbins is really saying:

American Indians are special. All other races are inferior and must be treated accordingly. Furthermore, those inferior races (mostly white and Asian) must pay for the education of this special race. And they better not complain about being treated unfairly, or else they will find themselves blacklisted, canceled, and ostracized. Get to the back of the bus, boy, and shut up!

It seems to me that the Arizona state legislature should take a look at this university’s funding. If UA wishes to institute racist admissions policies then maybe the taxpayers should not help it do so.

The worst aspect of this story however is that this bigoted and racist tuition program is hardly unusual nowadays in academic circles. Colleges now routinely give minorities and special political groups favored treatment, all in violation of numerous civil rights laws. Below are just a few examples taken from the full list of daily blacklist stories I have published in the past eighteen months:

I could list dozens and dozens of additional stories but there is no point. The list above makes the point quite clearly. The establishment educational institutions of the United States have once again embraced discrimination, segregation, and bigotry. The only difference between now and the past is which races are given special treatment and which races are oppressed.

And the last story indicates which side of the political aisle endorses this segregation and bigotry. These programs have been pushed and enforced mostly by Democrats now for decades, sadly with the timid acquiescence of Republicans and the general American population. Up until now however the favoritism was most often carefully disguised as programs designed to provide aid to the poor and distressed. If they favored minorities they were structured to hide their bigotry to get around the civil rights laws.

No more. The left now believes the law does not apply to it, and it is going all out to enforce its racism on everyone, in the most public and vicious manner it can manage.

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  • Alton

    Ah!! The Great Growing Hades of California is also leading the Way !
    All from Google Turd Answers:

    Can undocumented students get in-state tuition in California?

    Assembly Bill 540 (AB540) or California Education Code Section 68130.5 is a California state law that allows qualifying undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at state colleges (University of California System, California State University System, and California Community College System).


    Can immigrants go to college for free in the US?

    Where Is College Free for Immigrant Students? There are many states who are passing legislation that will give residents of that state access to community college, tuition-free. Some are participating in what is called the Promise program, largely funded by that state’s lottery earnings.


    Can illegal immigrants go to college for free in California?

    All undocumented students in California can go to college and receive private or institutional scholarship—even if they don’t meet eligibility for AB 540/SB 68 or the California Dream Act. Identify and apply for scholarships! Identify and create a game plan for all the scholarships you plan to apply for.

    California is home to more than two million undocumented immigrants and conservative estimates find that approximately 75,000 undocumented students are enrolled in California’s public and independent colleges and universities.


    The Church Lady Said —-
    Isn’t That Nice……..
    Her Husband Said —–
    Pitty the FOOL!!!

  • Old Scratch

    Um…I’m pretty sure Native Americans were ALWAYS eligible for free college tuition. Kind of a “reparations” things the .gov did for them. That and not having to pay income tax.

  • wayne

    How the Navajo Nation Works

  • Michael Nix

    I think that is an OK deal as far as how they share the reason for waiving tuition.

  • wayne

    Michael Nix–
    It might be an OK deal, if wealthy progressives donated their own money to make it come true.
    To the extent they utilize Federal funding– that money was taken from me by force, and to the extent they use Arizona funding– that was taken from everyone in Arizona by force.

  • Cotour

    Its all related:


    1. NYP: “Biden adviser: ‘Liberal world order’ demands enduring high gas prices”
    Biden adviser: ‘Liberal world order’ demands enduring high gas prices (

    2. Gateway: “US FED is Quietly Handing Out $250 Million in Interest Payments PER DAY to Small Group of Nameless Beneficiaries”

    “With all of the money laundering schemes currently in the works – ‘stimulus’ money, billions in aid to Ukraine, executive orders for… solar panels, endless money for experimental vaccines, etc. – it seems as if the powers at be are literally ‘cashing out’ while they can as they burn the economy down in preparation for the great reset.”

    As the Democrat party which is presently in the majority in government has been taken over by the extreme “Progressive”, Leftist radicals among them pushes as hard and as far as they can before they lose most of their political power in government because of their clearly un and anti American they show you who they are and their agenda.

    You must pay double and triple the cost for gas and energy in order to in their opinion get control over “Global Warming”. And they are in the process (Along with the weak and feckless RINO’s) of bankrupting the American government in order that America be brought under the auspices of a Globalist, *NEW* “Liberal World Order” management. Do you think that is a good idea?

    “Liberal World Order” is the new streamlined term for “Globalism” and “The New World Order”. The radical Left for psychological reasons must control the words, terms and definitions that are used in the political warfare that rages in America and the world today. And it is GOOD.

    Why is it GOOD? Because as long as there is some degree of free communication in America the Constitution can accomplish what by design it was formulated, to force all political players to reveal themselves to the public so they can better determine and adjust *THEIR* government.

    And for that reason alone, is why the “Progressive” radical Left must continuously lie and spin in an attempt to control your ability to freely communicate and have that truth revealed as per the Constitution. The “Great Reset”?

    The Great Reset Is anti and un American and it is up to you whether it takes hold and accomplishes what in the extreme radical Lefts opinion must happen. The only questions remains… it too late? Have they divided the American people enough and have they done too much damage already?

    You’re a Democrat? Are you on board with this agenda? You can understand this.

    Former Obama Adviser On Biden: ‘There Is This Sense That Things Are Kind Of Out Of Control’ (Out of control by design IMO)

  • dollops

    The idea that there should be special provisions made for indigenous peoples way back when colonizers disrupted their primitive way of life was kindly in its time, easing culture shock by leaving them some traditional grounds while allowing adoption of new goods and ways. But as with so many well-intended policies, federal “Indian” management quickly fell into the hands of people who were more inclined toward personal gain and/or nannying, making “Indians” their domesticated herds, milked or driven on any pretext as long as the Indian Industry people got their moolah and power trips.

    The original intent, to ease “Indians” into the dominant culture was long ago achieved except for the mandated preservation of some fantasy “good old days” of ancestral life and the unprecedented notion that conquered or overrun peoples retain ownership of lands. The descendants of indigenous peoples would be immersed in the general population today if not for discriminatory policies that keep them “on the rez”.

  • Alton

    Ah Yes Global Warming and High ENERGY prices…….

    Since 2010, the USA has closed 290+ coal fired power plants… European Union 190+. Of course since the ‘little Nat Gas’ problem.. Russia Russia Russia… . Some numbers have and will change.
    But still nice Nov 21 in Biden’s America till May 2022. Ten additional plants closed.

    Today over the same Period, China Started 500+ coal units.
    The twenty-five largest energy producing nations including, … India built 200+.

    Now the installed world base is half owned by China….

  • wayne

    I’m in Michigan, 25 coal-fired plants have been shuttered since 2015.
    As for nuclear, IIRC we have 3 reactors, all 50 years old. All 3 will be shuttered by 2025.

  • Andi

    “Now the installed world base is half owned by China….”

    Which kinda makes our draconian efforts rather worthless.

  • Alex Andrite

    Please look up “indigenous” people.
    There are no indigenous peoples from the north Americas, as well as many areas else where.
    Where did they originate ?
    Where did they come from ? I repeat.
    How did they get to the Americas ?

    It is a good study of history.
    As well as DNA lineage history.

  • Craig Austin

    There are 2 questions that explain the existence of tribes, how many of your tribe would you sacrifice to save my tribe? How many of my tribe would you sacrifice to save your tribe? Honest answer, zero and all, polite answer as few as possible and as many as it takes.

  • Edward

    dollops noted: “But as with so many well-intended policies, federal “Indian” management quickly fell into the hands of people who were more inclined toward personal gain and/or nannying, making “Indians” their domesticated herds, milked or driven on any pretext as long as the Indian Industry people got their moolah and power trips.

    Keep in mind that the Trail of Tears was due to a Democrat (the party founded to defend the institution of slavery) president.

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