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The evidence continues to pile up: The government’s strongarm policies against COVID were utter failures

The modern basis of medical research in the dark age
Health policy during the Wuhan panic

Since my last COVID update in June, the number of research papers has continued to show, with increasing force, the total and utter failure of every single one of the draconian edicts imposed on the pubic by leftist governments both in Democratic Party controlled states in the U.S. as well as worldwide.

Below are a small sampling of this accumulating research. Read it and weep.

My sorrow however comes from knowing that this knowledge was patently obvious from day one. This new research really isn’t new, it confirms what was well known, and was confirmed quickly as early as March 2020. However, when skeptics like myself, mostly on the right, desperately tried to stem the panic, it was all to no avail. The government’s edicts were always wrong, but no one wanted to listen. The data below merely confirms what all the data, before and during the Wuhan panic, was already telling us.

First and foremost, the lockdowns, mask, and social distancing mandates did not work.

In April 2020 I wrote:

Their actions have caused the entire economy to collapse, destroyed entire industrial sectors, prevented untold numbers from getting the proper healthcare when needed, and put millions of people out of work. In the end, this government-imposed depression will do far more harm that the Wuhan flu ever could, and do it for a much longer time spell.

That statement has now been proven true, over and over again.

Even as the government destroyed the economy and normal human social interaction, it also forced doctors to administer bad medical advice. During the panic the FDA and NIH both strongly rejected ivermectin as a treatment for COVID — despite ample evidence then that it worked — and encouraged hospitals and administrators to punish and blackball doctors who prescribed it to their patients.

And what have we now learned?

Meanwhile, government officials, led by Joe Biden, insisted that the COVID jab was the only way to protect yourself from the Wuhan flu, and it was so good that those who refused it were killers.

All those statements were lies.

These two stories are only a small sampling of the numerous examples in the past two months that show the jab did relatively little to stop the Wuhan flu, and could even have helped it spread. I also cited a number of other studies in my June post. The shot has only a very limited effectiveness over a very short time. It also can only work on the variant it is designed for, which is usually not the variant that is presently dominant.

And worse, there is now even evidence that the jab actually weakens the immune system, thus resulting in the patient getting COVID again. It also appears that the jab could very well be harmful.

After all this, the CDC finally in mid-August conceded that its recommendations were wrong.

Suddenly, social distancing was pointless, getting the jab provided you no advantage, masking was generally useless, and there was no need for constant testing for COVID. Like every single previous change since the arrival of COVID in 2020, these changes did not cite any new specific scientific research justifying them. The only difference now however is that these new guidelines actually conform closely to what research has taught us in the past hundred-plus years. All the other policy recommendations from the CDC since 2020 — the need for lockdowns, social distancing, and heavy use of masks — were contrary to that long-established data stream. So were the COVID shot mandates, which forced an untested experimental drug on millions, without clear evidence it was safe or effective.

Fortunately, the public has finally begun to catch on. Increasingly people have been ignoring any mask mandates imposed by Democrat politicians, to the point that those petty dictators have begun to abandon them. More important, the public has apparently had enough of the COVID jab.

Is the CDC’s decision to finally revise its guidelines to match the science an indication that our government health officials can now be trusted once again? Hardly. In fact, not at all. A mere two weeks after the CDC revised those guidelines, the FDA approved a new set of COVID boosters, even though no human trials of those shots had been done.

Because the Biden administration has pushed for a fall booster campaign to begin in September, the mRNA vaccine-makers Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna have only had time to test the reformulated shots in mice, not people. That means the Food and Drug Administration is relying on the mice trial data — plus human trial results from a similar vaccine that targets the original omicron strain, called BA.1 — to evaluate the new shots, according to a recent tweet from the FDA commissioner, Dr. Robert Califf.

That could be a potentially risky bet, experts say, if the shots don’t work as well as hoped. [emphasis mine]

The real motive behind this approval was greed. The Biden administration was going to buy the boosters from Pfizer and Moderna, whether anyone used them or not. To make that purchase however required an FDA approval, and so, the health experts at the FDA, all closely linked to these big pharmaceutical companies, gave it.

Let me repeat this, since it has taken so long to get many Americans to finally consider it possible: The government and its health officials cannot be trusted. Nor should one trust your doctors or pharmacists nonchalantly.

Don’t believe me still? Then listen to this phone conversation between a distraught father of a seven-year-old son and his pharmacist. The boy’s mother had brought the boy in to get the jab, was not told about the jab’s potential serious adverse effects, and he has now been diagnosed with a serious case of myocarditis that has reduced his life expectancy as short as five years.

The pharmacist admits they know of this risk, but won’t tell parents about it because “it might scare the parents and they might not want their child vaccinated.” The result is that this man’s child now has a permanent heart condition that could kill him before he becomes a teenager.

The father’s outrage and anger is horrifying, but entirely justified. As he says to the pharmacist, “What is wrong with you? Are you brain-dead?”

Meanwhile, I ask, what about all those skeptics like myself who never trusted the government, and got blacklisted because of this skepticism? We were right then. We are right now. Who will get us our reputations back? Who will end the ostracization and isolation that this vindictive blacklisting culture imposed on me and many others who refused to abide by the government-imposed foolishness?

No one I am sure. Those who have legal cases will likely win them with time, but in far more cases the damage is unrecoverable by the courts. Lives were damaged, and the damage cannot be fixed easily. At a minimum it would require the admission of wrong-doing by those that imposed the blacklist, but don’t expect that to happen. The blacklisters remain in power, and are utterly convinced, despite the evidence, that they were right. Nothing will change their minds.

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  • Cotour

    How timely:

    I just one minute ago was talking with a NYC fireman who is dead tired. His comment?

    “We are so short of guys now I have to fill in all the time”.

    Me: And you know why, right. (And that was a rhetorical question I know that he knows the answer)

    “We lost lots of really good guys because of the vaccine mandate.”

    The result of authoritarian do as I say government oppression.

    (And I know he took the shot because he has a wife and two young kids and a brand-new mortgage)

    But many did not and they were very experienced people and refused to be dictated to.

    No one has the right, especially in government to mandate that a human being have what is unarguably an experimental mRNA drug into their body. With risk there must be choice.

    “Alabama funeral director Richard Hirschman told The Epoch Times that, prior to 2020, he found these fibrous blood clots in around 5% to 10% of the bodies he embalmed. This number has since increased to between 50% and 70%”

    Lots happened in 2020 and there are “mysteries” galore related to it.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    I’ve previously commented on how our Constitution has been incredibly weakened for the last hundred years of American History.
    But the principle of Federalism is not dead yet. Daniel Horowitz has developed an interesting proposal for a ‘Coalition of Federalism’ consisting of governors, attorneys general, and state legislators who utilize federalism to interpose against extreme federal tyranny.
    Here are some key objectives from his article in the Conservative Review:
    * Criminalize the enforcement of any federal COVID mandate – whether by a federal, state, or private actor – within the boundaries of the states. This would include so-called federal lands within the state.
    * Order all education and health care institutions within the state to stop complying with recent edicts on transgenderism or COVID with the threat of severe fines.
    * Block the distribution of any new vaccines that have not been properly studied.
    * Create a commission to study who is responsible for the COVID response and the botched therapeutics, along with an audit of what other therapeutics are in the pipeline that violate bioethical norms.
    * Nullify onerous federal regulations on energy and mineral exploration and production within the coalition of states so that states can begin protecting their residents from the coming nuclear winter on energy use.
    * Impose severe penalties on tech companies that censor political opponents of the regime until they come clean on the scope of collaboration with the federal government against these individuals.
    * Provide legal and financial backing to those political dissidents being targeted by the federal government primarily for their political views.
    Here is the link for the article:

  • GaryMike

    I’m not saying anything about anything.

    Throwing a stone in the pond.

    Just more community speculation.

    With something of a purpose, to be honest.

  • James Street

    The only people afraid of COVID now are loony conspiracy theorists.

  • Edward

    That was a good article that tells me a couple of things.

    Very early in the faux vaccination campaign, doctors were concerned, because, among other health issues, younger women were getting blood clots shortly after being faux vaccinated. The problem. may be far worse than originally suspected.

    Also disturbing is that people who are concerned about the health of the people in society are afraid to speak up about their concerns. If we cannot discuss it, how do we find out the extent of the problem, the cause of the problem, and the solution to the problem?

    What kind of country do we live in when we are afraid to openly discuss health issues that may affect the welfare of the general population? To paraphrase Let’s Go Brandon: this isn’t our fathers’ America.

    When Brandon tells us that to disagree with him is treason, and there are Marines backing him up, no wonder the people are frightened to speak freely. So much for the First Amendment. Brandon was supposed to protect our rights, not threaten us for practicing them.

    Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed Amerika, land of the formerly free, home of those too frightened to speak, threatened by the very military that is sworn to protect these freedoms.

  • Concerned

    Original Mark: I have a name for this proposal—I call it selective secession. The Leftist areas of control have already firmly set the precedent with their “sanctuary” cities and states. If that wasn’t illegal, then neither is any of what you list.

  • GaryMike

    James Street:

    “The only people afraid of Covid now are loony conspiracy theorists.”

    I’ve never had Covid or the vaccines. Truth be told, I’m somewhat more afraid of the vaccines

    Actually, I’m more afraid of the people who think I should not be able to manage my own personal risks as I see fits me

  • Milt

    The real takeaway from all of this is that is that if anyone wanted to destroy our country / culture / society, then deploying the COVID protocols makes perfect sense and is hardly irrational. Remember, for the radical progressives, chaos and death aren’t a bug in the program but one of its primary features.

    As Robert suggests, “Even as the government destroyed the economy and normal human social interaction, it also forced doctors to administer bad medical advice.”


    The ultimate “win” for these Jacobin jihadists is the total destruction of the United States as we have known it so that their shining new one party authoritarian state can be built on its ashes. This is their agenda, their “game,” or whatever you may want to call it, and their response to (if not the actual creations of) the COVID debacle has served to do nothing but further it. (See for a detailed discussion of how “the long march through the institutions of a country” works.)

    The most amazing thing to me is that at least so far, they are still acting — per China Joe’s literal declaration of war against a large segment of the American population — as though there will be absolutely no consequences for any of the the things that they have done, let alone admitting to making any mistakes or accepting any real responsibility. And, along these lines, there still seems to be a total disconnect between the voting public’s understanding of any of this and what is likely to happen in the midterm elections in November.

    That is, all of the “experts” — and even many Republican strategists — still expect that while all of the people harmed by the COVID mandates may vote against the radical progressives on “pocketbook” issues, they will NOT vote against them for anything that has to do with the COVID disaster. There can be no discussion of cause and effect here — that’s just “crazy talk.” Even the man whose son was so horribly damaged by the mRNA “vaccination,” they believe, will probably blacken in the bubble for the D candidate in his state or district race, and nobody (least of all Dr. Oz or even Marco Rubio here in Florida) dares to bring up the government’s deployment of / response to COVID as an election issue.

    At election time, so their reasoning goes, we will all pretend that COVID “never happened” and had no effect on anyone. Sure, The Powers That Be in Washington wrecked the economy, destroyed lives, and killed people, but that’s not something that anyone wants to talk about or connect any dots. God, no. And they are counting on that to remain in power and complete their agenda for a new, Great Reset America.

    PS — There was a fascinating — and somewhat hopeful — discussion of the generational aspects of all of this on the Coast to Coast broadcast for Sep. 5.
    While we may expect that Millennials and Gen Zs will eventually assume power and restore some sanity to our political system (cf, the Fourth Turning), we aging Boomers have our work cut out for us here in the present.

  • GWB

    We had a perfect lab experiment right in the beginning, which gave us all the data that was later confirmed through the progress of the pandemic: the Diamond Princess cruise ship. But panic and drastic measures were preferred.

    the FDA and NIH both strongly rejected ivermectin as a treatment for COVID
    How about the even earlier one, HCQ? That one was known very early on because some French doctors remembered “Hey, we did some research on SARS-1 that proved HCQ effective. I wonder if it would work on SARS-2?”
    But it’s generic and won’t make anyone any extra of that filthy lucre.

    the reformulated shots in mice, not people.
    Yeah. Eight of them. Eight.

    “What is wrong with you? Are you brain-dead?”
    No, just adhering to the dictates of their religious priests and prophets – the experts, the gov’t, and the media.

    Those who have legal cases will likely win them with time
    Justice delayed is justice denied, right?
    The only real justice is for the people who purposely ignored the data in order to produce panic and shut down those who disagreed to go to jail, at a minimum.

    James Street
    September 6, 2022 at 7:35 pm

    The only people afraid of COVID now are loony conspiracy theorists.

    Not true. There are a great many people who internalized the fear produced by the experts and can’t overcome it. There’s no “conspiracy theory” involved – just a fear of death that they shouldn’t have.

  • Concerned

    Milt: The oligarchs aiming to destroy the United States and the free market capitalism upon which it was built, along with the millions of their useful idiots in academia, media, and “education” all worship and closely follow the teachings of their patron saint Karl Marx. According to, he often recited the following: “Everything that exists deserves to perish.”
    This quote was from the demonic character Mephistopheles in Goethe’s play “Faust”, which is a classic in traditional German culture.
    These people and their modern day adherents were literally inspired by The Devil.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Concerned – I very much agree with your assertion that Marxism is at the root of the leftist assault on America.
    Michael Walsh has written an excellent book on the history of the infamous Frankfurt School, which fled National Socialism in Germany and brought international socialism to the US. I recommend his book ‘The Devil’s Pleasure Palace’.
    However, when discussing our current crisis with family & friends, I have found that discussing ‘Marxism’ in America usually produces confusion.
    So since Marxism has a strong utopian element and since the majority of Conservative Americans are familiar with censorship through dystopian social media & the Utopian Green New Deal, I usually use the term ‘Techno-Utopian’ to criticize leftism.
    Many Americans read in High School dystopian novels such as BraveNew World, 1984 & Animal Farm. And Dystopias are a popular subject of many movies.
    As Ed Driscoll noted on InstaPundit back in 2019: “The utopian dream of human perfectability and equality of outcome under an all-powerful state persists and grows in the West. Today, on the 70th anniversary of its 1949 publication, Orwell’s novel “1984,” which exposes the inherent perils of Marxist ideology, is as worthy of study as it was at the height of the Cold War.
    “1984” was not meant as prophecy, but as warning. “I do not believe that the kind of society I describe necessarily will arrive,” Orwell said, “but that something resembling it could arrive.” Has “something resembling it” arrived in the West? Is progressivism that “something”?
    Yes. Next question?”

  • Cotour


    The Extreme Radical Left Got The Phone Call (Copy and share)

    I just realized.

    Have you noticed lately? Where is AOC and her shamefully ignorant *Progressive* radical crew? They are very, very quiet and you have not seen or heard them on your screen talking their verbal Leftist un and anti-American pro Socialist New World Order nonsense for the last couple of months. Not a peep!

    And why is that? Because they got the *PHONE* call from their superiors within the Democrat party machine:

    Democrat party machine bosses to the radical *Progressives*: Disappear from the airwaves and keep your GD mouths shut you are all extreme liabilities going into the midterms!

    (So cute)

  • Edward

    GWB noted: “[Hydroxychloroquine] was known very early on because some French doctors remembered ‘Hey, we did some research on SARS-1 that proved HCQ effective. I wonder if it would work on SARS-2?’

    The U.S. had even stockpiled Hydroxychloroquine in case SARS came back. When it did, in its Wuhan form, The Powers That Be in many states banned its use for SARS-COV-2. Obviously, the object of the exercise was not the health and well-being of the population.

    When the U.S. government took control of our healthcare system through Obamacare, someone warned that when the government controls our healthcare, it controls our lives. The past thirty months proves this to be true.

    Too bad the government does not care a whit about our lives.

  • Cotour

    From S.O.M.: ” Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.” And that is the nature of the beast.

    To think of government in caring paternal ways is pure Pedestrian Realm perspective.

    The entity “Government” and its power and interests are about governments power and interests. The people? They are way down the list if at all. They are but numbers and potential collateral damage.

    In the political warfare that the Constitution structures the people in time as the two sides reveal themselves MUST at some point take control away from those who are not working in the people’s interests.

    It becomes black and white, no middle ground. And that is what will be witnessed in the coming midterms that will if all indicators are correct, and I believe they are, and those in control of the counting are not able to overcome the massive numbers against the status quo, there will be change.

  • Cotour

    “They don’t care about you and me, they care about keeping their jobs”

    “Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.”

  • Edward

    Statistician William Briggs took a look at data from the U.K. and reports that something seems to happen to those who get the faux-vaccination:

    The story roughly seems to be this: Old people died of the coronadoom 1,000 times faster than young. The doom pegged many unvexxed folks at the beginning, regardless of age, but the unvexxed survivors did okay after that, and are now doing the best or are close to the best in overall death from any cause, or even death from the doom itself.

    The vex had some positive effect, but its power waned quickly, even with boosters. And it sure does look like the vex weakened a lot of people so that they died early. They might not have died of the vex per se, but something happened soon after the shots and people succumbed to a range of causes. At wicked high rates. [Bold lettering in original]

    Please note: Briggs uses the words “doom” and “coronadoom” to refer to the Wuhan flu and to mock the reaction to it: despite the low death rate of otherwise healthy people who caught the flu, it was treated and thought of as a death sentence. He refers to the faux-vaccine with words resembling “vex,” a play on words.

    Although correlation does not necessarily mean causation, we should not automatically assume a lack of causation, either. It is hard to not ponder the correlation of the administering of the faux-vaccines with the beginning of the embalmers noting clotted blood or strange fibers in the blood of many of the deceased. Were these the cause or a contributor of death? Was the faux-vaccine the cause or contributor to the clotting? Unfortunately, the scientists at the CDC, WHO, and other government agencies did a poor job of documenting or analyzing effects from faux-vaccination. We trust the CDC to record these things through VAERS( ), but it depends upon self reporting (by doctors or patients), and perhaps not everyone reports these effects or recognizes that they may possibly be related to the faux-vaccine.

    Were I to assume causation, I would conclude from the graphs in the Briggs essay that if the first dose of faux-vaccine didn’t kill you, the second dose might, and if you survived the first three weeks of the third dose (second booster), then your body is more robust than those who didn’t get faux-vaccinated. Congratulations to the jab survivors. Good luck to us all with those fibrous blood clots, though, because the life expectancy of Americans has fallen by a couple of years over the past two years. Could the U.K. data be similar to what happened in the U.S.? If so, could reduced life expectancy be a second correlation?

    There were hardly enough deaths of the elderly to account for a two year reduction in life expectancy, because the Wuhan flu mostly killed elderly people with co-morbidities, the population that previously had a short time to live — but a time during which they could have been with families and friends. Instead, they tended to die early while being frightened and alone. Since the lost elderly don’t account for the reduced life expectancy, it must be due to the increased mortality of the younger generations, which Briggs’s second set of graphs show were around twice the rate of the non-Wuhan/non-faux-vaccinated rate (a proxy for pre-Wuhan death rate?) in the U.K.

    Outside of the original trials, performed by the manufacturers, that led to the authorization of the emergency use of the faux-vaccines, there have been shockingly few controlled studies. Thus, analyses of the course of Wuhan flu as well as analyses of the reactions to it now must rely on poorly collected and poorly understood data. This is why Briggs can only suggest that a reason for reduced death rates in the most vulnerable age groups is due to the most vulnerable of the most vulnerable having died earlier in the outbreak, thus no longer available to be killed by Wuhan flu or other causes today.

    Perhaps death rates in the pure (un-faux-vaccinated) younger age groups (60) the first two doses become more and more deadly with passing time.

    Robert’s embedded audio of the angry father demonstrates that the damage being done by the faux-vaccine is not just death but other permanent health issues, issues lasting the rest of the victims’ lives, no matter how short that new lifetime may be.

    Robert wrote: “My sorrow however comes from knowing that this knowledge [the total and utter failure of every single one of the draconian edicts imposed on the pubic by leftist governments] was patently obvious from day one.

    It was obvious from day one, because they violated well known and understood reactions to flu and disease. This knowledge is a century or more old, and for over a century few non-medical reactions have been developed. The two best and most effective reactions are to stay home in bed when ill and to wash hands frequently, even when not ill.

    Social distancing didn’t work and never has. Quarantining the healthy didn’t work and never has. Denying effective medication to the ill didn’t work and never has. Sending the ill into congregations of the most vulnerable of the most vulnerable didn’t work, and never has been done before, because it is an outrageously stupid thing to do. Wearing masks didn’t work and never has, and was well known to not work due to many, many scientific studies of masks, performed over the past century by doctors and scientists desperate to find additional and better ways to prevent the spread of the flu. (I’ll let someone else rant about the ill effects of shutting down schools and businesses along with their jobs.) True vaccines have worked in the past, even eliminating small pox, but despite this being advertised as a vaccine, it is not a vaccine at all (although some people continue to believe the lie), at least not without changing the definition of the word. Mandating an experimental pharmaceutical — mandating an experimental drug — on everyone has never been done before, because it is a colossally stupid thing to do.

    And oh, look! The experimental faux-vaccine turns out to be neither safe nor effective. Why do we even have an FDA when the government “experts” are just going to demand that we all guzzle snake oil? Is the CDC on the side of controlling disease or the side of preventing us from having the known treatments? Let’s Go Brandon promised that if we got the shot, we would never get the Wuhan flu, but he, himself, was fully faux-vaccinated and fully faux-boosted and not only got the Wuhan flu but relapsed days after recovery. Oh! The same thing happened to his wife, the doctor. Promises made, promises broken.

    In the past, I have called this entire situation as a cluster [bleep], as described in the movie Heartbreak Hill, but this goes far beyond a cluster. This is a worldwide bleep, and we all got bleeped.

  • I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

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