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Midnight repost: The Democratic Party of thugs and goons

The indictment of Donald Trump this week on bogus charges by a local New York Democratic Party machine politician, done for entirely political reasons, once again illustrates the ugliness of that party. Seems therefore appropriate to repost this August 2022 essay. The only thing that has changed since then an increase in the aggressive, vicious, and violent nature of the Democrats and their allies in the various LBGQTBIBOC etc queer and bigoted identity movements. They are acting with ever greater impunity, while we certainly have not seen any clear evidence that the decent population of the United States has risen up in outrage. Instead, it increasingly appears they are bowing their heads in fear, and letting the bullies win.

It also appears that even if decent Americans finally now step up with outrage, it will be too little too late. For far too long they slept, and now they reap the whirlwind.

The Democratic Party of thugs and goons

Rick, stating the truth in Casablanca
Will the Trump raid finally wake Americans up?

While the outrage and fury has only begun to rise over the unjustified raid of the home of former President Donald Trump yesterday by the FBI, ordered by Biden Justice Department with a warrant issued by an Obama-supporting judge with ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex operation, nothing about that raid was anything new or startling. For the past seven years, since Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, the Democratic Party and its supporters have increasingly acted like Nazi storm-troopers, willing, able, and eager to crush their opponents at every opportunity, and to do so cruelly and with great viciousness.

I therefore ask, shouldn’t we have exhibited the same amount of rage and fury for the hundreds and hundreds of ordinary Americans these same thugs have harassed and ruined since 2016? Why did it take a raid on Trump to finally bring that rage to the forefront?

Two Americans committed suicide because of Biden administration persecution after they dared protest the questionable election of Joe Biden on January 6th. What about them?

Scores of conservative FBI agents in the past two years have been fired from their jobs, simply because they did not agree politically with the Democrats. What about them?

What about the arrest by the FBI of a Republican candidate for Michigan governor, simply because he had also protested on January 6th the questionable election of thug Joe Biden? Or the threats of violence and murder against Supreme Court justices by leftist Democratic Party allies?

What about the effort by Biden’s labor board to shut down the conservative outlet The Federalist, simply because its founder sent out an anti-union joke?

What about the former Trump lawyer whose career was destroyed, simply because he was a former lawyer of Trump?

These stories are only a small sampling of the political abuses of power exercised by Democrats and the Biden administration time after time against their political opponents in just the last eighteen months. The list is long and painful to read.

Nor have Democrats and their allies limited their threats and cruelty merely to their political enemies. What about the second-grader who was punished because she wanted to talk about Christianity? Or the 9-year-old boy who was denied a kidney transplant, because his donor for medical reasons refused to get the Biden-mandated COVID jab? Or the scores of doctors blacklisted because they did not agree with Biden mandates and CDC policies?

These actions, mere examples from many others I could cite, were endorsed and encouraged by the Democratic Party, a party of jack-booted thugs whose only interest is power and smashing its boot into the face of anyone who opposes it, from little kids to mature adults. It has proposed laws to require the censorship on social media of anyone who disagrees with it. It has proposed laws and amendments to the Constitution intended to cancel the Bill of Rights. Its politicians routinely endorse racial discrimination and press censorship.

Democrats, both in and outside that party, have shown themselves in the past seven years to be out-of-control tyrants willing to abuse power at every opportunity to enforce their will and to destroy their opponents. The raid on Trump’s house yesterday was nothing new, merely the most recent and outrageous public exhibit of the Democratic Party’s ugly vindictive nature, proven time after time since 2017 by its nonchalant and eager willingness to crush ordinary people mercilessly, merely because they did not kow-tow to its whims.

Yet only now do I sense the possibility that we might finally see the kind of proper outrage and fury against this kind of injustice. Preventing a 9-year-old from getting a kidney transplant didn’t do it. Arresting a Republican candidate for office didn’t do it. Causing two people to commit suicide because of Justice Department persecution didn’t do it.

Only now, with the raid by the FBI on home of a powerful former president, might we finally see the correct level of national outrage against the Democrats’ “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the … design to [put Americans] under absolute Despotism.” That it took an attack on Trump and none of the earlier abuses to bring out this wrath is somewhat shameful.

Nonetheless, it will be a good thing if the American people finally rise up in just indignation and anger because of the raid on Trump’s house. That raid is merely a preamble to much worse actions by this Democratic Party of thugs if something is not done to stop it. It fears its almost certain defeat in the November election, and is gearing up to do whatever it can to prevent that from happening, from election fraud to riots to military raids to physical attacks on its political opponents. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Americans of all stripes have got to finally come to grips with the evil of this ugly party and its supporters. None of its many abuses of power and harsh violations of freedom and law in the past seven years have managed to make Americans wake up.

Maybe the raid on Trump’s home might finally make it happen. Maybe this raid could be a real harbinger of good news, bringing about the long deserved and long delayed true revolt against the leftist dictatorship of the Democratic Party.

Lovers of freedom and the American dream can only hope. Because if this raid does not wake Americans up, then it will simply be too late, and the despots in Washington (from both parties) will surely win.

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  • wayne

    The Man In The High Castle –
    Season 4 Episode 3
    “Direct Action”

  • Gary H

    Why was this done?

    This was a calculated move and not just the actions of the crazy left who hates Trump. There is too much at stake for mindless hate to be the motivator. Was it done to insure that Trump becomes the Republican nominee thinking that this will result in a 2020 repeat, or did they believe that this would stop Trump. We still must see the indictment, but if reports are accurate, they can’t believe that he will be convicted, or will he be convicted in a city where everything is blue? Surely, if convicted the conviction will be overturned So, what do they hope to gain? Are they depending upon a violent public reaction and a media that will once again characterize this as MAGA violence? Will they stop Trump from leaving the state during the trial? This isn’t an emotional reaction, but a calculated move by those that control the Democratic Party, but who is this? Rice? Obama? Soros? ??

    There is one last possibility, which I have discounted. This isn’t about hush money, but something more serious that hasn’t yet been disclosed.

  • John S.

    “Why was this done?”

    Excellent question, especially with all that has gone before in US presidential politics from JFK to Bill Clinton to Jeffrey Epstein to Joe Biden!

    Asking that question, really the Socratic method, through as wide a public distribution as possible will evoke the corruption of US federal politics more than any other avenue (except for perhaps Mr Zimmerman’s essays). Even the complicit, senseless US demographic would have to face their own mental fecklessness.

  • Ray Van Dune

    What I do not understand is why the Democraps are allowing the precedent of indicting a former President to be set. Do they really think they and their media toadies can cover up the millions that flowed from China, Ukraine, et al to the Biden family?

    Either that, or perhaps they hope that Joe will finally crash in office and thus be un-prosecutable? But Kamala should be an easy opponent for 2024, right?

  • Milt

    For anyone who pays much attention to history, the Democrats’ well coordinated lawfare against Donald Trump and conservatives / Christians in general bears an unsettling resemblance to what happened to the Weimar Republic in the 1930s. Indeed, if you watch the BBC’s multi-part series on the rise of Hitler and the Nazis in Germany (recently broadcast by PBS in this country), you will have a distinct and unsettling sense of déjà vu:

    In the BBC’s dramatic — and very watchable — retelling of this story, much attention is made of how the Nazis systematically took over all of the institutions of the Wiemar Republic, including, most notably, its police, its courts, and eventually the entire justice system in order to seize total control of the German government and German society. All of this “institutional capture” is depicted by the use of telling examples (and flow charts) that show how every center of power was eventually occupied either by the Nazis or complicit Nazi sympathizers.

    Fast forward ninety years, and it is easy enough to discern that the same step by step perversion of Germany’s institutions is being implemented by “our” government today, and it has adopted exactly the same tactics in subverting the judicial system to destroy its political enemies. From the installment of George Soros-funded district attorneys in places like New York to the use of selective law enforcement to hobble its enemies and embolden its friends, the radical left has adopted *precisely* the same techniques that were used to destroy the institutions of German society almost a century ago. The truly amazing thing is that they are doing all of this in an open, in your face (what are you going to “do” about it?) fashion* so that nobody can possibly miss the point. “Bend to our will, do not try to oppose us, or we will destroy you.” Exactly as they are now attempting to do to Donald Trump.

    *For those with some knowledge of occult doctrine, such disclosure is called “the revelation of the method.”

    The irony, of course, is that this series is apparently being aired by Public Broadcasting as a cautionary tale about how Donald Trump and his followers — including the January 6th Insurrectionists** — have attempted to take over the American government and “destroy our democracy” in the same way that Hitler and his followers took over Germany. And, so that no one misses the point, one of the narrators makes this analogy — Trump = Hitler and Christians / conservatives = the Nazis — completely explicit in terms of what the viewer is supposed to carry away from all of this. Thus it is Donald Trump and the “far right” — analogous to Adolph Hitler and the Nazis — who are threatening America, and they must be stopped at any cost!

    ** Continuing the analogy, this would be our version of the Reichstag Fire.

    In watching this all play out, one of two things may happen. First, the intended message will be sent, and everyone will learn just how futile it is — just ask General Flynn and, now, Former President Trump — to buck The Powers That Be in the Biden administration.
    Mission accomplished: conservatives will cower in fear, and many, if not most of the people in blue cities and states*** will cheer as freedom is extinguished in this country.

    ***It is a troubling thing to acknowledge, but among its viewers, the BBC series probably serves as more of a Rorschach test — most people in blue states and cities will (as intended) come away seeing Trump as the equivalent of Hitler and Christians and conservatives as Nazi-like domestic terrorists — and not as a (mostly) objective account of how the institutions of a society can be subverted and used for evil ends by people on both the right and the left. As Paul Simon observes, “a man hears what he wants to hear…”

    Or — less likely, but one can hope — enough people (perhaps even elected Republican officials?) will become so outraged by this kind of intolerable perversion of justice that they will finally find the courage to do something to oppose these evil sons and daughters of per-
    dition, whether this is simply voting them out of office and refusing to cower before them in fear. The “catch” is that we as responsible people still have to work within the institutions that we are trying (at long last) to preserve, and we — of all people — are bound to abide by the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

    Let us hope that we succeed where the good people of Germany failed.

  • Cotour


    From Lois Learner using her position and considerable administrative power within the IRS as a political weapon to deny the opposition Conservative Americans their free speech and suffering no consequences for those overt illegal actions under the Obama administration.

    To the Fast and Furious attempt by Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder during the Obama administration to clandestinely funnel high powered guns into the hands of the Mexican Cartel in order to further erode the Second Amendment in America and implement gun confiscation. No government administration wants the people armed, ask Hitler, Moa, Pol Pot and Stalin.

    To James Comey using his position as the head of the FBI to shield Hillary Clinton from indictment and prosecution in the Bleach Bit destruction of 30 thousand what can only be assumed to be very highly questionable and implicating government related emails related to her time as Secretary of State held on her private server and the physical destruction of the associated drives and phones. And under “Ma Barkers” reign one of the very consequential things that occurred? Hillary and her husband, you remember him, has over $125 MILLION dollars funneled into their Clinton Foundation from who? The actual Russians. For what? Her signing off on and apparent facilitating the Uranium One purchase from American hands into the possession of the actual Russians. Don’t believe me?

    To the use of the “Russian Collusion” Steele Dossier paid for by “Ma Barker” (H.C.) in the lawfare attempted political assassination of her opponent in the 2016 presidential election, which she lost.

    To every fraudulent lawfare Soviet style prosecution of a sitting president in order to derail what turned out to be a very successful America oriented presidency. And it is a long, long unprecedented in history list of radical political strategy executed with the destruction and gutting of our established American parameters of political warfare rules and conventions being the end goal in my opinion.

    To the now strategic indictment of the leading presidential candidate in opposition to the Democrat party machines as of yet unannounced 2024 presidential candidate by a district attorney in NYC who is a part of the “progressive” movement in the country paid for and installed by radical organizations that have been consistently destroying the many major cities in America that they now control. SEE: Seattle, Portland, San Fransisco, Chicago, New York City etc. Destruction, chaos, criminality and dependency, the four horsemen of the Democrat party.

    From 2019, AMAC: “So, these Democrat mayors – with good intention – are leading cities deep in poverty, weak on tax base, infrastructure, employers, trained citizens, and policies to attract corporate investment. They lead the nation in murder, manslaughter, robbery and aggravated assault.” (You know, with “good intention”, what could go wrong?)

    This is political warfare of the first order and the Democrat axiom “By any means necessary” should take on a more weighty and dire meaning to you as an American. Your personal hatred for anyone should never trump (no pun intended) our American foundation of justice and governance, which all of this does. But, this is political warfare and we all know that there are no rules in either love or war.

    Johnathan Turley, Constitutional law professor: “Trump would apparently have been better off robbing Stormy Daniels at gunpoint rather than paying her off for a nondisclosure agreement.”

    From Strategy Over Morality: “EXPLANATION: Strategy Over Morality describes a two-tiered “conversation” between a Public and their Politically Empowered Leadership where the Public believes there is only a single, no tiered conversation occurring. And that single conversation is assumed by the Public to relate to the Public’s morality and truth model perspective. ” jgl

    Are you paying attention yet America?

  • Gary H

    So few responses to this essay.

    Maybe the answer is even more simple and less focused on Trump. Perhaps information overload and a total loss of faith in institutions is the goal.

    Perhaps anarchy was and has been the goal. If so, who, or rather what country benefits from US anarchy?

  • Cotour

    Gary H:


    This political warfare is multi leveled and is fought on multiple fronts with the end goal driven by the radical Left agenda which is to destroy as much of the America as founded that we all know and understand with all of its warts, perversions and corruptions which is designed to be open for all to see works best for the people.

    These radicals do not subscribe to that truth, they have their own truth, and their truth is based in the CCP / Socialist type model of authoritarian government structure and mandated behavior.

    An effective Constitution is a pain in the buttocks when it comes to the acquisition of and retention of political power and domination.

    Its all a psyops and it is truly political warfare of the first order, nothing by mistake. They will take what they can.

    S.O.M.: CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Politically empowered Political Realm leadership is ultimately about the fundamental exercise of power and “IT’s” subjective agenda interests and “IT’s” political power prevailing. jgl

    And this I believe goes over most people’s heads and they tend to see the politics of the day as just being the same old thing they have seen throughout their lives. BUT IT IS NOT.

  • Gary H


    During the Tiananmen Square incident, my girlfriend was from Hong Kong, so we dutifully protested outside of the Chinese consulate in San Francisco. I also had a friend who was an FBI agent and worked out of a local FBI office,. According to him, much of the FBI resources were in counter intelligence against the Chinese, who were trying to infiltrate hi tech. It is my contention that the Chinese have been at war with United States prior to this and have invested a lot of money and resources into disrupting American society and culture. I believe that this war will be openly violent within the next five years. it is quite discouraging to see the ties between the Biden family and the Chinese. I seriously question if we have woken up in time.

  • Sippin_bourbon

    The culture wars are upon us.

    The left started years ago, and most had no idea. We are playing catch up. And too many think if they cede ground that will pacify the enemy. This is naive self delusion.

  • James Street

    “the FBI”

    (who are not gay)

    “then it will simply be too late, and the despots in Washington (from both parties) will surely win.”

    I think there is still plenty of time left on the clock before we reach that point of no return, but things will get way worse before they start to get better.

    Trump’s inspiring response to Alvin Bragg’s political indictment against him:
    3 minute video

  • Jeff Wright

    Guys—the reason the GOP stood by and let this happen is that they are owned by the donor class who will no more bail a Trump voter out of jail than pay a living wage.

    That’s your problem.

  • Jeff, it’s deeper than the donors..

    The GOP, including much of its base, prioritizes “nice” over our rights to the point they can’t raise an effective defense of them.

    If this was just about me, I might be inclined to go with the flow of “nice”.

    But it’s not just about me.

    It is about respect for the unalienable rights of EACH and EVERY one of my neighbors – not just those deemed “victims” by the Pedestaled Elite.

    Respect that Progressives sorely lack … respect that was embodied in Donald Trump’s policies, to a far greater degree than anyone else available for the office; more so than any President in my lifetime except for the first one I cast a vote for – Reagan.

    It is because of that, and my respect for my neighbors’ rights, that I will support Donald Trump despite his human shortcomings, until BOTH SIDES of the political divide extend, at a minimum, the respect he has for INDIVIDUAL liberty and life.

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