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The Democratic Party of thugs and goons

Rick, stating the truth in Casablanca
Will the Trump raid finally wake Americans up?

While the outrage and fury has only begun to rise over the unjustified raid of the home of former President Donald Trump yesterday by the FBI, ordered by Biden Justice Department with a warrant issued by an Obama-supporting judge with ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex operation, nothing about that raid was anything new or startling. For the past seven years, since Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, the Democratic Party and its supporters have increasingly acted like Nazi storm-troopers, willing, able, and eager to crush their opponents at every opportunity, and to do so cruelly and with great viciousness.

I therefore ask, shouldn’t we have exhibited the same amount of rage and fury for the hundreds and hundreds of ordinary Americans these same thugs have harassed and ruined since 2016? Why did it take a raid on Trump to finally bring that rage to the forefront?

Two Americans committed suicide because of Biden administration persecution after they dared protest the questionable election of Joe Biden on January 6th. What about them?

Scores of conservative FBI agents in the past two years have been fired from their jobs, simply because they did not agree politically with the Democrats. What about them?

What about the arrest by the FBI of a Republican candidate for Michigan governor, simply because he had also protested on January 6th the questionable election of thug Joe Biden? Or the threats of violence and murder against Supreme Court justices by leftist Democratic Party allies?

What about the effort by Biden’s labor board to shut down the conservative outlet The Federalist, simply because its founder sent out an anti-union joke?

What about the former Trump lawyer whose career was destroyed, simply because he was a former lawyer of Trump?

These stories are only a small sampling of the political abuses of power exercised by Democrats and the Biden administration time after time against their political opponents in just the last eighteen months. The list is long and painful to read.

Nor have Democrats and their allies limited their threats and cruelty merely to their political enemies. What about the second-grader who was punished because she wanted to talk about Christianity? Or the 9-year-old boy who was denied a kidney transplant, because his donor for medical reasons refused to get the Biden-mandated COVID jab? Or the scores of doctors blacklisted because they did not agree with Biden mandates and CDC policies?

These actions, mere examples from many others I could cite, were endorsed and encouraged by the Democratic Party, a party of jack-booted thugs whose only interest is power and smashing its boot into the face of anyone who opposes it, from little kids to mature adults. It has proposed laws to require the censorship on social media of anyone who disagrees with it. It has proposed laws and amendments to the Constitution intended to cancel the Bill of Rights. Its politicians routinely endorse racial discrimination and press censorship.

Democrats, both in and outside that party, have shown themselves in the past seven years to be out-of-control tyrants willing to abuse power at every opportunity to enforce their will and to destroy their opponents. The raid on Trump’s house yesterday was nothing new, merely the most recent and outrageous public exhibit of the Democratic Party’s ugly vindictive nature, proven time after time since 2017 by its nonchalant and eager willingness to crush ordinary people mercilessly, merely because they did not kow-tow to its whims.

Yet only now do I sense the possibility that we might finally see the kind of proper outrage and fury against this kind of injustice. Preventing a 9-year-old from getting a kidney transplant didn’t do it. Arresting a Republican candidate for office didn’t do it. Causing two people to commit suicide because of Justice Department persecution didn’t do it.

Only now, with the raid by the FBI on home of a powerful former president, might we finally see the correct level of national outrage against the Democrats’ “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the … design to [put Americans] under absolute Despotism.” That it took an attack on Trump and none of the earlier abuses to bring out this wrath is somewhat shameful.

Nonetheless, it will be a good thing if the American people finally rise up in just indignation and anger because of the raid on Trump’s house. That raid is merely a preamble to much worse actions by this Democratic Party of thugs if something is not done to stop it. It fears its almost certain defeat in the November election, and is gearing up to do whatever it can to prevent that from happening, from election fraud to riots to military raids to physical attacks on its political opponents. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Americans of all stripes have got to finally come to grips with the evil of this ugly party and its supporters. None of its many abuses of power and harsh violations of freedom and law in the past seven years have managed to make Americans wake up.

Maybe the raid on Trump’s home might finally make it happen. Maybe this raid could be a real harbinger of good news, bringing about the long deserved and long delayed true revolt against the leftist dictatorship of the Democratic Party.

Lovers of freedom and the American dream can only hope. Because if this raid does not wake Americans up, then it will simply be too late, and the despots in Washington (from both parties) will surely win.


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  • Cotour


    As we witness the extreme desperate abuses of power in America today by the current administration (D), we clearly see political warfare of the first order. The last president that stood against the status quo three letter government agency salad?

    JFK, “retired” against his will.

    Your perspective, my perspective and most all others in the Pedestrian Realm is moral, theirs in the Political Realm is not. Theirs is all about strategy and the acquisition of and the retention of power and preserving the status quo within which their power lives.

    Strategy Over Morality – CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.

  • sippin_bourbon

    The Democrats play the long game.

    We are 3 months from election day, which means in many places, early voting starts in 60 days or less.

    They did the raid yesterday. I am guessing we will see one of two tactics.
    They will drip out info, founded or unfounded, to keep up pressure, and so provide a constant flow of ammo to Democrat candidates that are running against candidates that were backed by Trump. The idea here is that they continue to try and Tarnish the Trump brand, and transfer that tarnish to the myriad of Trump backed candidates that have now won their primaries.
    The other is that will sit and wait 30 or 45 days, and then drop what they believe will be another bombshell (“you won’t believe what we found in the search!”). They hope this will force many Trump supporters to sit this one out.

    They have known about the polls, and how far behind they are. The J-6 show trials were not getting the response they hoped. They have probably been planning this option for sometime. Timing is everything, and in politics, there are no coincidences.

  • The numerous comparisons with Gestapo and KGB do not fully capture what is going on here.

    This should be compared to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran.

    Because it is driven by the BELIEF of fundamentalist zealots that they are the only ones who can be right … and therefore all who dissent are evil and can be dealt with by any expedient means … with life, liberty and due process respected only when a fellow fundamentalist is the alleged violator of the law.

    They have become everything that they decry.

  • Cotour

    Keep it coming, they cannot help themselves now, they are all in and all desperate.

    All is being revealed to the people and ultimately, they will be the deciding factor.

    The Constitution gives you all the rope you need to hang yourself.

  • David Eastman

    I take it as a very small, yet hopeful sign, that many of my liberal acquittances that have been happy to post comments, retweet, share comics, etc every time there is some rumor of an investigation or indictment of anyone on the liberal hit list are almost completely silent today. Maybe there is some tiny little fragment of doubt beginning to percolate into their awareness. Because otherwise, this is just going to inflame the division further. The one person who isn’t silent today honestly believes that this is justice being done by the heroic saviors of our republic. The fact that millions of her fellow Americans are FURIOUS and have lost all belief in the integrity of our federal government just doesn’t matter to her at all.

  • David Eastman: You might want to email this female fascist acquaintance the full list of all my blacklist stories:

    Challenge her to defend every story (the little girl punished for being a Christian and the little boy denied a kidney transplant especially come to mind). She won’t, but this might force her to shut up.

  • David Eastman

    There’s no point, and that’s the problem. She wouldn’t even bother to read it, and if she did, she would assume it’s just biased reporting and that there was a legitimate reason for every bit of it. Her mind is completely closed and she’s completely encapsulated in a liberal bubble. And the horrible irony is that she is completely convinced that the media is in fact biased to the right, that big tech will censor liberal thought more quickly and often than conservative, and it’s those of us on the right who are being led completely astray by Fox-based misinformation. There’s simply no reaching these people. And if you try hard enough, you find that you’re talking to empty air as they’ve blocked you. And told everyone else in the community how awful and offensive you are, and suddenly you’re not welcome at the events and activities where you met them in the first place. But no, it’s not us that have to watch every word we say lest we get shunned, it’s them!

  • David Eastman: Yeah, the person you describe is very familiar to me.

  • David, if you get the opportunity, ask her this as nicely as possible:

    How can the “experts” and “leaders” you put so much trust in, ever know YOU well enough to get the answers right for YOU from the top down?

    For that simple logical fallacy, is the cognitive-dissonant root of all her other beliefs.

  • Mitch S.

    When I am with someone like the woman you described I don’t try to challenge or debate them – they will simply shut you off.
    Simply behave politely, kindly, ethically, morally. Be an example of a good person.
    Remember a person like that is suffering from derangement syndrome, treat them like anyone else with a psychiatric disorder.
    They may very well go to their grave secure in their belief bubble. But if they aren’t too far gone, eventually they will see the ugliness of their side and hopefully will remember your mature, ethical behavior and realize that you are the one who truly cares, who has a real grasp on what can provide the most benefit to the most people.

    I have seen it happen. Just the other day I was talking to a relative who is a lifelong liberal Dem. I brought up my concerns that the Dems have gone so overboard attacking Trump that they are inflaming the right ( I can talk some politics but approach it from her world view and it’s conversation not confrontation). She said “People don’t realize that just because I won’t vote for Republicans doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for Democrats”. Hey, if she takes that into the voting booth it’s a step in the right direction!

  • Mitch S.

    Sure we express our outrage and anger in discussion and comment.
    But do you really want to grab attention? Do you really want to freak the left?
    Fork over some dollars to Trump and the Republicans/Conservatives/allies.
    The money flows are what get seriously watched.
    I just made some modest (but even small amounts count) donations to Trump’s PAC, my local Republican congressional candidate and (holding my nose) the RNC.
    I also gave to Project Veritas which from what I can see, has done excellent work exposing the left, particularly the media.
    Judging from the left’s efforts to destroy Veritas it must be hitting the targets.

    I have absolutely no connection to any of there groups (and frankly do feel a bit slimy giving to the RNC, especially through WinRed which I figure they skim off a cut for themselves and their cronies) but this isn’t a choice between bad politicians and good ethical Americans. It’s a choice between completely corrupt totalitarian leaning near psychopathic ant-American politicians and their allies (with the power to do real damage) and selfish, egotistical politicians with some sense of their limitations that understand a healthy America is to their benefit.

  • James Street

    Unless it’s a sting operation

  • Edward

    The people I am hearing that are upset about the Trump warrant are the same people that I heard be upset about the other events that you mentioned. I am hearing very few new voices. David Eastman says that the other side is completely silent, but that means little. A couple of Republican politicians seem to be giving lip service to this outrage, but they did the same for several of the previous events, yet their lack of action for all these events screams much louder than their words. The difference between these same-old same-old voices is that only now are most of them finally admitting that the U.S. is now a tyranny. In previous years and months, they were warning that the U.S. was becoming a tyranny. For them, we have finally arrived. For me, we have been here for years.

    I have been welcoming people into Obama’s fundamentally transformed Amerika for eight years, People keep telling us that the “next” election is the most important one of our lives (always it is the “next” election), but the most important election was 2008, when we allowed a communist into the White House, where he fundamentally transformed America into the police state that it is today and has been since even before Trump was elected. This is why the FBI was able to “Flynn” General Flynn. This is why the FBI let Hillary Clinton get away with multiple felonies. This is why the IRS and the (In)Justice department let Lois Lerner get way with throwing an election, and why the Republican Party let her and others get away with it and with throwing other elections, too.

    The government and both political parties are literally at war with We the People and have brought to bear the government’s most powerful weapons, the IRS, the (In)Justice department, the “fourth estate” — the news media — they have included a “fifth estate” — social media — the courts are largely against us, and even the Supreme Court, which was supposed to protect our rights but instead spent half a century to a century attacking them. Two months ago, the Supremes moved toward sanity and protected some of our rights, but the rest of the government now refuses to protect them, the Supreme Court Justices, from the Democratic Party’s mob of thugs and goons. We really don’t have much of a chance especially now that the IRS is doubling in size.

    Robert, you wrote: “Nonetheless, it will be a good thing if the American people finally rise up in just indignation and anger because of the raid on Trump’s house.

    It would have to be the American people, because it isn’t going to be the people that we hired to protect us and our rights. I suspect that, just as with Sri Lanka and the Soviet Union, it will have to be food shortages before We the People do anything about the indignation and anger; there was quite a bit of anger with the recent baby formula shortage, but still no action. We already have put up with far, far more than I think we would have in the 1970s, when we would have recognized tyranny and communism in our own country. Modern America is willing to put up with a lot of Marxism, child abuse in our schools, and hunger of our children.

    Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed Amerika, land of the formerly free, home of the thugs.

  • Edward: I recognize your justified cynicism about the Republican Party. My hope rests on the number of incumbents Republican voters have thrown out this primary season, with the new people almost 100% Trump endorsed and appearing as strongly willing to fight as he has been. These new Republicans, such as all the ones that won in Arizona last week, are not the same as the old Republicans.

    I also recognize your justified dissatisfaction with Trump, since he failed utterly to drain the swamp when he had the power to do so. However, I consider that failure’s cause not his unwillingness to do it, but his failure to recognize the seriousness of the problem. He also was somewhat naive as a elected official at the beginning, willing even to negotiate with Pelosi and Schumer, until he quickly found out they were scum not worth talking to. He needed to hire and fire a lot of people before he had a staff and cabinet he actually could trust, taking several years, and even then he had some wolves hidden among the sheep.

    Your pessimism is likely also fueled a great deal by your residency in the fascist state of California. You are surrounded by the worst, with little hope for change.

    Outside of these fascist Democratic Party-controlled states, I think there is strong room for hope. What the Biden administration did yesterday was so blatantly an abuse of power it is impossible for even Democrats to defend it. This is why they are staying silent. And the longer they are forced to do so, the harder it will be for them.

  • Jeff Wright

    The CIA was behind Watergate break-ins..the FBI this ‘legal’ break in. The goal here with Bidengate is to provoke someone into violence so they can ride that story awhile.

  • Andrew_W

    Criminal Lawyer Breaks Down the Raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

  • Blackgriffin

    Dear Mr. Zimmerman:
    Could you please include a button to share on Gab?

  • Jeff Wright

    Bidengate Break-In…. that’s the name.

  • Cotour

    “since he failed utterly to drain the swamp when he had the power to do so.”

    Trump (Nor anyone else) had noooo idea just how big, how deep and expensive the swamp was and remains, not one clue. Much like fooling yourself thinking you understand just how big and expansive the universe is.

    And Trump waltzes into the presidency displacing the next in line heir apparent, Ma Barker, and begins to dismantle the entire culture of dependency Democrat money machine that has taken 50 plus years to construct?

    AND now he wants to revisit his unfinished job and he now knows where to start and is no longer naive?

    If I were him, I would double my security and start wearing a BP vest.

    By any means necessary will they operate, and they are not fooling around.

    But at the same time as they become more and more desperate, they reveal more and more of themselves and their intent to the public so the public can be better informed. And that as insane as this will become is really what this is all about. Compliments of?

    THE CONSTITUTION. Keep it coming Democrats.

  • Cotour


    “Trump (Nor anyone else) had noooo idea just how big, how deep and expensive the swamp was and remains,”

    Expensive should have read *Expansive*, but Expensive works also.

  • Cotour

    El Salvador President Nayib Bukele: “What would the US Government say, if OUR police raided the house of one of the main possible contenders of OUR 2024 presidential election?”

    Under the administration of the perverted, corrupt and desperate Democrat party machine this is what they have dragged the country down to, the level of El Salvador.

    Their desperation to retain power knows no bounds, it is the nature of the beast.

    And the beast must be slain.×1174.jpg

    And it will not be accomplished with Love :)

  • Cotour

    Under the administration of the perverted, corrupt and desperate Democrat party machine this is what they have dragged the country down to, the level of El Salvador.

    I guess the democrats are making the American government more comfortable and recognizable for its new citizens?

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Mr. Z. – Given what you have written about our Authoritarian Regime and its Media collaborators, I respectfully ask that you reconsider your support for ISW as your primary source for information on the the Ukraine War.

    I have linked to an article from early June that asks ‘Why do America’s elite media outlets trust the Institute for the Study of War for all of their on-the-ground Ukraine information?’.

    Here is an excerpt:
    “That’s why if you see an op-ed on Ukraine—or Afghanistan or Iran or whatever—written by somebody at a think tank, the chances are good that the think tank has gotten money from defense contractors. And if you see a think tanker on cable news talking about those subjects, ditto. Not to mention the fact that, as Aditi Ramaswami and Andrew Perez documented in Jacobin, many talking heads who opine on the Ukraine war are getting money from the arms makers themselves (just as many Afghanistan war talking heads did).
    I’m not saying the talking heads you see are shills. Think tanks don’t pay people to say things they don’t believe. Think tanks hire people who already believe things the funders of the think tanks want everyone—including you—to believe.
    The sincerity with which these experts can thus profess their beliefs is one reason American propaganda is inconspicuous. Another reason is institutional diversity: different newspapers, different cable channels, different think tanks!
    This much diversity is better than less diversity—one of many reasons I’d rather live in America than in Russia. Still, sometimes the diversity belies a deeper narrative unity, a unity grounded in the power of highly motivated special interests. And that’s especially true when the subject is national security.
    Supporting Ukraine is a good cause. But undiscerning support is never a good policy. And it’s especially not good in the current situation—a war involving a nuclear superpower and various regional tinderboxes. So any impediments to a clear view of what’s going on in Ukraine, however subtle they may be, are things we should try to identify and overcome. And if you ask, “What impediments?” the answer is: “That’s what I mean.”

    FYI – One of my main sources of info on the Ukraine War is Col Douglas Macgregor.
    Here is a recent interview with him from yesterday.

    Thx again Mr. Z for the excellent reporting on the political abuses in an America on the precipice.

  • sippin_bourbon

    I am not going to answer for Mr Z, but BTB Mark, why would you want a sole source?

    I find examining multiple sources useful.

    As for ISW, I know of some professionals in the intel community that have told me that for an open source, they have decent products.

  • sippin_bourbon

    BTW, BTB Mark, I did read the article.

    In an industry like that, there are always a lot of connections behind the scenes. That does not always mean that the the organizations or people are compromised in their analysis. But it is good to know, so that angle can be considered.

    Beyond that, the article seemed like nitpicking in how the ISW analysis is done and presented. The author states clearly that no mistruths are reported, but them complains that some things are highlighted as more important that others, etc. I do not know the authors previous work or priorities, but it is clear they are different. And that is okay.

    Which goes back to what I said, why rely on one source of info? In my experience, getting briefs and reading intel products (both open source and secret), every analyst is a little different. Every intel team is different. Their priorities are what the bosses tell them and that is what they focus on. I am sure the think tank is no different.

    The real danger, IMHO, is having too few sources, too narrow a view.

  • Blackgriffin: Working on it.

  • Concerned

    Given what clearly happened in 2020, my only question is: can we vote ourselves out of this mess? I know we must try, and the success of people like Glenn Youngkin and Kari Lake give me hope. But think how different things would be now if the Big Steal was somehow not allowed to stand. Some up-poster mentioned it may take more pain and suffering before enough people wake up. Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s observation haunts me and I pray it doesn’t come to this:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

  • Edward

    You noted: “Your pessimism is likely also fueled a great deal by your residency in the fascist state of California. You are surrounded by the worst, with little hope for change.

    The worst politicians and the worst election process possible, literally designed to ensure that the incumbent political party (the Democratic Party, for those who don’t know) remains in office even if they become a minority in the state. The election process uses methods that the Democratic Party had stated, just a few years after the turn of the millennium, were insecure methods, able to be cheated easily — cheating is built into the process, which legally makes it fair, not cheating. Since Democrats have demonstrated their eagerness for “the ends justifies the means” corruption and since the rest of us are far more lawful, the Democrats will own California for additional decades, if not centuries.

    Outside of these fascist Democratic Party-controlled states, I think there is strong room for hope..

    Good luck. Although past performance does not guarantee future results, I don’t see much hope from even the most reform-minded Republicans, at least not since Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America in 1994, which was only a light reform — and only within Congress, not the rest of government. We the People have made efforts, through the Tea Party, which the corrupted government squished like a bug, and through the MAGA movement, which was likewise squashed by election officials around the country and by social media, universities, and other centers of (mis)information distribution. And by the Republican Party itself. Now we are expected to believe that the corrupted Republican Party will suddenly embrace MAGA and its anti-corruption agenda?

    Concerned is right. With corrupted elections all around the country (which the Republican Party has not tried to stop or correct), especially in the swing states, we cannot trust that we can vote ourselves out of this mess, even if the new class of politicians are honest and want to drain the swamp. No one was punished for cheating the 2020 election, so we have no reason to believe that they will not cheat future elections, too. No one is going to be punished for the raid on Trump’s home, either. The FBI director just told us so and that he is proud of this unconstitutional, biased, corrupted raid that he authorized personally.

    We the People have been trying to vote ourselves out of this mess for fourteen years, since 2008, when the Tea Party formed for the purpose of opposing the misspending of our treasure on a fallacious bailout. Through Obama, government rapidly deteriorated from there, especially inside the IRS, which was the first to become the most corrupted. The FBI showed signs of corruption earlier, when an agent testified that he had examined Martha Stewart’s handwritten notes, yet he, in fact, had not — they had been examined, but not by him, so he willfully bore false witness against a U.S. citizen, and he got away with it, even after his perjury was exposed.

    So, the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch of the U.S, government is thoroughly corrupt, and a high percentage (though still a minority) of the Supreme Court is corrupt. We the People have a tough fight ahead, if we try to vote ourselves out of this mess that the Republicans allowed the Democrats to make.

    The rest of the country may still have hope or faith in the Republican Party, but even Gingrich’s Class of Congressmen, who had been indoctrinated into Congress by watching the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, followed the example of the Senator Paine character, who arrived in Washington as innocent and eager as Mr. Smith but eventually succumbed to the corrupting forces. Most of Gingrich’s class ended up spending lots of money, only eight years after voting to balance the budget. This experience should give us an idea of how long most politicians can hold out in todays Washington political environment. This is why I advocate for term limits in Congress.

    We even trusted Arizona’s Viet Nam War hero, McCain, when it mattered most, but even he betrayed us for personal reasons. This is not the America that McCain defended, half a century ago, and he is part of the reason why. If Washington can corrupt our war heroes into betraying the Constitution, then what chance do our MAGA politicians have?

  • GaryMike

    I live a few miles south of Mar-a-Lago.

    On the mainland, not the Island. The distinction is important.

    If you don’t own property and live on it, on the “island”, you’re [deleted]

    Trump bought property on the island, and lives on it. He’s still [deleted]

    Early on, he wanted to fly a huge American flag. The county said nyet.

    He’s flying a huge Amercian flag.

    Mar-a-Lago is due east of Palm Beach international airport. It’s under the airport’s eastbound take off/westbound landing flight paths. When Trump asked to have the flights diverted north or south they said “nyet”.

    Trump wanted a helipad. Nyet.

    When Trump was elected, he got his huge American flag, flights out of the airport diverted north and south, and a helipad.

    Keeping Trump out of office is as much about keeping him from winning as it’s about keeping them from losing.

  • Edward: Right now in discussing this stuff with you I feel like Oddball talking to Moriaty from Kelly’s Heroes (1970:

  • GaryMike: Deleting one letter from an obscenity doesn’t work. I have deleted the curse words from your comment, though I was very tempted to delete the entire comment entirely.

    Obey the rules or be banned. This is a warning.

  • GaryMike

    It’s actually the second time you’ve had to do it, and warn me.

    I promised you I wouldn’t do it again.

    Apparently, I can’t keep my promises


  • GaryMike: I had forgotten about the previous time. I should at least suspend you for a week, but I feel generous today. You are warned, but I will ban you if it happens again.

    I also don’t know what you mean by autoban. It is YOUR job to police what you write so that you come off as a civilized adult. If you can’t do it, then join the rest of the barbarians elsewhere.

  • wayne

    “This, Is My Other Dog Imitation”
    Kelly’s Heroes

  • Concerned

    Edward: I totally understand your dour outlook. I also am trapped in the bowels of the beast called California. Personally witnessing the destruction of a land formerly flowing with milk and honey really has been demoralizing. I pray daily for inspiration of how we, even in our own little way, can begin to turn things around, or at least slow the decline.

  • GaryMike

    It’s also necessary for me to correct certain assertions I have made about the indelible attitudes of Palm Beach islanders vs. the rest of us.

    20 years ago, I had several professional, after-hours, interactions with a Palm Beach island mansion owner north of Mar-a-Lago. (Hee-hee: most of the island is north of Mar-a-Lago).

    He is a very rich member of a multi-generational family immediately recognizable for being very rich for a very long period of time.

    He was/is one of the nicest persons I have ever known.

    I never wanted to be like him. He has burdens the rest of us do not have, and shouldn’t wish for.

    He was more a prisoner of circumstance than any of us.

  • GaryMike

    The rest of the island is ….

    You’re barbarians, too.

  • wayne

    As I understand it– Mrs. Post donated Mar-a-lago to the US government at her death, and then the GSA sold it in the mid 80’s.
    Is that when Trump acquired the property?
    Totally tangential– are you familiar with patriot-rapper Forgiato Blow? IIRC– doesn’t he live in that area?

  • Edward

    I know, right? Past actions that we took over and over continued to have similar results. Rather than expecting different results if we take additional similar actions, I expect additional similar results. They may be negative vibes, and as I write this, it is early in the morning (so I will submit it later in the day), but the real world has not acted in the way we expected our beloved political party to act. Rather than regain our liberty, or even retain it, the Republican Party and its voters have moved to the left and allowed the Democratic Party to make great gains in tyrannical behavior. My pessimism does not come just from California but from the actions of the Republican Party around the nation and through time.

    Even before Trump was elected, you had said that Trump would not save America but would only delay the descent into tyranny that Hillary Clinton would have brought us. Let’s Go Brandon is bringing it to us now. What has given you hope (false hope?) that Trump would do the job now?

    Two days after his election, Trump announced that he, too, would let Clinton go un-locked up, just as the FBI had announced a couple of months earlier. This was disappointing. It was his first broken promise. We knew then (or at least I knew) that Trump was not going to try to drain the swamp and that once he was out of office the U.S. would descend into tyranny, but I thought it would be eight years later than the Democrats’ previous schedule. Well, we are less than four years behind the Democrats’ schedule, because they were able to make a lot of headway during Trump’s term.

    So, what do you think you can say now that would provide comfort that Trump or his favored politicians would suddenly drain the swamp and save America from tyranny and — preferably — would bring back the Preamble’s promised liberty to ourselves and our posterity?

    What we learned from Trump, however, is what our Founding Fathers already knew: businessmen know how to run not only businesses but nations. It is too bad that we had turned over the running of our country to the incompetent politicians, a century or so ago. We should have done as the Founding Fathers thought would happen: businessmen would take sabbaticals from their businesses in order to run the country for a few years then return to their businesses. This is how we get a government of the people, governed by the people, and governing for the people. Otherwise all we get is some form of elitist group that thinks they know best without knowing anything about We the People. I desire term limits for any one position and for the accumulated time in all positions. Bureaucrats, too, plus they must be reduced in number and scope of their offices, too.

    Unfortunately, our career politicians and career bureaucrats think that they are the elite, that only they can run a country (qs royalty had believed, a century ago), but as we see, they are completely incompetent at the task. Living in their ivory towers, they have no idea of the plight of We the People, otherwise they never would have locked us down, shut us out of our jobs, or forced us to get shot with experimental pharmaceuticals. Or forced us to buy insurance, for that matter. (By the way, the ivory used in those towers is supposed to be banned, but elitist leaders are exempt from the laws of the land. How does someone know he is being ruled rather than led? In the apex of privilege, rulers are exempt from the laws the rest must obey. Leaders follow the laws, in a nation of laws; rulers don’t, in a nation of men.)

    Whenever and wherever an elite group has run a country, it has turned into some sort of tyranny or authoritarian country. It may have been a monarchy or a dictatorship, but the power absolutely corrupts, just as with Claude Rains’s character in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

    The only times in the past century that we came close to successes were under Reagan, whose own party turned against him, Eisenhower, who fought against communism in the American government, and Coolidge, who paid down the national debt after WWI. Before that was Lincoln, who was literally elected to end slavery and finally fulfill the Preamble’s promise of liberty. That isn’t a good track record for a party of freedom, especially when the party of slavery, with every president, without exception, kept moving the country closer and closer to tyranny. The Republicans have been riding on Lincoln’s success without bringing us any closer to returning to the Constitution’s human condition.

  • GaryMike


    I don’t know the actual history of Mar-a-Lago. But I think you’re pretty close.

    I moved here in ’85. It’s been a Mar-a-Lago-paloosa ever since.

    All the right people have had wadded panties ever since.

    The escalator sent them way over the deep end of colostomies.

  • GaryMike


    “Forgiato Blow”

    Never heard of him. Now, I’ll check he/him/her/they/them/wtf out.


    Politicians don’t know how to personally relate to non-politicions.

    They are not like us. 2nd Amendment remains important.

  • Edward

    Electing people and expecting them to organize society for us has never worked. It is not how America became the great America that it once was. In fact, it is how we ended up with elitists telling us how to live our own lives, that we have to buy medical insurance for the greater good, that we have to wear specific items, where we must go and where to not go, when and where to work and what jobs aren’t worth doing, and mandating experimental pharmaceuticals even as reports flood in that they do more harm than good.

    The lesson of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is that good people can be corrupted and often are. Even a pro-American war hero turned on us in his final days. He emulated the movie’s Senator Payne very well. Someone that we trusted, that we thought was “the right” person turned his coat inside out and screwed us for his own reasons.

    Milton Friedman said that you can still get what you want if you make it politically profitable for even the wrong people to do the right things: (1 minute)

    “Just tell me where in the world we find these angels who are going to organize society for us?” (3 minutes)

    We need to stop doing what we have been doing, expecting different results, and return this country to one in which the government does less for us and we do more for ourselves. We need to take back the power that has gone to government at all levels. We need to stop expecting government to solve our problems, because they will enact welfare programs that then make it seem that We the People cannot do for ourselves but need someone to do for us. Philosophy that We the People cannot run our own lives is why the Democrats are so close to overturning the Bill of Rights.

    We need to fundamentally transform America back to the country of We the People, and this isn’t going to happen by just electing “the right” people.

  • Edward

    It is a week later, and no action has been taken about this latest thuggery. Words are being said, but tyranny is being allowed to stand, just as with past violations and injustices perpetrated by the Department of (In)Justice. No sign, yet, of a return to our Constitution and the rule of law, rather than this rule of tyranny.

    Electing our way to liberty has never, ever worked before. A friend of mine has said for decades that the wrong side won the Whiskey Rebellion. He is right. That is the first time that the government started limiting the rights that We the People had won at great cost just over a decade before. The Constitution’s promise of liberty lasted about a decade before government started asserting power over We the People, who supposedly are sovereign over it. “We The People” ordained and established the Constitution expressly to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” among five other goals.

    Trump’s Republican class of 2022 has not made anything resembling the Contract With America. There are no promises for them to keep as a group. We have nothing concrete to expect of them other than some vague idea that they may do something to make things better, whatever each of us and whatever each candidate thinks “better” is. Why should we think that the goons will be chased out of Washington — or better, imprisoned — for their illegal, thug actions? As I write this, the radio is announcing that Georgia is looking into whether Trump and his people broke any laws while he tried to overturn that state’s election results. This is yet another example of the goons investigating a person in search of a crime, not investigating a crime in search of the person who did it. This is not the American Way, but it is the Obama Way: punish enemies and reward friends. This is not conducive to the freedom that pzatchok talks about in another thread. The U.S. may or may not still be a free country, but there are evil forces working to remove the freedoms that make it the place pzatchok wants to live.

    I see Republicans expecting some vague outcome if they elect Trump’s endorsed candidates, but we don’t know what they have in mind, and we have no reason to believe that they will act in coordination to make any specific outcome come true. They have made no common promise, unlike Gingrich’s class of 1994. Republicans seem to be voting for hope and change, but the last time America voted that ticket we moved far to the left and lost many of our freedoms, as we saw over the past two years. We need solid promises that are either kept or not, and we need a coordinated group in Congress, otherwise they will flail around and achieve very little.

    While the elected representatives are working in Congress, in the various states, and in the many counties and towns, We the People need to be working to support them and to make additional changes to American culture to take us back to when America was great. Not like during Trump’s presidency, when American culture moved farther and farther to the left, supporting the tyranny that we are headed toward. Once again, there is no plan for this action, either. The Democratic thugs and goons have successfully destroyed the Tea Party, and now they are working over the Trump Deplorables.

  • wayne

    thanks for the reply.

    As for Mr. Blow, yowza, I just tried to get a link for you and YT has apparently memory-holed the original video, just in the past 3 days. (6+ million views)

    “Lets Go Brandon” (this is the best version)

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