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Fourteen years ago I wrote that SLS and Orion were a bad ideas, a waste of money, would be years behind schedule, and better replaced by commercial private enterprise. Even today NASA and Congress refuses to recognize this reality.


In 2020 when the world panicked over COVID I wrote that the panic was unnecessary, that the virus was apparently simply a variation of the flu, that masks were not simply pointless but if worn incorrectly were a health threat, that the lockdowns were a disaster and did nothing to stop the spread of COVID. Only in the past year have some of our so-called experts in the health field have begun to recognize these facts.


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Weekend repost: The Democratic Party of thugs and goons

The effort by Democrats to censor Democrat Robert Kennedy from speaking at a House hearing on July 20, 2023 focused expressly on documenting censorship and blacklisting not only illustrated the ugly totalitarian nature of the Democratic Party, it also illustrated their utter lack of self-awareness as well as their inability to think, in any way at all.

The moment he started talking, the Democrats went into censorship mode by making motions to censor Kennedy, points of order, accusations, and finally a vote to table Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s (D-Fla.) motion to cancel Kennedy’s “testimony and degradation” and put it behind closed doors so the poor American people would not be subjected to words spoken by Joe Biden’s primary opponent.

Their actions at that hearing are not exceptions to the rule, however, they are the rule. In order to make this fact clear, I think it worthwhile reposting an August 2022 essay, which documented their long term goonish storm-trooper behavior. It didn’t just start at that hearing, it has been going on for a long time.

The Democratic Party of thugs and goons

Rick, stating the truth in Casablanca
Will the Trump raid finally wake Americans up?

While the outrage and fury has only begun to rise over the unjustified raid of the home of former President Donald Trump yesterday by the FBI, ordered by Biden Justice Department with a warrant issued by an Obama-supporting judge with ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex operation, nothing about that raid was anything new or startling. For the past seven years, since Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, the Democratic Party and its supporters have increasingly acted like Nazi storm-troopers, willing, able, and eager to crush their opponents at every opportunity, and to do so cruelly and with great viciousness.

I therefore ask, shouldn’t we have exhibited the same amount of rage and fury for the hundreds and hundreds of ordinary Americans these same thugs have harassed and ruined since 2016? Why did it take a raid on Trump to finally bring that rage to the forefront?

Two Americans committed suicide because of Biden administration persecution after they dared protest the questionable election of Joe Biden on January 6th. What about them?

Scores of conservative FBI agents in the past two years have been fired from their jobs, simply because they did not agree politically with the Democrats. What about them?

What about the arrest by the FBI of a Republican candidate for Michigan governor, simply because he had also protested on January 6th the questionable election of thug Joe Biden? Or the threats of violence and murder against Supreme Court justices by leftist Democratic Party allies?

What about the effort by Biden’s labor board to shut down the conservative outlet The Federalist, simply because its founder sent out an anti-union joke?

What about the former Trump lawyer whose career was destroyed, simply because he was a former lawyer of Trump?

These stories are only a small sampling of the political abuses of power exercised by Democrats and the Biden administration time after time against their political opponents in just the last eighteen months. The list is long and painful to read.

Nor have Democrats and their allies limited their threats and cruelty merely to their political enemies. What about the second-grader who was punished because she wanted to talk about Christianity? Or the 9-year-old boy who was denied a kidney transplant, because his donor for medical reasons refused to get the Biden-mandated COVID jab? Or the scores of doctors blacklisted because they did not agree with Biden mandates and CDC policies?

These actions, mere examples from many others I could cite, were endorsed and encouraged by the Democratic Party, a party of jack-booted thugs whose only interest is power and smashing its boot into the face of anyone who opposes it, from little kids to mature adults. It has proposed laws to require the censorship on social media of anyone who disagrees with it. It has proposed laws and amendments to the Constitution intended to cancel the Bill of Rights. Its politicians routinely endorse racial discrimination and press censorship.

Democrats, both in and outside that party, have shown themselves in the past seven years to be out-of-control tyrants willing to abuse power at every opportunity to enforce their will and to destroy their opponents. The raid on Trump’s house yesterday was nothing new, merely the most recent and outrageous public exhibit of the Democratic Party’s ugly vindictive nature, proven time after time since 2017 by its nonchalant and eager willingness to crush ordinary people mercilessly, merely because they did not kow-tow to its whims.

Yet only now do I sense the possibility that we might finally see the kind of proper outrage and fury against this kind of injustice. Preventing a 9-year-old from getting a kidney transplant didn’t do it. Arresting a Republican candidate for office didn’t do it. Causing two people to commit suicide because of Justice Department persecution didn’t do it.

Only now, with the raid by the FBI on home of a powerful former president, might we finally see the correct level of national outrage against the Democrats’ “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the … design to [put Americans] under absolute Despotism.” That it took an attack on Trump and none of the earlier abuses to bring out this wrath is somewhat shameful.

Nonetheless, it will be a good thing if the American people finally rise up in just indignation and anger because of the raid on Trump’s house. That raid is merely a preamble to much worse actions by this Democratic Party of thugs if something is not done to stop it. It fears its almost certain defeat in the November election, and is gearing up to do whatever it can to prevent that from happening, from election fraud to riots to military raids to physical attacks on its political opponents. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Americans of all stripes have got to finally come to grips with the evil of this ugly party and its supporters. None of its many abuses of power and harsh violations of freedom and law in the past seven years have managed to make Americans wake up.

Maybe the raid on Trump’s home might finally make it happen. Maybe this raid could be a real harbinger of good news, bringing about the long deserved and long delayed true revolt against the leftist dictatorship of the Democratic Party.

Lovers of freedom and the American dream can only hope. Because if this raid does not wake Americans up, then it will simply be too late, and the despots in Washington (from both parties) will surely win.

Genesis cover

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  • Cotour

    The Democrat party machine and their corporate and so very “woke” media hand maidens are in such an interesting conundrum, of their own making of course. And of course, due to the weakness of the Republican party go along to get along and get rich RINO’s.

    At this point I think the only conclusion that you can come to is that the Democrat party machine along with the media corporate internationalists are fully committed to actually taking over America through brute force and their ability to control their narrative.

    For instance, the other day after there has been revelations dragged out of the FBI’s own files that clearly document and indicate that the president of the United States had initiated an extortion operation where he and his son would receive $5million dollars each in exchange for the then vice president getting the Ukraine’s prosecutor Victor Shokin fired and stopped from investigating the Burisma company which the vice president’s son was a board member of.

    And everyone knows that this has been Joes M.O. for decades, but this was his swan song and he needed to get paid. He has 6 or is it 7 grandchildren! And you can talk yourself into justifying thinking like that if you have spent 40 or 50 years in Washington doing as you please and cash flowing your political office.

    Sitting on committees and passing laws making other people millionaires and billionaires must be frustrating living on a politician’s salary. Where is mine, Joe must have wondered. And so, you justify getting your end.

    Nothing in the New York Times, nothing in Politico. Just ignore it and it does not exist.

    It is like having a venereal disease and you are not willing to see it, so it does not exist. But it’s starting to itch like crazy, and it burns when you pee.

    And that is an effective strategy for the media and the Democrat party machine, just do not talk about it and they will not know anything. At least half the country anyway.

    But your visit to the doctor will at some point in the future have to take place. And he is going to stick you in the butt with a needle.

    What is going on in America today is paradigm changing and so there must be warfare in order to find a new balance. IMO it is a necessary and good thing.

    And the new balance that the Democrat party machine desires is total destruction and forced acceptance and compliance.

    But I suspect that might be a bridge too far.

  • GaryMike

    Back in the 70’s, I was approached by multiple people, multiply multiple of times to not identify as Hetero.

    I declined.

    Yet, I’m still being hounded.

    They’ve never appreciated that they’ve never been all that important to me.

    They seem unable to understand that I don’t need them more than they need me.

    Sod off, swampy.. (Unable to find the plural of the term.) ..

  • Max

    Censoring a Kennedy!

    Some of the comments Robert made that led to his blacklisting. He wants immunization shots to be safe and effective and tested. He went to far asking for double blind studies. Long-term follow up Studies of side effects.
    He takes apart those who claim he’s an anti-VAX. Truth and documentation wins every time over baseless claims and fantasy.
    Everybody knows the emperor has no clothes… they continue to force us to participate in their madness and delusion as confirmation bias. Their power, status, and the ability to steal from the treasury depend upon maintaining the Fantasy.
    Fiddling while Rome burns. The witch trials will start soon, as the madness grows.

  • Max: I normally don’t have the time to watch videos like the one you recommend. It is too inefficient. The amount of information you get for the time spent is far too little.

    I decided to watch this because I was curious about Kennedy’s position. What struck me was Kennedy’s repeated unstated assertion of the concept of the uncertainty of science. He wasn’t blindly hostile to vaccines, he wanted them to be more rigorously studied. Do the tests! Do the research! Find out what is safe and what the risks are.

    Simultaneously, I was struck by the refusal to recognize this uncertainty by the interviewer. She had been told what to believe, and that was that. Questioning anything was quackery!

    There in a nutshell is our problem. Our bankrupt leadership class, represented by that anchor, has closed its mind to uncertainty. It knows the answers, and don’t you dare challenge those answers.

    I am once again reminded of the best episode in Jacob Bronowski’s 1970s series, the Ascent of Man, dubbed Knowledge or Certainty. You can watch the whole episode here. The conclusion however says it all:

  • Andrew Winter

    For me, personally, the outrage began with two events. Ruby Ridge and Waco.
    Not one single federal employee suffered a single day without pay for the deaths of a mother holding her two year old child, both of whom shot by an FBI sniper, who took a shot through a door he could not see through, or the wrongful deaths of 23 children when forces of the US Government by the order of Janet Reno stormed the compound and terrified the people in there to the extent that they chose death by immolation rather than surrender.

    That second was no different from the Jews who committed suicide at MASADA.

    My faith in my government was forever shattered. And I had only a few years earlier served in the US Army. A job I took on with PRIDE.

    Now I fear my own government far more than any outside invader that could actually invade my country.

  • Jeff Wright

    When crazies get arrested, Soros bails them out.

    Who is the Conservative Soros who bails out and financially supports Jan. 6 supporters?

    I don’t see any.

    The party of Mammon Mormon Mitt doesn’t care either.

  • Gary H

    The blaze has a story regarding the firing of an MLS trainer due to him, making a symbol that until 2017 meant OK but now it is a white supremacist hate symbol.
    “ The MLS all-stars trained on the National Mall on Tuesday, the day before the All-Star Game, and players and staff posed for photos with the Washington Monument as a backdrop after the session. In the staff photo, Whitney was seated in the front row and displayed a gesture with one hand while holding his wrist with his other hand.

    The gesture — touching his thumb and index finger with the other three fingers held outstretched — historically has been used as a symbol that means “okay,” but since 2017, the gesture has increasingly been adopted by white supremacists and the far right. In 2019, the gesture was listed as a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League.”

  • Gary H: The Blaze is spreading false information. The whole story about the OK finger sign being a symbol of white supremacy was a joke foisted on ignorant journalists by internet pranksters. The journalists as usual did no research, accepted the story, and spread it far and wide. It is false, especially because there is no white supremacy movement in the U.S., anywhere. That lie is in itself the worst part of this false story, as it perpetuates a myth that only feeds race hatred, for no reason but to do exactly that.

  • Gary H

    Mr Zimmerman:

    I agree that white supremacy is a movement invented by the left and amplified by the Biden administration. After reading the article I questioned how ADL could make such a fuss over the “OK” hand gesture. I read elsewhere (CBS,CNN ) that ADL declared this a symbol of white supremacy. After your post, I went to the ADL website and to the contrary they warn that it can’t be assumed that this means anything other than “OK”. Thanks for your direction. I think that I might rely less upon Blaze as a news source.

  • GaryH: You should also rely less on the ADL, which has been less interested in recent years in fighting defamation and discrimination against Jews and more interested in promoting leftist causes.

  • Sippin Bourbon

    I will disagree on your notion that there is no white supremacy movement in the US
    Sadly there are people with this ideology. The KKK exists. The Aryan Nation exists. There are other groups. To deny this represents an overly simplistic view.

    The saying goes that in order to make a lie believable there must be a little truth. The existence of these orgs is that little truth upon which the left has built a large lie that white supremacy is rising and a threat to the Republic. With the help of the media they have had great success in linking anyone who disagrees with their agenda with that. They will go to any length, ignoring plain fact (Biden was pro segregation), destroying language(black white supremacist), and twisting reality (hands up, don’t shoot).

    They declare our resistance to their version of reality is double-plus-ungood, and they will continue to gaslight the people.

    We can accept these malignant groups exist. But I would not censor them! Better we know who they are, so we may acknowledge their bigotry and condemn them in the same breath.

  • Sippin Bourbon: You are right to say that to make a lie believable you need little truth. In this case there is practically no truth at all. The KKK and Aryan Nation are tiny blips with absolutely no support or following of any significance. Their insignificance pales when compared to the official CRT, BLM, and DEI racist bureaucracies now installed in entertainment, academia, government, and the corporate world. To even consider there to be a equivalence is to lie to yourself.

    Note too that this level of non-support has held steady for many many decades, since the civil rights movement in the 1960s. To suddenly claim they have now appeared as powerful threats out of nowhere is a lie of stupendous proportions.

  • Cotour

    “White Supremacy” and of course the now required and knee jerk go to meme for the Democrat party machines operatives like the not ready for prime time, Hachem Jefferies:

    Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and any other Democrat that is on a media screen somewhere, the evil:



  • sippin_bourbon

    Mr Z,

    “Their insignificance pales when compared to the official CRT, BLM, and DEI racist bureaucracies now installed…”

    I do agree here. I did not imply they are of equal strength, footing or threat. My point was that the small truth/big lie is being used to push these very agendas. Denying that this filth exists as a means to fight against the favored leftist ideologies is not the way. (The fact that the KKK was a Democrat org and that the NAZIs were socialist is just more gaslighting from the left.) I feel perfectly comfortable condemning the miniscule KKK as quickly as I condemn sprawling DEI movement. Both mean to accomplish the same thing: Segregation of the people based on superficial definitions, as a means to control the peoples behavior and to reach favored political outcomes.

    The KKK has been dying for years. It was a big deal in the 80’s when they marched in my home town.
    All seven of them.
    The Cop to Klown ratio was almost 5 to 1 to protect them. Aryan Nation exists mostly in prisons as a gang. There are others but I really do not want to much up my internet history with a search.

    With little to no support they continue to hang on, unfortunately. We cannot cure stupidity. For example, secret NAZI’s (the real kind) that think Adolf was right, hiding in their basements, playing with their daggers and Iron Crosses can be found. The internet has that effect of making these small desperate groups seem larger because they can virtually gather, and make noise together in their little echo chambers.

    On the other side, “There is no cause so right that one cannot find a fool following it” (L. Niven). Meaning, MAGA or the GOP or some other right leaning org can have good ideas. But out of 1000 people in the bandwagon, you are probably going to find one that is a crackpot. And that is the one that will have his picture or interview all over the mainstream media. They look for him. And then paint the entire movement with the same brush. Surely you have seen that tactic played hundreds of times.

    “To suddenly claim they have now appeared as powerful threats out of nowhere is a lie of stupendous proportions.”
    -This is part of the big lie I was speaking of.

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